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  • Bodysgallen Hall

    Hotel and Spa

    Banqueting Wine


    At certain times the vintage stated may not be available.

    We will endeavour to provide you with a vintage

    compatible to the one you have chosen.

    (Full Wine List Available on Request)

  • House Selection

    Year Price

    2014 26.50

    2014 26.50

    2014 27.50

    2014 26.50

    2014 26.50

    2015 28.50

    NV 55.00

    2014 26.50

    Champagne Jacques Bardelot Brut.

    Plenty of clean citrus and apple fruit

    flavours, biscuity aromas.

    Terrasses du Moulinas. Rose Pastel

    Fresh and Elegant, with strawberries and

    ripe cherry fruit.

    El Campo Chardonnay. Central Valley. Chile

    Good Chardonnay style with attractive

    aromas of ripe pears and tropical fruit.

    Airen Sauvignon Blanc. Castillo del Moro.

    Spain Deliciously crisp and dry with tangy

    fruit flavours and refreshing finish.

    Pinot Grigio del Venezie. Casa Defra. Italy.

    Well balanced wine with gentle floral and

    citrus aromas and a fresh finish.

    Pinot Noir Nostros Reserva. Chile

    From the Casablanca Valley, this has lovely

    floral notes and smooth red fruit.

    Los Espinos Merlot. Chile.

    An easy drinking wine, with super juicy

    plummy fruit and a long finish.

    Caoba Malbec. Argentina. An inky,

    medium bodied, dry red wine with strong

    dark fruits.

  • Cellarman's Choice

    Year Price

    2014 25.00

    2014 30.00

    2013 25.00

    2014 24.50

    2013 26.00

    2014 40.00

    2013 37.50Verum Chardonnay. Patagonia. Creamy

    textured, with ripe flavours, lively acidity and

    a lengthy finish.

    Finca del Alta. Chardonnay/ Chenin.

    Mendoza. Argentina Fresh, intense and fruit

    filled blend .

    Arrogant Frog Pinot Noir. Domaine Paul

    Mas. France An intense, fruit driven red

    with aromas of blackcurrants and vanilla.

    Riviera Collection Sauvignon Blanc. France

    Intense aromas of gooseberries and citrus.

    Nero d'Avola. Pallazzo del Mare. Sicily Soft

    red fruits with strawberry and cherry


    Les Garrigues Grenache/ Rosé. Vins de pays

    d'Oc Salmon pink, red fruits and dry.

    Verum Pinot Noir. Patagonia. Floral, with

    red fruits and cherries. Good tannins with a

    long finish.

  • Year Price

    NV 31.00

    NV 31.00

    NV 31.00

    NV 82.50

    NV 99.00

    NV 77.50

    NV 55.00

    Sunnycliff Brut. Australia

    Full of flavour, clean and fresh. From

    Mildura, Victoria.

    Vetriano Pinot Grigio Rose Spumante.

    Fresh, inviting wine with easy strawberry

    and summer fruits.

    Vetriano Prosecco. Italy.

    Attractive biscuity nose with a fruity palate

    of pears and melons.

    Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. Brut. Reims.

    This wine is full of flavour and high quality.

    Sparkling Wine


    Laurent Perrier Rose.

    Lovely salmon pink colour. One of the best

    roses available.

    Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial. Epernay.

    Champagne Veuve Deloynes Brut

    This is a classic champagne with a lovely

    fresh style. Light, floral and creamy palate.

  • Year Price

    2013 31.00

    2009 39.50

    2013 34.00

    2012 26.50

    2013 37.50

    2013 29.50

    House of Certain Views

    Unwooded Chardonnay

    Mitchell Semillon. Clare Valley

    Crisp zesty nose with passionfruit and kiwi.

    Zilzie Estate Viognier. Victoria

    This Viognier is an intriguing wine with

    lychee, apricot and ginger. Crisp finish.

    Sunnycliff Cabernet Sauvignon. Victoria.

    Soft and supple and very fruity. Red, ripe and


    Australia White

    Australia Red

    Two in the Bush Merlot/ Cabernet. Mt Lofty


    Ripe red fruits, fleshy plums and subtle oak.

    Zilzie Selection 23 Merlot. Victoria.

    Juicy plum and cherry fruit, with soft


  • Year Price

    2013 31.50

    2012/13 39.50

    2015 70.00

    2015 33.50

    2013 42.00

    2012 39.00

    CJ Pask Chardonnay. Hawkes Bay.

