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BCD Annual Report

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  • Our Mission

    Boulder Country Day School

    provides a well-rounded, classical

    education of academic excellence

    and social development in a safe

    environment, where students are

    motivated and inspired to become

    lifelong learners and productive,

    respectful, responsible citizens.


    Table of Contents& Mission

    A Message FromMike Shields

    A Message FromBuddy Ketchner

    Community Serviceat BCD

    2008-2009Annual Fund 22







    In-Kind Sponsor$1,000 and up

    1988 Society


    Board of Trustees& Development Office


  • A MESSAGE FROM MIKE SHIELDSWe at Boulder Country Day School have an extremely strong sense ofcommunity. This is readily apparent at many of the events where we cometogether during the school year: Grand/Friends Day, Fall Carnival, The HolidayConcert, Musicals and Graduation. During 2008-2009, this sense of communitywas also abundantly apparent in the philanthropic endeavors of the school. It wasan amazing year! In August, we opened school with a record number of students,which is a testament to the tremendous amount of optimism and enthusiasm forthe overall BCD experience: commitment to a classical education; emphasis oncharacter and leadership development; attention to the individual potential ofeach student; and dedication to educating the whole child. Our communitycontinued to grow through increased enrollment during the year.

    Fall found us in the midst of an economic downturn, but that did not dampenthe spirit of our community. A record number of families contributed to the2008-2009 Annual Fund more than a 25% increase in participation. Throughthe generosity of those who participated, we were able to surpass the AnnualFund goal of $125,000. Our BCD family joined together to support all aspectsof the school.

    Our community celebrated together at our LOTA event in the spring. Parentsand friends of BCD supported our auction by raising a near-record amount ofmoney for enhancing the educational programs for our students. Through thegenerosity of many, our community stepped up.

    In a bold move by the Board of Trustees, the end of the school year found usbreaking ground for an extensive renovation of the middle school. Theadditional classroom space, state-of-the-art science lab and technologyimprovements will truly benefit current and upcoming BCD students. Ourcommunity is looking to the future.

    This years Philanthropy Report highlights our communitys commitment tograduate motivated, inspired and knowledgeable students. It also underscoresthe commitment of BCD families to ensure the future of our children. Yoursupport makes so much of what we do at BCD possible and helps strengthenthe sense of community and purpose that is prevalent at our school.

    Thanks to all who made 2008-2009 a banner year for BCD!

    Sincerely,Michael D. ShieldsHead of School


  • 6A MESSAGE FROMBUDDY KETCHNERDear Friends of Boulder Country Day,

    As I reflect on the 2008-2009 academic year, I am struck by a new meaning for thefamiliar catchphrase the BCD Difference. In the broader world, this year wasuniquely challenging and required new levels of endurance and perspective. But ouryear at Boulder Country Day School was marked by renewed resolve, certainty ofpurpose, tremendous community spirit and a persevering commitment to excellence.

    We continued to implement our strategic plan as evidenced by our after schoolprograms, teacher development, improved math and science curricula, and ouroverhauled technology platform and parent portal. But perhaps the most visible waywe have enacted the plan is in the renovation and expansion of the middle schoolbuilding, now an impressive facility that befits the exceptional program, students andfaculty within its doors.

    BCD is an independent school that is fully accredited by the ACIS and a member ofNAIS. We are also one of a limited number of certified International BaccalaureateMiddle Years programs. But most importantly, BCD is a place that develops the skillsand character that our kids need to excel in high school and college and continue aslifelong learners and productive, respectful, responsible citizens.

    The Board of Trustees is charged with the guardianship of the mission, vision, guidingvalues and financial viability of the school. Three trustees completed their service anddeserve our special thanks: Julie Fowler, Lisa Reeves and Andrew Cousin. The Boardalso wishes to thank out-going Board Chairman Scott Moore and fellow boardmember Barry Gafner for their exceptional service and leadership that was soinstrumental in guiding BCD to new heights.

