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Space Body Spacebody Bodyspace mira glowinkowska

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  • mira glowinkowska DALE noreg remote place(s)

    Becoming DaleSpace




    spring 2016

  • Becoming Dalethe spacethe body

    the spacebodythe bodyspace

    Beeing in Dale, in the houses and the spaces, is inevitably beeing a part of Dale.

    In the ever-changing surrounding, always present, never lasting

    The body and the spaceinteracting


    between, among, in the midst of, mutually, reciprocally, together, during

    act-anything done, being done, or to be done; deed;



    Mutually performance

    D Gud heldt fest i FjalerJacob Sande

    Det var som alt var omskapt, eg merka det litt i senn.

    Eg var som Johannes p Patmos, Patmos i bibelen.

    former og fargar skifte p strender og firmament,

    det som var kjent, vart ukjent, og det som var ukjend vart kjent

  • spaces within spaces

    the spacebody, bodyspace



    The language of the building

  • Mutually performances in the Dale SenterA supermarket, a shared spacewho shares it and when is it yours? ...or is a shared space ever yours? shared cant be ownedshare own

    A supermarket, when do you feel welcomed? a part of ita part of, meaning you and the space become one

    Position, situation, movementWhen you enter the supermarket building you have perpose. Either you want to buy someting, or you want to have a closer look at someting youre considering to by. Or you want to make others (or yourself) believe youre going to buy someting, or at that you are able to do so.Either way you want someting.You have made an active choice to enter the building, this very supermarket, and not the other stores in Dale.

    ActionWhen you buy something in a supermarket you become a part of the ida, a costumer that gives something, contributes, and owns that good, that thing thats is a part of the supermarket. Consuming something means it becomes a part of you, an extension of you.

  • Together-doing in theOld municipality buildingThe building has tree floors but the entrance leads direct to the second floor. Entering the house starts right at the sidewalk, the rounded stairs leads you up to the platform and the door on the second floor.

    The hall is offering several choises with three doors and a stair leading to the top floor. With the doors kept shut and the higher floor unrevealed, the hall is one of a private building. You are expected to know where you are going. Coming from the generous entrance staircase, this is a bit comfusing.

    The building has a history as the towns municipality building. Today, it houses artist studios. It went from beeing a work place as well as a public building to beeing only a work place. If you would stripp off the grand entrance stair it would look more like a private building with its small scale and similarity to the other houses in Dale.

    The top floor has a sloping roof, with no windows on the long sides, that eats up a big part of it. It limits the usability of the space, making the outskirts of the floor space possible to be in only in a bent down position.

    There are to doors opening up to the two rooms placed on each short side, with one window each. The open, almost square room plans can be used for many different activities.

  • Between-deeds in the House on the field

    The meeting with the house on the field starts at the road leading up to the house. It leads to the house and nowere else. You see it all the time while aproaching it. The house with its garden and the mountains behind. This is the first space.

    Then you pass through an opening in the fence. You enter the second space. The entrance isnt visible yet, you have to walk around the house. You might call out a-Hello! to make sure youre presence is noted since this is a private space,. If youve never been there before you might take the wrong (longer) way.

    The third space is the building. A few steps up from the ground. You knock on the door. And maby call out again.

    The long journey to get inside is an extended part of the building, if youre entering the road, youre going to the house, there is nowere else to go but there.

  • The space cant exist without the bodyit is born in the meeting

    therefor, space is in constant transformation, there is no such thing as a permanent space

    transforming is movingmoving is livingspace is livingspacelivingwe are spacelivers

  • We are always separated from each other through our bodiesthough never from the space, the space is connected to us in an inevitable way, there is no distance between body and space

    body is space

    sowith no distance between body and space, they must be connectedtherefor the bodies are connectedno separation can existone

  • ShareSome of the private houses are situated right next to the main road

    Generously having their backyards for display

    Synonyme to share:

    portion part percentage

    Antipode to share (direct opposite of shared)

    unsharedindividualsingle(a)undividedconcentratedexclusivesole(a) (indirect opposite of shared)


  • Borders- DivisionHow much distance is neccesary? The squaremeters needed is related to the precence of the neighbours




  • The smaller the private space -the higher the fence

    The closer the space- the larger the space

  • The greater the visual connection- the greater the space

  • Borders/Connections -The entrance

  • Borders- DistanceTo position yourself far away is a way of inhabit more space.

    To be far away you need to have a subject. You are connected to that something/someone you position yourself from, in some way you belong to that very ting/person. Otherwise the act of distancing is unnessesary.

  • New houses on the fields

    I kommunedelplanen legg vi opp til tre ulike bustadstrukturar:

    3. Tunbusetnad. Einebustader eller mindre fleirmannsbustader p tidlegare jordbruks-landetablert i tunstruktur for ivareta opne/grne fellesareal i mellom busetna-den. Bueininganebr ha ulik storleik og karakter for dekke ulike bu-behov i befolkninga.

  • Underinhabited fields

  • Distances to neighborsHouse on the field

    Common distance to neighborsin Dale

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