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  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951





    Publication: 9328900990Revis ion: L 06/07

  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


    9328900990 Rev L BE1-951 Introduction i

    INTRODUCTIONThis instruction manual provides information about the operation and installation of the BE1-951Overcurrent Protection System. To accomplish this, the following information is provided:

    General information, specifications, and a Quick Startguide.

    Functional description and setting parameters for the inputs and outputs, protection and controlfunctions, metering functions, and reporting and alarm functions.

    BESTlogic programmable logic design and programming. Documentation of the preprogrammed logic schemes and application tips.

    Description of security and user interface setup including ASCII communication and the human-machine interface (HMI).

    Installation procedures, dimension drawings, and connection diagrams.

    Description of the front panel HMI and the ASCII command interface with write access securityprocedures.

    A summary of setting, metering, reporting, control, and miscellaneous commands.

    Testing and maintenance procedures.

    Description of BESTCOMS graphical user interface (GUI).

    Appendices containing time overcurrent characteristic curves and an ASCII command-HMI crossreference.

    Optional instruction manuals for the BE1-951 include:

    Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) 3.0 (9328900992)



    To avoid personal injury or equipment damage, only qualified personnel shouldperform the procedures in this manual.


    Be sure that the relay is hard-wired to earth ground with no smaller than 12 AWGcopper wire attached to the ground terminal on the rear of the unit case. Whenthe relay is configured in a system with other devices, it is recommended to use aseparate lead to the ground bus from each unit.

  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


    ii BE1-951 Introduct ion 9328900990 Rev L

    First Printing: March 1999

    Printed in USA

    1999-2007 Basler Electric, Highland Illinois 62249 USA

    All Rights Reserved

    June 2007

    It is not the intention of this manual to cover all details and variations in equipment, nor does this manualprovide data for every possible contingency regarding installation or operation. The availability and designof all features and options are subject to modification without notice. Should further information berequired, contact Basler Electric.


    HIGHLAND IL 62249 USAhttp: //,

    PHONE +1 618.654.2341 FAX +1 618.654.2351


    of Basler Electric, Highland Illinois, USA. It is loaned for confidential use, subjectto return on request, and with the mutual understanding that it will not be used inany manner detrimental to the interest of Basler Electric.

  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


    9328900990 Rev L BE1-951 Introduction iii


    The following information provides a historical summary of the changes made to the BE1-951 hardware,firmware, and software. The corresponding revisions made to this instruction manual (9328900990) arealso summarized. Revisions are listed in reverse chronological order.

    BESTCOMS SoftwareVersion and Date Change

    2.06.00, 06/07 Added Russian language support.

    2.05.00, 08/06 Increased upper limit of Delta Angle setting of Sync-Check function to99.

    2.04.03, 06/06 Added G, R, and C to Case options in Style Chart Drawing tosupport Normally Open Alarm type.

    2.04.01, 08/05 Aligned viewing capability of the 25 Sync Checkscreen with allversions of firmware.

    Corrected text box alignment on the Breaker Monitoring screen.

    Enhanced Settings Comparefeature.

    Corrected event type alignment issue on the on the Fault Summary

    screen. Enhanced capability of the Phase and Ground CT Ratio entry screen.

    Added Landscape RTF print setup capability.

    2.04.00, 04/05 Added ability to compare two settings files.

    On the System Setup Summary, Protection and Controltab, the usercan hold the curser over any of the LEDs located next to a functionname and be taken to the setup screen for that function.

    Added DNP settings/scaling screens.

    Improved printout of settings files with extensive comments.

    Inputs 1-4 are referred to as Energized or De-Energized instead ofOpen or Closed.

    2.03.04, 11/04

    60FL can be chosen as a setting to monitor in the Setting GroupAutomatic Control Settings.

    Added popup message alert notifying the user to check Vnom settingif the file was saved by a previous version of BESTCOMS.

    2.03.03, 10/04 The default value of SG-NOM changed from 120 volts to 69.3 volts.

    2.03.02, 07/04 Corrected a 67N Polarization screen so it displays the selectedpolarization method.

    2.03.01, 02/04 Changed an incorrect 481 BESTlogic screen label.

    Resolved a problem obtaining the app program version information.

    Resolved a high range error on 81 Inhibit setting.

    2.03.00, 12/03 Resolved a 25 Delta Angle error problem.

    Fixed a problem when using a special character in the File Commentsfield.