    Rich, unoaked chardonnay, with pineapple

    and peach.

    Escarpment Pinot Gris. Martinborough

    A rich, succulent Pinot Gris, packed with

    tropical fruit flavours.

    Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Marlborough.

    An International benchmark wine, vibrant

    aromatics and pure fruit.

    Tummil Flat Sauvignon Blanc. Marlborough.

    Classic Kiwi Sauvignon. Fresh, crisp and full

    of gooseberry.

    New Zealand White

    New Zealand Red

    CJ Pask Gimblett Road Merlot.

    Hawkes Bay. A delicious soft and fruity red


    Kate Radburnd Pinot Noir. Wairapa.

    Cranberry and raspberry leaf nose with fine


  • Year Price

    2014 26.00

    2014 26.50

    2013 28.00

    2015 25.00

    2013 26.00


    Pato Torronte Sauvignon Blanc. Valle

    Central. Well balanced

    Sauvignon, clean and fresh fruit.

    Cousino Macul Chardonnay. Valle de Maipo.

    A fantastic, crisp Chardonnay, free of oak.

    Cucao Cabernet Sauvignon. Rapel Valley.

    A fresh and elegant red, intense in colour

    with blackcurrant fruit aromas.

    Pato Torronte Merlot Reserva. Valle

    Central. Bursting with cherry and ripe, red

    fruits, with pepper and a touch of coffee.

    Chile White

    Chile Red

    Los Gansos Pinot Noir. Casablanca Valley.

    Beautifully balanced wine, bright and deep

    in colour. Cherry and strawberry fruit.

  • 2013 39.00

    2012 38.50

    2012 40.00

    2012 28.50

    2014 30.50

    2014 25.00

    2014 25.00

    2009 45.00

    2014 25.00

    Green Drake Shiraz. Stellar Organics.

    Soft, easy red, with spicy peppery fruit.

    Organic and FairTrade

    Journeys End Shiraz. Stellenbosch.

    Plenty of ripe Shiraz, full flavoured finish.

    Freedom Cross Cinsault/ Cabernet. Western

    Cape. Juicy

    blackcurrant with pepperiness.

    USA White

    Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay

    Enticing aromas of tropical and citrus fruits.

    Hints of toffee and vanilla.

    Bogle Vineyards Chenin Blanc. California.

    A luxurious Chenin, flavours of honey, green

    apple and pineapple.

    USA Red

    Bogle Vineyards Merlot. California.

    Elegant soft, silky merlot with cherries and


    South Africa White

    South Africa Red

    Angels Flight Red Zinfandel. California.

    Full of plum jam fruit, and a hint of spice.

    Baboon Rock Unwooded Chardonnay.


    Honey and lime nose, with pear fruit.

    Green Drake Chenin/ Sauvignon. Stellar

    Organics. Western Cape.

    Peachy Chenin with grassy Sauvignon.

  • 2013 31.50

    2014 31.50

    2013 26.50

    2012 31.00

    2011 39.00

    2010 45.00

    2012 38.00

    2008 67.50

    2012 52.50Chateau Cissac. Haut Medoc.

    A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

    A rich, elegant wine.

    Bordeaux White

    Trois Mouline. Bordeaux Blanc.

    A fresh and lively Sauvignon Blanc, with

    gooseberry nose.

    Chateau Mirambeau. Bordeaux Blanc.

    A fresh and lively wine made with Semillon,

    Sauvignon and Muscadelle.

    Bordeaux Red

    Chateau Malbat. Bordeaux.

    Fruity, smooth red. Ideal for young drinking.

    Chateau Cru Cantemerle. Superieur.

    Warm, jammy fruit flavours. Toasted oak.

    Chateau d'Argadens. Superieur.

    Robust and soft fruited with concentration

    and balance.

    Chateau Laclaverie. Francs. Soft, mature

    fruit, with an attractive spicy character

    Chateau Semonlon. Haut-Medoc

    Lovely soft Merlot, ripe tannins, red berries.

    Chateau Haut Lariveau. Fronsac.

    Pure merlot. A juicy, soft wine with new oak.

  • 2014 30.00

    2014 38.50

    2012 45.00

    2014 24.50

    2013 36.00

    2014 47.00

    2014 42.50



    Chateau Chassantour. Beaujolais Villages.

    M Perroud.

    Chocolatey with raspberry and cranberry.

    Fleurie. Domaine de la Viroylette.

    Abundant, attractive wild strawberry fr