Baltic Amber Jewelry – sunshine in a stone

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high quality, and affordable jewelry for every age group. Our collection includes fashion jewelry and gemstones that range from imported amber, authentic turquoise, sterling silver, and gold to cubic zirconia, crystal, and more. We have also added high quality jeweled trinket and jewelry boxes to our collection. Our goal is to deliver our customers with the highest quality modern jewelry designs which are uniquely designed with amber, turquoise stones at affordable prices


Baltic Amber Jewelry sunshine in a stone

Did you know that the amber stone actually contains purity, energy as well as a lot of beauty in it? You should know that amber is one stone that has a lot of memories inside it, as it has been in the process of formation as a patch of resin from a pine tree to the actual amber stone. No wonder, it is considered to be so beautiful and pure. It has been high in popularity as well as in demand for the last hundreds of years. Even in the past, amber was considered to be a beautiful gem stone, and even today Amber Jewelry is meant to be a beautiful keepsake full of memories.

Health and well being of the Baltic Amber

You should know that throughout history Baltic amber was considered to be a stone that was meant for treating illness and it was considered to be a happy stone. It was used for good luck and to bring in goodness. Back in the old days, wearing any form of amber in their body was considered to protect them against a heart attack or a stroke. People said that rubbing the stone on a place where a snake had bitten them was supposed to make the wound better and draw out the poison. They said that Amber Jewelryas such considered magical powers that were unearthly. Today you will find that Baltic Amber Jewelry is considered to be a good idea when it comes to healing wounds and in rejuvenating. Amber has plenty of rejuvenating and therapeutic features that are sure to benefit one and all, especially Baltic amber. It is said to bring about a positive change in your mood, your health and also give relief to pain. The sweet scent of amber when it is burnt is also a great factor when it comes to aroma. Since it is basically resin, it is a stone that burns and gives off a heavenly scent when burnt. Some say that the Baltic amber is also a stone that gives you plenty of resistance against harmful radiation against cell phones and microwave ovens, etc.

Usually Silver Jewelry and amber go well together, and they are considered to be a fine combination. You can find them at any leading jewelry store or in websites on the web


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