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Bauhaus Museum at the China Academy of Art

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An archive/workshop for the newly aquired Bauhaus collection at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China.

Text of Bauhaus Museum at the China Academy of Art

  • china academy of art

    China Academy of Art



  • floating mountains

  • Tranitional Chinese landscape paintingfloating mountains

    Anji province, China floating mountains

  • Yi Pu Yuan suzhou, china

    Bauhaus campusdessau, germany

  • archive / booksexisting


    archive / objectsproposed

  • archive / workshopproposed

    library / officesexisting

  • china academy of art

    archives workshop

  • a series of

    courtyards within

    a series of

    pavilions connected by the path

  • the path

    By detours, access to secrets - Chinese proverb

  • outside while insideinside while outside

  • courtyards of inspiration

    Johannes IttenThe Eavesdropper

    El LissitzkyPROUN 24

    Gunta Stadler-Stlzl5 Choirs

    Herbert BayerCinema

    Tan Dao-mingChinese Landscape Painting

  • expressionism and craft

    rid the students of all the deadwood of convention... unlearning

    a state of innocense beyond the coruption of culture

    a blank canvas for expression and abstraction

  • de stijl and contructivism

    materialism and mechanization of art and life intersetion of

    abstract forms in abstract space, inhabited by floating planes without mass and of varying degrees of transperancy

  • the chinese landscape painting





  • deriving form from productive method

    material constraint

    programmatic necessity

    Bauhaus approach became extremely objective


    A D V E R T I S I N G

    W O O D / M E T A L

    T E X T I L E S emphesis on socialrather than aesthetic considerations

    socially responsive

    working towards production and external influence

    simple demountable inexpensive

  • As with the courtyard, one must build the void in order to make the mass.

  • of the earth

    compressed earth

  • Tian Ye Ge ningbo, china

  • Bauhaus campusdessau, germany

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