Beaver reintroduction

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Beaver reintroduction. The Derek Gow Consultancy. Nature’s wetland architects & artists?. Beaver created landscapes. Beaver dams & lodges. Beaver felled trees. Beavers in quarantine. Beaver release. Beaver tourism. Barriers of perception. Practicalities…. Bring me back….!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Beaver reintroduction

  • Beaver reintroductionThe Derek Gow Consultancy

  • Natures wetland architects & artists?

  • Beaver created landscapes

  • Beaver dams& lodges

  • Beaver felled trees

  • Beavers in quarantine

  • Beaver release

  • Beavertourism

  • Barriers of perception

  • Practicalities

  • Bring me back.!