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BasingstokeLabour: a growing local party BasingstokeLabour:May 2012 - best results for 30 years, Labour wins 7 Council seats,Brookvale, Buckskin, Brighton Hill South, Popley East & West, South Ham & NordenMembership rising, support growing, number of councillors increasingWe are working hard to win peoples trust and respect. Were local people who care about our communities. More & more people across our town want to see things change, & they want politics to mean something positive. Would you like to be a part of that change & help make a difference?Cllr Carolyn Wooldridge with George Severs, Chair of Basingstoke Labour Students, at the May election count.

BasingstokeBasingstokeLabour - focusing on jobs, housing, schools, health & pensions

The Scandal of Youth Unemployment.One in four unemployed in Basingstoke are under the age of 25. Youth unemployment went up 67% in Basingstoke last year.We face a lost generation of young people in Basingstoke. We know that austerity alone is not working, it is choking any growth. Youth Record youth unemployment is not a price worth paying. Unemployment only increases the benefits bill. You dont grow businesses or our local economy by cutting to the bone, and the Tories ideological obsession with cuts to the public sector has created the longest recession and economic crisis for 60 yrs.

Lib Dem vote has collapsedAcross Basingstoke people see that the Lib Dems have sold out to the Tories on the NHS, on VAT, on Tuition Fees, on Civil Liberties, on the Environment...

unemployment in Basingstoke is at 5%, the highest rate in the whole of Hampshire.

Independent August 2012

Support for Lib "Latest figures show that Dems collapses as the party has fewer members than the number TWO-THIRDS of those who voted of football fans that fill for them say they Sunderlands wouldn't do it Stadium of Light. ain! agDaily Mail Jan 2012

Over the last few years Basingstoke has lost over 1,000 jobs. We have seen the biggest increase in youth unemployment, up 67%. Basingstokes Tory MP responded by saying: there is no shortage of jobs. We are not sure what planet she is living on, but it isnt Basingstokes. The Tories and Lib Dems economic plan has failed and it is local people and local businesses that are suffering.ation and We need to focus on job cre ting people helping small businesses. Get and sustain a into jobs is the way to grow growth and recovery. We need a plan for party, we jobs. Labour is the one nation . are about everyone not the few

Your BasingstokeLabour Councillor team BasingstokeLabourBuckskin Brighton Hill Popley East Popley West Norden South Ham Brookvale

Huawei 400 jobs lostNORDENCllr Paul HarveyCllr.paul.harvey@

SOUTH HAMCllr Colin ReganCllr.colin.regan@

BRIGHTON HILLCllr.carolyn.wooldridge@

POPLEY EASTCllr.david.potter@ Basingstoke,

POPLEY WESTCllr Jane FrankumCllr.jane.frankum@

Write to us at: The Labour Group, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AH Telephone us at: 01256 845324

Cllr Carolyn Wooldridge Cllr David Potter

07968 941009Cllr Laura JamesCllr.laura.james@

07796 225618Cllr Sean KeatingCllr.sean.keating@

07913 841439Cllr David EyreCllr.david.eyre@

07941 507801Cllr Viv WashbourneCllr.vivien.washbourne@

Cllr Paul FrankumCllr.paul.frankum@

01256 819924

The Conservatives have ignored the warning signs in Basingstoke. Austerity has gone mad, and they continue to take a reckless gamble with our economy.

07780 663713Cllr George

01256 422969Cllr Gary WattsCllr.gary.watts@

07715 279539BUCKSKINCllr Tony JonesCllr.tony.jones@ Basingstoke,

07900 890088BROOKVALECllr Jack CousensCllr.jack.cousens@

A year of recession, U-turns & no growth. The Tory plan is hurting and it is not working. Weve lost too many local jobs.

Labours plans in 2010 which put jobs and growth first saw our economy grow by 1.8%. It hasnt done that since the Coalition took over.

01256 359917

01256 331031

07983 950032

07912 012746

We are here for Basingstoke, We are here for you.

