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BCASC Officers President School: Coral Glades HS · PDF fileBCASC Officers President School: Coral Glades HS ... Miramar!High!School!performed!the!presentation!of!colors! b. ... and!Pembroke!Pines!Charter!HS.!

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Text of BCASC Officers President School: Coral Glades HS · PDF fileBCASC Officers President School:...

  • BCASC Officers President School: Coral Glades HS School Telephone: 754-322-1250/Fax: 754-322-1380 Advisor Name: Niti Chhabra and Ashley Scott Advisor Email: [email protected] [email protected] Student Name: Felicia Botting HS Vice-president: Flanagan HS School Telephone: 754-323-0650/Fax: 754-323-0780 Advisor Name: Xenia Santiago Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Name: Danielle Alexander MS Vice-president: Westglades MS School Telephone: 754-322-4800/Fax: 754-322-4835 Advisor Name: Latanya Fondren Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Name: Kaylin Baer Secretary: Boyd Anderson HS School Telephone: 754-322-0200/Fax: 754-322-0330 Advisor Name: Marie Duperva Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Name: Eddie Oliver, Jr. Treasurer: McArthur HS School Telephone: 754-323-1200/Fax: 754-323-1330 Advisor Name: Mary Geus Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Name: Victor Ly Parliamentarian: Pompano beach HS School Telephone: 754-322-2000/Fax: 754-322-2130 Advisor Name: Jill Narus Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Name: Kirsten Zeiser Student Advisor to SBBC: Mariah Brown School: Stoneman Douglas HS School Telephone: 754-322-2150/Fax: 754-322-2280 Advisor Name: Danielle Driscoll Advisor Email: [email protected] Asst. Student Advisor to SBBC: Blaire Hirt School: Piper HS School Telephone: 754-322-1700/Fax: 754-322-1830 Advisor Name: Ana Garcimonde Advisor Email: [email protected] Student Activities Liaison: Michael Roalnd Telephone (Office): 754-321-1201/Fax: 754-321-1205 Telephone (Cell) 954-249-6179 Email: [email protected] Office Location: Pompano Administrative Center Web Master Marsha Gibson (Student Activities 754-321-1200)

  • BCASC Officers Planning Meeting Minutes

    May 23, 2012

    Icebreakers and Introductions BCASC Convention Resolution on Ethical Behavior Contract was passed out and agreed to use for

    Student Government or Class Office. August 29 BCASC Meeting, invite School Board members and stress the importance of Destination

    Diploma efforts. Find committee project chairs. o By August 1st officer schools must have project chair responsibilities emailed to President

    [email protected] o Officers will announce project chair responsibilities o Main goal in this meeting is to stress the importance of involving the average student in our

    school ownership and to get more involved. August 14 Advisor Meeting, Student Advisors to the School Board and BCASC President attend.

    Students will address project chair responsibilities and introduce the BCASC Convention theme. o Stress the importance of meeting rsvps

    FASC Convention March 1, 2, 3 and SASC Conference October 26-28 Parliamentarian School volunteered to create a monthly project completion sheet and send it to

    President School. On BCASC August 29th agenda include all BCASC meeting dates and officer information. BCASC board discussed and voted on Major League Leadersto be the convention theme and

    discussed how Meeting Host Schools must tie this theme into their presentation or decorations. If you build it, they will come.

    o Each school will be assigned a baseball team for the convention. o The BCASC tshirt can be a baseball jersey or tee. o Each school will participate in a centerpiece competition during the convention.

    BCASC board decided that meeting speakers will coincide with monthly project introduction o August-Solve for X-Destination Diploma and Brenda Snipes for HSVR o September-Veteran/Motivational Speaker-Holiday Cards for Veterans o October-Jennifer Tate-Cure Finders for Cystic Fibrosis o November-Mike Smith and Icebreakers, Veteran Cards DUE o December-Pass out brown bags for Spring Food Drive, Paws for Patriots Video and

    introduce Wacky Olympics. o January-Food Pantry speaker-Spring Food Drive and Joe Dimaggio Speaker-Glove Challenge o February-No More Tears speaker- Money in a Minute o March-Advisor to the School Board Elections, March 16 Wacky Olympics @ TBD o April-Think Speaker-Drunk Driving Speaker o May-Convention and Baseball Player Speaker

    Start planning for Rally in Tally for Broward Days in March, Coral Glades and Pompano will chair this event.

