BDX Seminars 2016 - ¢â‚¬› uploadedcontents ¢â‚¬› BDX-Seminars-2016.pdf¢  Are you providing the information
BDX Seminars 2016 - ¢â‚¬› uploadedcontents ¢â‚¬› BDX-Seminars-2016.pdf¢  Are you providing the information

BDX Seminars 2016 - ¢â‚¬› uploadedcontents ¢â‚¬› BDX-Seminars-2016.pdf¢  Are you providing the information

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  • MILLENNIALS - PROMISE OR PERIL? In this presentation we explore the elusive millenial buyer and the impact on the home building industry - for better or worse. Who are they? What are the impacts on the industry, and how do we need to prepare and adapt?

    SELLING TO THE DIGITAL BUYER -- HOW TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE BUYING PROCESS Today, it's more important than ever to have the right technologies for selling at your fingertips. This interactive exploration of the hottest trends in technology shows today's marketers how to meet the needs of tomorrow's buyers-from virtual design centers to holographic top tables, to mobile devices and apps that get buyers emotionally involved in the buying process.

    HOME BUYER INSIGHTS --UNDERSTANDING TODAY’S HOME BUYERS What if you could get inside the minds of today’s home buyers to better understand what motivates them, what inspires them, and what leads them to take action? Hear about the latest home buyer research and how it will impact your approach and messaging.

    FACEBOOK ZERO - WHY ONLY 2% OF YOUR FANS SEE MOST OF YOUR POSTS As documented by TIME, Forbes and Wired, organic reach has plummetted for businesses on Facebook. How can you better engage with highly targeted consumers and Realtors who use Facebook in your market to improve your sales and marketing? Did you know that the average post now reaches 1-2% of a brand’s own fans? This session will walk you through how to improve your reach, engagement and ROI on Facebook.

    DIGITAL MARKETING 101 FOR CUSTOM BUILDERS - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW During this session we will cover the 5 things that every custom builder must know about creating a digital marketing plan. From displaying your portfolio of work using the latest technologies to understanding the marketing basics, you’ll leave this session better informedand ready to create a custom marketing plan for your business. I


    BDX Education Sessions Help Educate and Empower Your Members

    DIGITAL TRANSOFRMATION OF YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE As the interactive online experience becomes more prevalent in other industries new home shoppers are increasing their appetite for a more immersive online experience. Do you know if you are meeting the expectations of today’s shoppers? This session will showcase how other industries are using technology to transform the entire customer experience and demostrate how we can apply these lessons to the home building industry.

  • BOTTOM LINE...REALTORS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! Experts agree, real estate agents account for at least half of new construction sales nationally, and in some areas, as much as 90%. Are your incentive programs hitting the mark? Are you providing the information Realtors need? Are you using the right tools to communicate? This session will give you practical tips to effectively work with real estate agents.

    CLICK TO CLOSE: YOUR ONLINE MARKETING ROADMAP Online marketing is one of the best ways to drive new leads, yet many builders are unsure of how to approach it. During this session we will walk you through a blue print for success and will cover: the different elements within your digital strategy, role of the centralized data hub, how to make the most of your digital assets across all technologies plus more.

    PUTTING PASION IN YOUR ONLINE PITCH --CREATING A VISUAL SENSE OF PLACE FOR BUYERS As online interaction becomes more pervasive in other industries, new home shoppers are increasing their appetite for a more immersive and visually-stunning online experience. This is an incredible time in technology where visual content and interaction are keys to success. However, while builders are well-suited for creating an interactive visual sense of place, most are falling behind. This session will walk you through how to create and improve the immersive online experience at every stage of the home buying process.

    ONLINE ADVERTISING THAT WORKS Is your online advertising living up to its potential? It is important that you are not only in the right place and delivering the right message but also targeting the most interested home buyers and engaging them with ads that take creativity to the next level.


    SHE-CONOMY -- WOO, WOW AND WIN THE FEMALE HOME BUYER According to NAHB, women make 91% of the decisions regarding the purchase of a new home. Your business can't afford to ignore the unique needs of this highly valuable target market. During this session, we'll answer the question, How do you engage and inspire women throughout the home buying process? From the initial home search to post close and referrals, this session will address how to connect with women every step of the way.