Join Labour, lets make change happen togetherCall us: 07968 941009 email: by Paul Harvey on behalf of the Basingstoke Labour Party, all at the Labour Club, Sandys Road, Basingstoke, RG22 6AS. Printed by Community Print, Broadway, Bingley BD16 4QA

BasingstokeLabour: A fresh start for our town & our communities BasingstokeLabour LabourIts not good enough just to appear on your doorstep at election times. We work in our communities all year round. Our whole focus is on getting the job done. The Tory Council is remote and isolated from people, it has acted unlawfully, and yet the Tories dont think anything has to change. We want to restore peoples faith in what the council can do for Basingstoke and you. It really is time for a fresh start. More than ever people need a council that is one their side. Cllr Laura James. Labour Group Leader.Cllr David Eyre & Cllr Carolyn Wooldridge in Britten Rd, Brighton Hill.

We have heard from people all over Basingstoke about the problems that inadequate parking causes.The Borough Council had a surplus budget of 3.5 million last year. We want the Council to commit at least 1million from the 3.5million surplus in a one off major scheme to

Labour leads fight to stop & reject TESCOPOLY & protect local shops.Labour Councillors spoke out to protect our local shopping parades in Kings Road, Worting Road, Kings Furlong, and Buckland Parade. says Cllr Gary Watts.We spoke out to protect Local Tory Cllrs have been desperate to stop an independent inquiry into the Manydown scandal.A small clique of Tory Cllrs tried to stitch up the planning process. They were found to have acted unlawfully in the High Court bringing the Council into disrepute. Developers are now lining up applications to try & take advantage of the mess that the Tories have created. Razors Farm, Kiln Farm, Kennel Farm and Down Grange are all under threat. In fact the Tories have put every green field in Basingstoke under threat. says Cllr David Potter, Popley East. We need a fair & transparent planning process that listens to people & that balances the need for housing with the need to protect our green fields. With over 6,000 people on the Housing Register. With homelessness up 23% last year, we need to get a grip on the housing crisis in Basingstoke. says Cllr Tony Jones, Buckskin. Labour Councillors are fighting for a new approach to local planning that meets our communities needs & expectations. We need a fresh start with a new Council. We are focused on delivering socially rented homes that people need, and in ending the scandal of empty homes. This freefor-all the Tories have created is a disgrace. says Cllr Viv Washbourne.Cllr Jane Frankum (top picture) on the Kiln Farm fields site north of Popley, & Cllr Colin Regan at the Down Grange Playing Fields, rural & urban green fields are threatened with development.

Parking in Basingstoke is a nightmare for so many people.Tories oppose parking solutions! Tories say its not a priority & oppose Labours proposal.There are 400 roads that the Council have identified that need parking schemes, they are currently doing just 3 a year. At that rate the truth is most people wont see solutions at all. The Council are choosing to spend just 140,000 a year on parking schemes, and even this budget is now under review. We recognise that the problem can do something about it. The bottom line is that the rural Tories running Basingstoke Council do not see this issue as a priority. When it came to a vote on Labours parking proposal in Council the Tories opposed it! They are utterly out of touch with peoples concerns. The scale of the problem is town-wide and only Labour Councillors are taking it seriously.

tackle the worst affected roads. We want a toolbox of solutions that can deliver parking schemes street by street. We want roads assessed fairly & to listen to people when they tell us about the problems they face. Cllr David Eyre, Brighton Hill South. It might not always cost a lot to implement simple changes which could deliver real improvements. Your Labour Councillors are

the Brighton Hill District Centre. The Council Planning Officers report predicted that Asda would lose 25% of its trade and this would impact on the centre. Sainsburys in Hatch Warren would lose a third of its trade. Basingstoke is not big enough for another store of that kind. The Council report did not consider the impact on our local shopping parades at all. Labour Cllrs listened carefully to residents and shop owners who spoke and we responded in support of our communities. The application was rejected and Tesco have gone to appeal.

Working poor could be up to 363 a year worse off under Tory Council Tax changes.

campaigning for a change, we want to see more investment from the capital budget in parking solutions across Basingstoke. Cllr Jack Cousens, Brookvale.

Next April David Cameron will be giving every millionaire, including himself, a 40,000 tax cut following the top rate tax cut from 50p to 45p. From privatising the NHS to screwing up rail franchises. From Pasty Tax, to Murdoch to bankers bonuses. Have you ever seen a more incompetent, hopeless, out of touch, u-turning, pledgebreaking, make it up as you go along, back of the envelope, miserable shower than this Prime Minist