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Newsletter of the Bay Forest Community

Text of Bay Forest News, August 2015


    Volume 29, Number 6 August 2015

    Monthly Board of Directors Meetings:Meetings of the BFCA Board of Directors are held on the third Monday of each month, January through November, at 6:00 pm. Meetings are open to all Bay Forest homeowners and are held at the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, 1511 El Dorado Boulevard.

    Regular Board MeetingsSince my last update to you, the Bay Forest Board of Directors has met twice for regular monthly meetings. For both June and July meetings the Board members in attendance were Barbara McCollum, Tom Camp, John Haas and Dan Pias. For the June meeting, we also had Community members Dan Swartwood, Bill Barlow, John Wakeman and Jamar McClanahan present for the Homeowners Forum.

    Projects UnderwayThere are a number of projects underway in our community:Mailbox Upgrade Five additional locations will be replaced this year. They are - 1. Popular Springs and Orchard Falls, 2. Scenic View and Rockhaven, 3. Town Hill and Bay Forest (North), 4. Town Hill and Bay Forest (South) and 5. Greenwood Pines. The mailboxes are on order and should arrive soon. Homeowners getting new mailboxes will be notified via email of the schedule and plan.Space Center Lights The Space Center tree lights are all but finished. There were a few electrical issues that needed to be resolved. In addition, as the incandescent bulbs burn out, we are replacing them with LED bulbs.Sidewalk Repair Project The Board approved a significant repair project for the community owned sidewalks. Just as we as homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks at our home, we as the community association are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks on community association property. Our plan is to complete the work based upon the availability of concrete which is in high demand. Replenish Fibar in Bay Forest Park The replenishment of the fall surface (Fibar) around the big toys will be scheduled for a cooler time this fall. Get your shovels and wheelbarrows ready!Storage Building The electrical designs are being finalized. Once they are complete, the project will go out for bid. We still anticipate this project will be underway this summer/fall.

    Recent Criminal Activity in Bay Forest A home was broken into recently in Bay Forest. The scenario was similar to other past break-ins. The criminals entered the rear through a broken window. The alarm was active but they did not trip it as they did not raise a window or go outside of the bedroom areas. Fortunately no one was injured, no items were taken and there was only minimal damage.

    Bay Forest Community Association (BFCA) News

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    We are so sorry this August issue is late in getting to you. One of our articles came in late and we thought you would want the information late, rather than not have it at all. The August issue is sometimes difficult with people here and there doing this and that before the new school year begins. Now that you have it, ENJOY!

    Marita Moran

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    Neighborhood NewsThis should be our collective wake-up call to protect our homes. Over the past few months some homeowners have taken steps to protect their property. Remember these actions will not stop someone intent on breaking into your home. They can provide a great reason for the crook to go look for opportunity elsewhere. Some visible deterrents recently in Bay Forest include:Driveway gates Slows down or dissuades them from entering your back yard.Iron Fence/Gate from House to Garge Does the same as the driveway gate especially if you put a lock on the gate.Video/Internet Doorbell Rings your smart phone and starts video recording when someone steps up to your front door. It gives you the ability to always be home.Video Cameras They are good for recording what happened afterwards for the police. If they are visible and the crook sees them they may also cause the crook to move on elsewhere.If you have taken steps to better protect your home and would like to share with others please email me and we will highlight it in an upcoming Bay Forest Community News.

    Fourth of July EventsThis year we had a great turn out for the bike parade and party at the pool. Check out this months Bay Forest Newsletter for pictures. This event shows how our community comes together. Many volunteers helped with the parade and party. In addition we had many folks lining the parade route cheering on the kiddos. Thank you to everyone who helped and participated.

    Bay Forest Input and PlanningThe Board relies on community input to formulate plans for the community. This input comes in a number of ways directly from homeowners at the community forum of the monthly board meetings at the annual meeting AND the best and broadest base of input comes from the annual homeowner survey that is administered each year. The Board takes all input very seriously and relies on that input especially the annual survey to chart a course for our community. You will be receiving an email soon with your invitation to participate in the annual survey.

    Contacting BFCATo reach the Bay Forest Community Manager, email or call 832.224.6446. The mailing address for the Bay Forest Community Association is 15715 Lake Lodge Drive, Houston, Texas 77062.

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    Neighborhood News

    Crime Watch: Stay up-to-date with your neighbors on the community website REPORT May 2015Offense Type Address PremiseBurglary Motor Vehicle 1500 Almond Brook Residence/HouseCriminal Mischief (Auto) 2400 Bay Area Other Parking LotTheft 2700 Bay Area Vacant BuildingCriminal Mischief 14100 Bay Pointe Rental Storage FacilityBurglary Habitation 4500 Cedar Ridge Trl Residence/HouseBurglary Building (2) 1000 Clear Lake City Laundry/Dry CleanersCriminal Mischief (Coin Machine) 1100 Clear Lake City BankBurglary Motor Vehicle (3) 1200 Clear Lake City Parks & RecreationBurglary Building 1600 Clear Lake City Barber/Beauty ShopsAggravated Robbery (Deadly Weapon) 2300 Clear Lake City Laundry/Dry CleanersCriminal Mischief (Auto) 2800 Clear Lake City DrivewayBurglary Habitation 15900 Clearcrest Residence/HouseTheft - From Motor Vehicle 13500 Country Green Rd, St, or SidewalkBurglary Motor Vehicle 13700 Country Green DrivewayAggravated Robbery (Home Invasion) 300 Cyberonics ApartmentBurglary Habitation 300 Cyberonics ApartmentTheft - From Motor Vehicle 13600 Heron Field Rd, St, or SidewalkTheft 4200 Pine Brook Cove Residence/HouseBurglary Habitation 15500 Poplar Springs Residence/HouseCriminal Mischief 14500 Redbud ValleyTheft 15700 Scenic View Residence/HouseBurglary Building 14800 Space Center Other, UnknownTheft - From Motor Vehicle 14400 Sun Harbor Rd, St, or Sidewalk

    CRIME REPORT June 2015Offense Type Address PremiseCriminal Mischief 3500 Almond Creek Rd, St, or SidewalkBurglary Building 14500 Bay Oaks Gym/Club HouseBurglary Motor Vehicle 14300 Crescent Landing Church, Synagogue Burglary Habitation 3900 Diamond Grove Residence/HouseTheft 1900 El Dorado Grocery Store Burglary Motor Vehicle 1100 Indian Autumn DrivewayCriminal Mischief 14400 Little Willow Walk DrivewayBurglary Habitation 2000 Mabry Mill Residence/HouseTheft 16000 Mesa Verde Residence/HouseBurglary Habitation 14200 Oak Chase Residence/HouseBurglary Habitation 13200 Scenic Glade Residence/HouseAuto Theft (Truck/Van) 14200 Sun Harbor Residence/HouseAuto Theft (Motorcycle) 14300 Sun Harbor Residence/Ho