    Officer Planning Meeting Dates @ Panera on Sunrise Blvd o Sept. 6 @ 4:30 o Oct. 4 @ 4:30 o Nov. 1 @ 4:30 o Nov 29 @ 4:30 o Jan. 17 @ 2:30 o Feb. 7 @2:30 o Feb. 28 @ 4:30 o April 2 @ 4:30 o May 2 @ 4:30

    BCASC General Meeting

  • West Broward High School Auditorium August 29, 2012

    I. President Felicia Botting called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

    a. Miramar High School performed the presentation of colors b. A student from Miramar High School performed the National Anthem

    II. Guest Speakers a. Superintendent Robert Runcie shared with the students information concerning Broward

    County Schools such as Ed Talk. Mr. Runcie invited all the students to attend the event to ensure that there is adequate student representation. Mr. Runcie encouraged all to sign up and register for the event on the Broward Schools website.

    b. School Board Chairperson, Mrs. Ann Murray encouraged the students to attend college. Mrs. Ann Murray encouraged all eligible students to vote so that they could participate in the leadership of their cities, county, state and country.

    c. Ms. Tonya Edwards was present on the behalf of the Broward Countys Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda D. Snipes. Ms Edwards informed the students present that High School voter registration in 2011 was the best in the last fifteen years. 11,700 students registered to vote in the 2011-2012 School Year. Ms. Edwards encouraged the students to educate themselves on the candidates and how to properly use the ballots. Ms Edwards extended gratitude to the school board for allowing some of the Broward Schools to be used as locations to vote. For all students who are not eligible to vote, they can vote online from Oct 27 through November 2 on Kids voting online. Mr. Roland intervened to inform that only 10% of registered voters voted in the last election. Mr. Roland challenged all students to ask their teachers and parents if they voted and ask why not if the response was no. The deadline is to register to vote October 9. The form can be downloaded from Ms. Edwards informed the students that the next Neighborhood Partnership Meeting is on Sept 26. They desperately want students and members of the board to come to the meeting to gain more information. Students are also can work the voting poles where all can receive community service hours and some can receive money.

    d. School Board Member, Patricia Good encouraged the students to give Mr. Roland a round of applause for the time and hard work he gives students. Patricia Good encouraged students to stay active in student activities.

    e. Ms. Botting also recognized Dr. Joanne Harrison, Chief Portfolio Services Officer and Mr. Damian Huttenhoff, the Director of Student Activities and Atheltics. She explained that Dr. Harrison was Mr. Huttenhoffs and Mr. Rolands boss.

    III. Reading of the Minutes/Roll Call a. Secretary Eddie Oliver, Jr. informed the BCASC Student Body that there are no minutes

    since this is the first meeting of the year. However, he will send all minutes to Mr. Roland after the meetings to send out to the High School Advisors through CAB Email.

    b. The schools that were present at the meeting are Northeast HS, Piper HS, Western HS, Coconut Creek MS, Lauderdale Lakes MS, Coral Springs Charter HS, Dillard HS, Stranahan HS, Everglades HS, Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, Monarch HS, Northeast HS, South Broward HS, Atlantic Technical HS, Coral Glades HS, West Broward HS, Coral Springs HS,

  • Blanche Ely HS, Boyd H. Anderson HS, Deerfield Beach HS, Fort Lauderdale HS, Cypress Bay HS, Bair MS, New River MS, Hollywood Hills HS, Pompano Beach HS, Westglades MS, Nova HS, Charles W. Flanagan HS, J.P. Taravella HS, Cooper City HS, Plantation HS, McArthur HS, South Plantation HS, Hallandale HS, Deerfield Beach HS, Miramar HS, New Renaissance MS, and Pembroke Pines Charter HS.

    IV. Treasurers Report a. Treasurer Victor Lee informed the BCASC body that there is $1,430.00 in the Scholarship

    Account and $3,788.08 in the General Fund Account. V. Officer Reports

    a. President i. Introduction of Officers

    1. The officer school representatives were introduced by the President Botting. ii. Major League Leaders

    1. A video clip from a baseball movie was shown to the BCASC Student Body. President Botting informed the BCASC Student Body that the theme for the year is Major League Leaders. The theme will be incorporated in the convention theme, scrap books, and meetings.

    b. HS Vice-President i. There was no report to be given.

    c. MS Vice-President i. There was no report to be given.

    d. Secretary i. There was no report to be given.

    e. Treasurer i. There was no report to be given.

    f. Parliamentarian i. Committee Forms

    1. Parliamentarian Kristen Keiser informed there is a new form for all schools to fill out after completing projects. The Parliamentarian can be contacted for more information.

    g. Advisers to the School Board i. Student Adviser to the School Board Maria Brown informed the BCASC Student Body of the opportunity to sign up for the Speak Up Speak Out Sessions.

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