    2.02.00, 01/03 Fixed a problem with the Setting Range Error Message notrecognizing displayed units.

    Resolved a problem where the 16-bit BESTCOMS will give an errormessage after converting most types of database files.

    Improved the Metering screen.

    An error is reported if the name labels are left blank for the VirtualTest Switch, Virtual Inputs, Virtual Outputs, or the BESTlogic scheme.

    Allows printing of a report even if the SG-ID2 is left blank.

  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


    iv BE1-951 Introduct ion 9328900990 Rev L

    BESTCOMS SoftwareVersion and Date Change

    2.01.00, 10/01 Vpn distinction is lost when loading a saved file with Vpn values.

    Removed confusing layout of the 25VM logic screen.

    2.00.02, 09/01 Fixed print out errors involving S#27R, S#25VM, and S#x81 settings.

    , 06/99 Initial 16-bit release.

    Appl ication FirmwareVersion and Date Change

    2.59.00, 08/061.59.00, 08/06

    Style # and firmware version # added to fault summary reports andsequence of events.

    2.58.01, 12/05 Minor software enhancements.

    2.57.00, 03/051.57.00, 03/05

    Added DNP scaling in firmware.

    1.57.00, 03/05 Enhanced the Sync Check (25) feature to sync down to 25 Hz.

    2.56.01, 01/05 Enhanced the Sync Check (25) feature to sync down to 25 Hz.

    Improved timing curve M of the 51 function.

    Improved IQ metering. Enhanced 60FL so it has ability to change the setting group.

    Enhanced the way trip events are recorded.

    Improved IRIG function.

    Improved setting of clock through COM1 (rear RS-232) port.

    1.56.00, 12/04 Improved timing curve M of the 51 function.

    Improved IQ metering.

    Enhanced 60FL so it has ability to change the setting group.

    Enhanced the way trip events are recorded.

    Improved IRIG function.

    Improved setting of clock through COM1 (rear RS-232) port.

    2.55.00, 04/041.55.00, 04/04

    Improved performance of the 60FL function.

    Defined phase-neutral secondary voltage as nominal voltage.

    2.54.01, 01/041.54.01, 01/04

    Corrected 3-wire, ACB rotation, Max Torque angle problem.

    Enhanced Comtrade config file time stamp calculation to improveaccuracy for large frequency step changes.

    Added Generator and Bus Frequency to the Fault Summary Reportand Comtrade files (Oscillography).

    Updated Comtrade format so that both 91 and 99 ComtradeStandard files can be downloaded.

    2.53.01, 08/031.53.01, 08/03

    Incorporated 79 reclosing enhancements from BE1-IPS100development.

    Added 60FL to the Major Alarm as default. Enhanced operation of 51 elements applied in directional applications

    where load current is in the non-trip direction and is above pickup ofthe element.

    2.53.00, 08/021.53.00, 09/02

    Added negative values for RE-KWH and RE-KVARH.

    Improved stability of the 32 function for 0 power conditions (120 volts,0 amps).

    Enhanced operation of 62 timers for settings over 10 seconds.

    Enhanced setting group switch initiated by the 79 reclosing function.

  • 8/10/2019 Basler BE1-951


    9328900990 Rev L BE1-951 Introduct ion v

    Appl ication Firmware

    Version and Date Change

    2.52.02, 04/02 Added Resetcapability of the BKR OPCNTR when HMI is on Screen4.3.1.

    Enhanced reporting of the firmware version and increased number ofrelay ID characters.

    2.52.01, 10/01 Added real-time clock with 8 hour capacitor backup on all BE1-951version 2 relays.

    Added support for 4,000 point load profile demand log.

    1.51.00, 03/01 Added the 32 overpower element.

    Added the 159X auxiliary overvoltage element.

    Added the 86 and 186 virtual lockout switches.

    Updated the 25 Sync Check so that when operating in FG>BF mode,a minimum slip frequency is required for a sync output.

    Updated the 67 function to be user selectable for reference andtripping elements.

    The relay now performs a 2-cycle pre-dropout fault recording for usewhen the BE1-951 does not trip.

    Removed the 79F logic bit (bit 29 in the logic variable status report)

    and replaced it with 79RST.1.50.02, 08/00 Corrected bug in 25VM, Sync Check Voltage Monitor function logic.

    Revised the 60FL, VT Fuse Loss function logic. The old algorithmrequired breaker status to be TRUE (cl