Bay Forest News, May 2014

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May 2014 Newsletter of the Bay Forest Community Association, Houston Texas

Text of Bay Forest News, May 2014

  • Volume 28, Number 4 May 2014

    Monthly Board of Directors MeetingsMeetings of the BFCA Board of Directors are held on the third Monday of each month, January through November, at 6:00 pm. Meetings are open to all Bay Forest homeowners and held at the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, 1511 El Dorado Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77062.

    April 2014 Board MeetingA regular meeting of the Bay Forest Community Association (BFCA) Board of Directors was convened on April 21, 2014, at the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church. Board members in attendance were Tom Camp, John Haas, Barbara McCollum, and Dan Pias. Also participating in the meeting was Community Manager Jared Simmons. For more information, including contact information, go to

    To contact the Bay Forest Community Manager, email or call 832.224.6446. The mailing address for the Bay Forest Community Association is 15715 Lake Lodge Drive, Houston, Texas 77062.

    Dan Pias, President

    New Community MailboxesTwo new community mailbox sets were installed on schedule in early April. We hope you have seen them and (those who are using them) are enjoying them. There are more to come so be on the lookout.

    Changes in our Common Area Forests New and different species of trees are coming. We are working out the final details and expect to have 40 trees planted in May. All will have been grown out to 15 gallon buckets. Live Oak, Red Oak, Burr Oak, Loblolly Pine, Mexican Plum and Redbuds are on the list. All the trees will be provided by Trees For Houston at no cost. Once we finalize the locations for each tree, theyll be professionally planted and staked in the Bay Forest (pool) Park and the larger Pocket Parks. See the website for the map plan. All trees will be planted outside of the pipeline easement and far enough from streets and sidewalks to avoid crowding issues and damage. In addition, those that will ultimately grow into large trees will be located in areas with ample open space to accommodate symmetrical development as they grow toward the light. Smaller, understory trees will be planted to fill in areas below the existing higher canopy.

    Bay Forest Community Association

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    A Reprieve for the Bradford Pears?

    The Bradford Pear trees that line Manor Square and Lake Lodge at the Pool Park, I believe, must have been given a reprieve. They have been trimmed and mulched for another year. Many thanks to the BFCA Board for letting us enjoy the trees for a little while longer! ~ Marita



    $472,900SPACIOUS & OPEN ~ 4,199 SQFT!

    4 Bdrms, 3.5 Baths, Gameroom and Den!Professional/Prestigious Flair with soaring ceilings, curved staircase, gleaming cherry wood floors, remodeled/updated kitchen-granite/open to family room. Updated master bath, spacious closet-new dark cabs-lighting, latest in wall colors. Exquisite Lighting! New carpet (4/26/14) both stairs & 2nd floor, thermo windows, 2 family rooms (1-up&1 dn+den)/thermo windows, one of the most desirable cul-de-sacs in Bay Oaks, sparkling clean thruout-windows are smiling at you! A MUST SEE!


    Call Edrina 1st before UPDATING! She recommends best contractors for a VERY REASONABLE PRICE! List of referrals available.

    Homes Sold in Bay Forest this Year!Bay Forest Home List Price SqFt Sale Price Price/SqFt. WOW! Highest Price/Sqft!2511 Fairwind Drive $242,000 2,285 $242,000 $105/SqFt 15222 Park Estate $299,500 2,783 $303,300 $107/SqFt 2003 Town Hill $329,900 2,705 $329,900 $121/SqFt LADYBUG SOLD15923 Parkcheste $345,000 3,095 $335,000 $111/SqFt 16010 Greenwood $398,900 3,242 $393,000 $123/SqFt LADYBUG SOLD16006 Greenwood $480,000 3,800 $476,000 $126/SqFt LADYBUG SOLD


    CALL DIRECT: 281-798-6400 Edrina: OfficE: 281-280-0669

    How to Raise the Market Value of Your Homes in Bay Forest.To raise the market prices of the homes in Bay Forest, isnt just 1,2,3. Each resident has certain limits so the following covers most items to chose from.

