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<ul><li> 1. Is it really worth it for a company to stand for something? I cant imagine my life without . Wouldnt it be wonderful if your brand was the answer? Our decision 13 years ago to Cause branding can make your brand irreplaceable because when you stand for something greater than your bottom line, people stand partner with our customers to with you. Our experience shows us that successful cause branding end breast cancer says more is when you are able to bring together your brand identity with a about our brand than anything consumer passion and a unique cause opportunity. else we do. When building great cause branding campaigns, we start by getting Liz Cahill to know the brand and the customer and both of their needs. We Vice President, Marketing have a fine-tuned process we are very proud of, but the reality is Lee Jeans each time we help a company build a cause campaign the process becomes uniquely their own. 67 % of companies today have The Chief Marketing Officer Challenge a cause program. As CMOs are challenged with differentiating their brands, many are embracing the strategy of cause branding and see it as more than a 97.3 % of CMOs say they view philanthropic effort. Why? cause as a valid business strategy. Cause branding is driving sales, trial and traffic. 40 The challenge for CMOs is to find the right % cited an increase in sales cause for their brand the place where they can traffic due to their brands uniquely make an impact and figure out how to association with a maintain the effort for the long term so the brand philanthropic initiative. truly feels the positive impact of its cause efforts. Source: 2009 PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey </li> <li> 2. A mother of two stands in the grocery store looking at the sea of diaper brands from which to choose. They all tout the same benefits at virtually the same cost. Giving back remains high on Later she drives down the street and tries to decide whether to turn left or right into a convenience consumers to-do lists store each one offers the same price of gas. especially for Moms Cause branding seems to hit home with one of the most coveted Sameness abounds and consumers arent making consumer segments who is more interested than ever in giving their purchasing decisions based solely on a back and leaving a meaningful legacy moms. The 2009 products price and quality anymore. Barkley/PR Week Cause Survey showed that as her personal giving habits decrease due to the economy, she is looking Today consumers want to know to companies to partner with her in that effort. She expects the values behind the company. companies to give back, and rewards the ones that do. They ask themselves, Do I trust this company? Does it deserve 85.6% my business? say its important 76.8% for companies to support a cause. 69.2% would recommend 58 a brand that % would try a brand supports a cause. because it The unstable economy has caused consumers to would pay more supports a cause. for a brand that think long and hard about every dollar they spend, supports a cause. and they actually consider their patronage a vote for that company. For companies, this is a tough situation. They just Transparency is critical to her, and it is important that companies cant ask themselves how their brands can stand follow up with her to communicate how her hard-earned dollar out. They need to find ways to connect with their has helped. Once that connection is made, she becomes a customers beyond the sale, in a more meaningful believer in the brand and their partnership makes the brand an and relevant way. irreplaceable part of her life. Smart companies are turning to a concept that BRAND BRAND More than half of the moms has been around for 25 years, but is just gaining surveyed said they have traction as a valid business strategy. Cause branding purchased a brand because it supports a cause. introduces the customer to the brands soul, and in this troubled economy, philanthropic activity is one of Source: 2009 PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey the best relationship and business builders around. Mike Swenson 816-679-8502 Kelly Gage 816-204-5610 Let us help you make your brand irreplaceable. </li> <li> 3. CASE STUDIES CASE STUDY: MArCh Of DIMES ChALLENGE: ChANGE brAND PErCEPTION AND rECONNECT WITh MOM Founded in 1938, the March of Dimes (MOD) has an impressive list of achievements. However, MOD was struggling to make its message and mission relevant to todays mom, and had in fact come to represent the problem of sick babies rather than the positive work it does to create healthy ones. Over time, this iconic nonprofit with 99 percent brand awareness had dropped to an all-time low of 9 percent in unaided awareness. It was critical that MOD connect in a meaningful way with moms. INSIGhT: STArTLING STATISTICS 31% - Percentage of premature birth increase from 1981 to 2003 55% - Percentage of consumers who dont see prematurity as a problem 22% - Percentage of unaided awareness of MOD among consumers in 1993 9% - Percentage of unaided awareness of MOD among consumers in 2006 These four statistics from The Gallup Organization 2006 National Brand Study drove our decision to conduct extensive qualitative research with internal audiences, corporate sponsors, medical professionals, donors and, most importantly, moms. The research provided valuable insights into how the brand is perceived, whats really important to a mom regarding her babys health, and the lack of understanding of the risks of prematurity and birth defects. The lack of consumer relevance also hurt the brands corporate partnerships. In addition to making it difficult to secure new partners, MOD was in danger of losing several of their top existing corporate partners who brought in millions in revenue each year. STrATEGY: STAND fOr A SOLUTION The creative objective was to modernize the image of MOD and make the brand more relevant to moms by aligning with their values and interests. The communication focus had to highlight the solution, and we created a new brand tone and personality to reflect that. The brand had to be relatable with a personal and passionate tone. The mission has not changed, just the way it is communicated: MOD works tirelessly toward the day when all babies are born healthy. ExECUTION: rEAChING MOMS IN NEW PLACES The fully integrated campaign includes sign, print, television, radio, PR, a refreshed Web site to reflect the new brand look, and rebranding of WalkAmerica to March for Babies with new logo, print, theater slide, outdoor, bus shelter, television, radio and PR. In addition, an award-winning 3 </li> <li> 4. CASE STUDIES (contd) campaign site was developed as a fresh inspiration and landing page where television brand spots and print brand PSAs direct consumers (*). For the first time in MOD history we added a paid media schedule to complement the 2008 PR and PSA initiatives. Paid media targeted the broad-reaching moms target to maximize reach and impact. The PR and PSA initiatives were primarily focused on new and expecting moms. Through Barkleys Context Mapping process, we found that moms use online media not only to get information for the family, but also to gain social currency, so we focused placements on sites that delivered both of these needs for her. To maximize the plan, we put an emphasis on integrating the MOD brand into the sites. All of the online placements drove traffic to the MOD campaign site,, where the target could get more information and eventually link back to the site. Additionally, Barkley created a targeted corporate outreach presentation and trained MOD staff to sell MOD from a position of strength and focus on their brand and not just events. rESULTS: A CAMPAIGN TO rALLY ArOUND First-quarter comparison results, according to the Gallup Poll, showed mission awareness with moms increased 12 percent, while unaided awareness increased to 15 percent from an all-time low of 9 percent in 2006a 67 percent increase. The campaign has received incredible responses from MOD staff, volunteers and their corporate sponsors. We also have received extremely successful media relations results including positive stories in The Washington Post and The New York Times, and on CNN Nancy Grace, Fox and Friends and Inside Edition among others. has already won several awards, including a Gold Addy in the public service category and Adobes Site of the Day on January 17, just one day after the brand launch, and was a finalist in the prestigious One Show. Additionally, the refreshed print PSAs are going placements in national publications previously unavailable to MOD including O, The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Latina to name a few, successfully reaching a previously untapped audience. Corporate outreach has improved vastly as well. MOD maintained all of their current corporate partners who renewed with increased energy and support, and they have significantly increased meetings with new corporate partners and are in discussions now for new programs. 4 </li> <li> 5. CASE STUDIES (contd) CASE STUDY: LEE NATIONAL DENIM DAY ChALLENGE: MAINSTrEAM ThE CASUAL WOrK ENVIrONMENT TO SELL MOrE LEE JEANS In 1995, Lee Jeans approached Barkley with a problem its advertising agency could not solve. How could Lee take advantage of the growing trend of casual Fridays and more casual dress codes in the...</li></ul>