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Documents required to evaluate a debtor for bankruptcy case. If you are considering bankruptcy you will need to provide these documents to a qualified bankruptcy attorney for review.


<ul><li><p>BANKRUPTCY DOCUMENT LIST (NEEDED FROM CLIENTS) </p><p>CREDIT COUNSELING COURSE- MUST TAKE BEFORE BK IS FILED- WE WILL </p><p>ORDER AND PROVIDE CLIENT INSTRUCTIONS TO TAKE THE COURSE </p><p>PAY-STUBS prior 60 days (All employers Husband and Wife) </p><p>TAX RETURNS (PRIOR 2 YEARS) PERSONAL AND BUSINESS (IF APPLICABLE) </p><p>BANK ACCOUNT STATEMENTS ( ALL accounts prior 6 MONTHS all pages/both </p><p>sides) </p><p>LEASE AGREEMENTS (Housing, Automobiles etc._ ) </p><p>VEHILCE FINANCE / LEASE STATEMENTS </p><p>MORTGAGE STATEMENTS (most recent) </p><p>CREDITORS STATEMENTS ($BILLS$) (Every Person/Entity you owe money to) </p><p>UTILITY BILLS - 1 MONTH - Electric, Oil/Gas, Water/Sewer, Cable, Phone Home and </p><p>Cell </p><p>Copy of Deed(s) </p><p>Vehicle title(s) </p><p>Copy of Social Security Card and Picture ID </p><p>INSURANCE POLICIES </p><p>STATEMENTS (OTHER) </p><p>Disability Benefits, </p><p>Workers Compensation Unemployment Statements, </p><p>Death Survivor, </p><p>SSI, Social Security award letter, </p><p>Child Support, </p><p>Annuities </p><p>Insurance Policies </p><p>Pension Plans, </p><p>IRA, </p><p>Dividends / Royalties Child Support </p></li></ul>


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