    FIRST it is to get the house market ready which consists of updating, minor remodeling, decluttering and having a squeaky clean house and sparkling windows. Knowing what to improve is another factor as one could spend several thousand dollars in the wrong places. Deciding how much to spend so you can have a return on your money and also get a SOLD SIGN in your yard. From choosing the correct wall colors, to a designed back splash for each house so no 2 houses are the same. From ordering lighting, accessories for the cabinets and bathroom on the internet, to replacing the concrete driveway or just lifting the cement. Call Edrina to get the best advice for YOUR home.

    NEXT is to price it according to what was done to the subject property. Comparing 1 house to another is difficult as no 2 houses have updated the same or have the same size home, garage or location. (Asking the EXPERT in your neighborhood who has gone in each house does make a difference.)

    Spending approximately $30,000 can give you a return of $40-$45k depending on what you have done. Call Edrina Fitting to give you a professional and honest opinion of several ways to get your house market ready. With limited funds there are always ways to work around that. The smart way is to update your home with a reasonable priced/good quality contractor and enjoy it before you put it on the market. The most common thing clients say is I wish I would have done it earlier so I could enjoy it.






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    Neighborhood News(BFCA continued from page 1)

    Bay Forest Pets Please read and take note as we have had some unfortunate instances occur.We do have provisions regarding roaming animals of all sizes, makes, and models in our Bay Forest Community Association CCRs and in the City of Houston ordinances. Section 14 of the Bay Forest CCRs states Animals are not permitted to roam the property [Bay Forest] and must be controlled on a leash if they are not on an Estate Lot, Custom Lot, Executive Lot or Patio Lot [any lot in Bay Forest]. The City of Houston Leash Law states It is against the law for pets to roam loose. Pets with access to public sidewalks, streets or neighbor's property may be impounded. This includes animals tied or staked.

    So what do these mean to us? They simply say that, if you own a dog or cat, you may not let it freely roam our neighborhood, and you are responsible for any damage or harm caused by that pet. Most folks are aware that they must have their dogs or cats on a leash when they take them out for a walk, (not that I have ever seen a cat out for a leash walk), it is important to understand that even when your pets are on your personal private property, they must also be controlled. This is accomplished by keeping them indoors or keeping them inside a fenced area so that they do not have the opportunity to approach those walking by the property. Houston also has an ordinance governing the removal and pick up of fecal matter deposited by owned pets, on property which does not belong to the owner of the pet. We should not require a law or ordinance for folks to do the right thing. If your pet leaves a deposit on any other property than the owner of said pet, please pick it up and dispose of properly. More information can be found at Section 6-24, Defecation by dogs or cats, reads as follows:

    (a) It is the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by such dog or cat.

    (b) It shall be the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to be in possession of materials to remove feces left by said dog or cat.

    (c) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the person in control of the dog or cat is the owner of the premises, or the owners agent of the premises, where the dog or cat deposits feces.

    (d) Violation of this section is unlawful and any violation shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $75.00 or more than $500.00. Each act in contravention of this section is a separate offense.

    Uninvited Visitors Knocking at Your Door?Well, theres good news and theres bad news. First, the good news.

    It is illegal for any person to solicit funds within the City of Houston unless he or she has first obtained a certificate of registration (permits) from the City. And, once a permit has been

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    Neighborhood News(BFCA continued from page 3)

    Congratulating our Bay ForestGraduating SeniorsRemember the three pages of Bay Forest high school and college graduating seniors that were featured in the June 2013 Bay Forest News? If you are a Bay Forest graduating senior this May, now is the time to send your info for the June 2014 issue!

    We would like to recognize and congratulate all of our Bay Forest high school and college graduating seniors in the June issue of the Bay Forest News. This has become an annual Bay Forest tradition.

    Please send the following information to Marita Moran at

    1. Name2. Post-graduation plans such as: the college you will be attending,