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dinner menu


<ul><li><p>dinnerEntresOn the Road</p><p>kbbq bone-in short rib, sesamegreens, pickled vegetables</p><p>14.95 </p><p>in the pastureforage the middle east with roasted whole beet salad, </p><p>sumac labneh, crushed pistachios, citrus9.95</p><p>in the fieldhand torn pasta, homemade</p><p>pancetta, soft egg, pea shoots10.95</p><p>pigbraised pork choppers, habaero relish, red onion,</p><p>pickled jalapeo, manchego, crispy pozole cake14.95</p><p>cow8 oz burger of our special barnyard house grind,</p><p>aged cheddar, pickled onion, lettuce, tomato, whole grain mustard, portuguese bun</p><p>12.95</p><p>fowlduck egg, smoked potato pure, foraged mushrooms,</p><p>parsley, country sourdough bread bowl9.95</p><p>chickenhomemade potato chip encrusted chicken-fried chicken,</p><p>lemon, pickled green tomato, buttermilk-parmesan dressing. absolutely schnitzel-esque</p><p>16.95</p><p>salt watermonk fish pot roast, baby carrot, fingerling</p><p>potato, red wine, grilled herbs16.95</p><p>fresh waterfilet o trout, slaw of celeriac, apple, </p><p>radish and capers on lavosh13.95</p><p>all in allthe whole barn in a salad. humanely raised certified hanger, </p><p>country ham, smoked turkey, swiss, aged cheddar, baby greens,soft egg, salmon roe, burnt crouton, </p><p>red wine-bone marrow vinaigrette14.95</p><p>Treats in the big houseafter dinner sweets of homemade marshmallow, caramelized</p><p>pineapple, crme frache, brandied cherries, citrus6.95</p><p>starterson the road</p><p>homemade potato chips dusted with sriracha salt and served with docs cider dipping sauce</p><p>6.95</p><p>in the pasturetoo-many-to-count bean salad with pickled shallots, crme frache, manchego cheese</p><p>12.95</p><p>in the fieldmac &amp; 5 cheeses</p><p>9.95</p><p>cow2 breads and 3 butters</p><p>7.95</p><p>fowlhand cut fries smothered in duck confit </p><p>poutine gravy and cheddar, eh10.95</p><p>salt watercharred swordfish belly, bok choy, </p><p>radish, miso aioli flavor personified10.95</p><p>Drinkshouse-made </p><p>seasonal lemonade(no refills)</p><p>3.95</p><p>Fountain Drinkspepsi, diet pepsi, dr. pepper, mug root beer, </p><p>sierra mist, cranberry juice 2.95</p><p>coffeecoffee by city bean</p><p>mexico finca fustapechot regular and decaf</p><p>iced regular3.95 / 5.95</p><p>teatea by city bean </p><p>hotblack english breakfast, mango tropical</p><p>green japanese sencha, honey lemon sunburstherbal chamomile, cranberry fruit tisane</p><p>icedchina black</p><p>3.95</p></li></ul>