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Text of Baristart

  • Art and Coffee challenge

  • Baristart is a new concept including 3 artists & lots of good coffee

    Challenger is an artist & barista in 1 person (jozef barde murcko)painting a theme on a bigger format canvas (150x150cm)

    togetherwith another artist.

    120 minutes have both artists to finish their paintings while ordersfor coffee drinks (espresso based & alternatives) are being taken

    every 5-10 minutes. During these breaks the artist & barista has to prepare a perfect coffee(with 3 judges observing the whole process)

    & the 2nd artist has to draw a picture for the same guest.

    Music is the last component of baristart. The 3d artist is a musician with special music selection

    accompanying the whole event.

    After the event both paintings are offered for an auctionin-loco or sold later on via internet.

  • Livepozitive is a non-profit organization -group of creatives, artists & professionals from all around the world

    with base camp at Room13 in High Tatras (Slovakia).We are keen on supporting art & artists,

    culture & creativity together with developing regionand positive ways of thinking.

    Work hard, live well and keep your positive mind!

  • GreenPlantation coffee is the best roastery in Slovakia offeringonly selected and finest coffees conform with Specialty Coffee

    Association of Europe classification.Working with finest plantations, using direct-trade the coffeeyou drink is not only fair & ecological but every micro-lot has

    its own little story.

  • Barde (Jozef Barde Murcko) is young creative guy from East Slovakia, currently based in High Tatras. He studied Art High School with focus on

    polygraphy, graphic design & book processing plus he even attended University in Ostrava, Czech Republic where he studied Graphic Arts

    for two years.Despite of his inspired work and several successful installations,

    Barde doesnt consider himself as an artist.He currently lives and creates in High Tatras / Pod Lesom & works as

    a professional barista at Grtoeska Art & Coffee.His current artistic focus is on streetart and mural,

    graphic design, ilustration.

    You can find more about Bardes work on: