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  • Bankruptcy Software Specialists

    CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY SEMINAR 28th Annual * Memphis, Tennessee * May 21 23, 2012

    It is quite hard to believe that it has

    been a full year since we last saw you.

    VIVA LAS VEGAS! - We must say that during

    that year you have ALWAYS BEEN ON

    OUR MIND. We welcome you to Memphis,

    Tennessee as we get ready to JAILHOUSE

    ROCK with the 28th

    Annual Chapter 13

    Bankruptcy Seminar.

    BSS is ready, The Peabody Hotel is

    ready, The Rendezvous is ready, and Sylvia

    Brown and George Stevenson, our host

    trustees, are ready. We were all born ready!

    This seminar is sure to invigorate you in both

    a mental and physical fashion. By the time

    we are through, WE JUST CANT HELP

    BELIEVIN that this time will be the best

    educational experience of your life.

    We will kick-off with our general

    TNG V8 overview, and from that point,

    individual workshops galore are sure to leave

    you ALL SHOOK UP! However, never fret,

    for just as we work hard, we network hard.

    We realize workshops are times for A


    networking events and coffee breaks provide

    that time to relax and converse a bit do we

    ever stop talking about flow, filing, and


    Memphis is a city of Bs Beauty, Beale Street, Blues,

    B.B. King, Barbecue, Bears and BSS! Most

    importantly Bankruptcy Conference Attendees!




    The Peabody Hotel

  • Hi Yall! A very

    warm and sincere

    welcome to each and

    every single one of

    you, to this, our 28th

    Annual CH13

    Bankruptcy Seminar!

    Lets get ready to



    TNG V8 Revision Overview

    What Gets Measured Gets Done

    STACSCurrent Security Topics

    National Data Center Current State

    TNG V8 Advanced Document Routing

    TNG Knowledge Bowl 2012

    TNG V8 On Tablets: Holding TNG In Your Hands

    Extending TNG

    The New User Task Calendar and Workflow

    TNG Emailing Options

    TNG Auto Filing Docs With Court

    TNG Advanced Crystal Reports

    Advanced Case Worksheet Techniques

    Making the Most of Document Form Types

    Court Download Flow

    Court Download Troubleshooting

    TNG V8 Matter Calendar Enhancements

    TNG Parameters

    TNG V8 Other Features

    TNG Scheduled Tasks

    Server Migration

    TNG V8 Financial Features

    Red Flags & Real Life

    With the arrival of the Bankruptcy Conference Attendees, there is so

    much excitement that if you were at a sporting event you would

    anticipate Gary Glitters Rock and Roll Anthem to start playing.

    That excitement will continue throughout, as we focus on the fabulous

    workshop offerings. However, on Monday evening, we welcome you

    with the ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT Welcome Reception. On

    Tuesday, the Trustees will have lunch at Flight Restaurant. Then,

    have any of you ever been to Memphis and not had a taste of

    barbecue? It would be a travesty, so we simply cannot allow that to

    happen; if we even thought about it, people would say DONT BE

    CRUEL. Join us for the ITS NOW OR NEVER Dinner at The


    All of the workshops are outstanding. The Seminar Content

    Committee has once again developed a diverse educational

    curriculum that should be appealing to all the attendees. The

    following pages will provide a glimpse of the seminar program,

    including the agenda and workshop descriptions. Please check our

    website as the seminar nears, or follow us on Twitter @BSSMarty, for

    updates. We encourage you to make your reservations at The

    Peabody, to return your registration form, to make your travel

    arrangements, and to get ready for an extraordinary conference.

    Please examine the information sheet to learn about all the things to

    do in Memphis, as well as some of our traditional housekeeping

    comments. We do not have many rules in fact, there is just one big

    rule TOTAL HAPPINESS - for you to create as many MEMORIES

    as possible!

    We anxiously await May, 2012!

    We are ready for your arrival!

    Lets rock!

    Lets roll!

    Lets re-acquaint!

    Safe travels!

    Warm greetings from Memphis!