    Finally, the Board would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous financial supportBCD has received from parents, alumni and friends during the past year to the AnnualFund. Charitable giving filled the gap between what we charge for tuition and what itcosts to educate a child.

    In the end, its easy to see the BCD Difference. Thats because from the car line tothe classroom to the Board room, the BCD Difference comes from you. Thank youfor your continued support and commitment to the Boulder Country Day School.


    Buddy KetchnerChair, Board of Trustees

  • Boulder Country Day is a

    place where anyone can

    grow and flourish. Now in

    high school, I am so

    grateful to BCD for all the

    skills I learned during my

    11 years at the school.

    BCD really encourages

    students to focus on study skills and now I know

    why. In the International Baccalaureate program at

    Niwot High School, if you dont know how to

    effectively study or manage your time, you will

    struggle. I am already leaps and bounds ahead of

    my classmates because of the skills I was taught at

    Boulder Country Day.

    Donating to the Boulder Country Day Annual Fund

    means a lot to me because without Alumni

    generosity, the education would not be as fabulous.

    As I grow older, I will be able to give back more.

    For now, I just want to show that the education I

    received means a lot to me.

    Grace Fowler, BCD Alumna

  • Education at BCD goes beyond individual academic excellence. As

    educators, we guide our students to develop a sense of self and an

    awareness of how their individual actions impact otherspreparation

    for life. We cherish those magical moments when passion for life-long

    learning is fueledpreparation for life. I join the BCD community in

    supporting the Annual Fund because it provides the resources for

    educators and students to confidently meet the demands of an ever-

    changing worldpreparation for life.

    Bette Williams, 3 Grade Teacher

  • Mom, I cant wait to go back to school!our daughter said toward the

    end of winter break this year.

    Like all of us, we desire the academic success of our children in an

    increasingly complex world while at the same time instilling values

    such as hard work, personal responsibility and compassion. Even with

    the best educators and intentions however, academic rigor and

    personal values are challenging to achieve unless a school creates an

    environment where kids enjoy their peers and learning is fun.

    We feel fortunate to have found all of these things at BCD a special

    place that our children cant wait to get back to.

    Eugenie and Kerr Holbrook, Parents of Kara (6th) and Carter (3rd)

  • We support the Boulder Country Day Schools Annual Fund because

    the school does truly focus on the development of the whole child

    and lays a firm foundation for each child to become a productive and

    responsible person.

    Ingo & Elizabeth BischoffCurrent Grandparents of Blake Bathum, 3rd Grade


  • Philanthropy, giving, sharing,helpingeach of these words hasmeaning to the various levels ofBCDs constituencies.

    These key words are woven into the tapestry of who we are as service toothers is central to our fabric as a school community.

    We feel service to others is important for our students to experience; to trulyunderstand not everyone is as fortunate as we are and that giving in its purest formexpects nothing in return. In an effort to strengthen our culture of giving and tocoordinate school-wide efforts, BCD has partnered for its second year withCommunity Food Share and the various agencies it serves. The schools emphasis ison service and includes opportunities not only for students, but also for families, tovolunteer together. The current initiatives in place are:

    All classes from Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in service field trips specifically geared toward their level of understanding either atCommunity Food Share or at a member agency they serve. Whether we arebagging produce, weighing beans, sorting foods/clothing, making sandwiches, ortaking pumpkins to animals, we are giving of ourselves in order to dosomething for others.

    Our preschool is involved in a year-long service project collecting andinspecting bags for Community Food Share to use to bag the food they giveout. Please bring your plastic bags to the Preschool lobby.

    We have BCD Family Night at Community Food Shares warehouse on the firstTuesday of each month from 3:30 5:30. Parents and their children in grades K 8 can come and volunteer together.

    We have monthly school-wide food drives sponsored by a grade level targetinga food item deemed as a critical need. Our 8th Grade leadership classcollected turkeys for the Sister Carmen Center. We provided