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  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Warm-ups Reading Drum Notation Rock Beat Variations Fill Variations Crash Cymbal Final Mission

    Complete all the missions for a Rocksteady Level 2


  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2



    Your Mission: Play these for one minute every time you sit down at the drums



    R = Right L = Left B = Both

    Your Tutor will: Explain why warm-ups are important Show you how the warm-ups should be played

    Tips for your mission: You dont need a drum kit. You can even do them on your lap with your hands. Use you wrists, not your arms. Try using different drums, or different sounds on an electronic kit.

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Reading Drum Notation

    Your Mission: Learn how to read a Floor Tom, Hi-Hat, Snare and Bass Drum. Complete the two exercises.

    In Drum notation, the way the notes appear on the page tells you which drums to play and when. Here is a guide on which notes mean which drum:

    HI-HAT CYMBAL (Right hand, cross over)

    SNARE DRUM (Left hand)

    BASS DRUM (Right foot)

    FLOOR TOM (Right Hand) So on a sheet of music, this is how all those different drums look: Hi-Hat Snare Drum Bass Drum Floor Tom

    Exercise I: Fill in the Blanks

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Exercise II Match the Beat with the Drum Notation

    Draw a line to match each Level 1 Rock Beat with the music. The first one is done for you!

    Your Tutor will: Explain how to do the exercises. Explain how learning to read Drum Notation will help.

    Tips for your mission: Do these exercises where you can see a drum kit. Use a pencil in case you make a mistake.

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Exercise II Answer Key

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Rock Beat Variations

    Your Mission: Learn all four Rock Beat Variations off by heart Play each Rock Beat Variation in a song

    Rock Beat Variation 1

    Rock Beat Variation 2

    Rock Beat Variation 3

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Rock Beat Variation 4

    Your Tutor will: Show you how each beat sounds, and how to play it. Pick a game to help you practice. Choose a song for you to play each beat to.

    Tips for your mission: Remember you dont need a drum kit to practice these your lap is just fine! Start slowly and concentrate on playing in time.

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Fill Variations

    Your Mission: Learn to play all 3 Coffee Fill Variations, and Coca-cola Fill Play the fills along with a rock beat variation in a song Create 4 new drum fills


    All of the drum fills in this chapter use toms and snares. This is how to read them in drum notation:

    Coffee Fill Variation 1:

    Coffee Fill Variation 2:

    Coffee Fill Variation 3:

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Coca-cola Fill

    Combining Drum Fills

    You can make up your own drum fills by putting coffee and coca cola in a different order.

    Example 1: Coffee, Coca-Cola, Coffee Coca-Cola

    Example 2: Coca-Cola, Coffee Coca-Cola, Coffee

    Example 3: Coffee, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola

    Now its your turn! Write down your new fills, and then play them on the drums Your Fill 1: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________ Your Fill 2: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________ Your Fill 3: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________ Your Fill 4: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________

    Your Tutor will: Show you how each fill sounds, and how to play it with a beat. Pick a game to help you practice. Choose a song for you to play each fill with.

    Tips for your mission: Say COCA-COLA COCA-COLA or COFFEE COFFEE out loud while playing to help. Remember, RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT, not LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT.

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2


    Crash Cymbal

    Your Mission: Play a song using the Crash Cymbal in a Basic Rock Beat

    The Crash Cymbal makes a Crash sound. It is always played at the same time as a bass drum to give it a bigger sound. This is how the crash cymbal is written in drum notation:

    Using the Crash in a Basic Rock Beat Learn to play this variation of the Basic Rock Beat:

    Playing a Four Bar Phrase Play these four bars:

    Your Tutor will: Explain how the crash cymbal is used Teach you to play the exercises on this page Teach you a song that uses the crash cymbal

    Tips for your mission: There are three different types of cymbal hi-hat, ride and crash. Get used to playing the crash cymbal at the same time as the bass drum.

  • Rocksteady Drums Level 2



    Play the three exercise four times without stopping along with a song.

    Exercise I

    Rock Beat Variation 1 Coca-Cola Fill

    Exercise II Rock Beat Variation 3 Coffee Fill Variation 1

    Exercise III Rock Beat Variation 4 Coffee Fill Variation 2

    Your Tutor will: Break down each exercise for you. Pick a game to help you practice. Pick a song for you to play along with.

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