    Host Trustees:

    Sylvia Brown

    George Stevenson



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    GREETINGS! We wanted to express how excited we are that you are attending

    this year's conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The seminar content committee

    has put together an excellent educational program, and we feel we will be providing

    an appropriate level of business networking events to complement those working

    sessions. Our host Trustees, Sylvia Brown and George Stevenson, and their entire

    office staffs are all eagerly awaiting your arrival as we celebrate 28 years of

    conferences. Thank you for attending!

    EARLY REGISTRATION will be on Sunday, May 20th in the Bert Parker Room from

    6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

    THE SEMINAR WEBSITE is operational and will serve as host to meeting

    materials and information.

    SEMINAR MATERIALS are being posted, as available, to the 13software website

    for your access and review. Please note that printed material, including attendee

    lists, will not be available at the conference. Only an agenda will be available in

    printed form at the conference.

    Reference the site by accessing Seminar 2012 tab -

    The login is docuser

    The password is trustee13

    The trustee is guest user

    Enter code

    THE RED FLAG & REAL LIFE WORKSHOP requires trustee authorization. If you

    intend to attend, you will need trustee authorization in order to attend, and to

    receive any available documentation. Please send email authorization to Confirmation and material will be emailed.

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    TNG KNOWLEDGE BOWL 2012 is an action packed, innovative, exciting, team-

    building exercise. Adrienne Starke and Alvin Bell will serve as the Trivia Masters

    of Ceremonies as we invite you to be a contestant in this years knowledge bowl.

    Please examine the workshop description. If you dont feel ready for the prime

    time, then you can still be a valuable audience participant. If you want to be a

    player though, then please express your interest to



    DRESS for the seminar is casual.

    WEATHER in Memphis, Tennessee will range in May, with average lows around 55

    to 60, and average highs around 75 to 80. It is suggested to check the forecast

    for zip code 38103 before packing.

    AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION: Assuming one is flying into Memphis, taxi is the

    most ideal transportation method, and should cost approximately $30.00 to $35.00

    one-way. Please always check prices first as these are just estimates. For those

    driving, the hotel offers self parking at $18.00 per day, and $24.00 per day for

    valet parking. Please, always check the quoted rates, as rates change.

    TELEPHONE RATES: Please review hotel room telephone rates and policies, as

    established by the hotel before making any calls from your hotel room, so as to not

    incur any unexpected telephone charges. Also please review any hotel Internet

    access policies as well. Any questions please consult the hotel front desk.

    Sign up

    early! Sign

    up now!

    Get ready

    to play!

    Sign up early!

    Sign up now!

    Get ready to


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    INTERNET ACCESS: Please review the hotels Internet access policies and rates

    prior to use; however, we are advised that the Hotel Services Fee entitles all

    guests to wireless internet access in guest rooms. Any questions please consult the

    hotel front desk, as polices can change.

    MEETING SPACE AND ELEVATORS: Please consult your agenda for session and

    event locations, or ask a BSS employee for assistance. As always, with a group of

    this size, we appreciate in advance your patience with elevators and meeting space.

    NAME TAGS: Please wear your name tag at all times during conference events,

    including workshops, meals, and breaks. There may be multiple conferences taking

    place, and thus, we stress the importance of wearing that name tag. It will be very

    important to wear your name tag to the ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT Welcome

    Reception at The Peabody, and to the ITS NOW OR NEVER Dinner at The Rendezvous. It will be necessary for admittance no exceptions.

    NETWORKING EVENTS: All agenda events are located in The Peabody Hotel, with

    the following exceptions: the ITS NOW OR NEVER Dinner at The Rendezvous is directly across the street from the hotel; the Trustee Luncheon at Flight

    Restaurant is a short walk from the hotel.

    TRUSTEE LUNCHEON: The Trustee Lunch is at Flight Restaurant, a short walk

    from The Peabody Hotel up to 39 S. Main Street. []

    ITS NOW OR NEVER DINNER at The Rendezvous is directly across the street from the hotel. [