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MyRightBuy gives tips for Balcony and Terrace Gardening also offers seeds for Organic Vegetables and fertilizers for balcony gardening.


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  • Balcony Garden IdeasIf you live in a building without its own garden, establishing a roof or balcony garden is the ideal way to create your own mini horticultural haven, ensuring you dont miss out on growing a wide range of plants.Quick facts:Suitable forMany trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials, alpines and spring-flowering bulbs TimingSpring or autumn DifficultyModerate

  • Design and constructionUse an architect specialising in roof garden design for complex projectsHeavy containers should be placed near load-bearing walls or over a load-bearing beam or joist as these can take more weight than unsupported areasModifications to roof supports can be made if the structural survey shows that support is insufficientErecting a false floor is a common method, where the roof surface is partly or completely suspended above the existing roof, directing weight onto surrounding walls

  • Local environmental conditionsThe main limitations of roof gardens and balconies are strong winds and sunshine. Take advantage of any existing protection, such as walls or fences that provide shelter and shadeIf erecting trellis or screens, ensure that any fixings are well-supportedSolid walls can pose problems with turbulence on the leeward side so, if a choice is available, use slatted or mesh screens that simply filter the wind, creating a microclimate for the plants withinBalconies also often have the additional problem of an overhang from the property above, which prevents rainfall from reaching the containerised plants

  • Compost and containersContainers will dry out rapidly in windy, hot weather so make sure they are a good width and depth. This will also accommodate plant roots and allow for further growthIf using small containers, non-porous materials are better than terracotta as they reduce potential moisture-lossEnsure the container is lightweight and has ample drainage holes in the baseSome companies, such as MyRightBuy, offer a range ofSeeds Organic Vegetables Online Chennaisuitable for roof gardeningA soil-based compost is better for its water-holding capacity than a peat-substitute mix, but will be heavier

  • MaintenanceContainerised plants will needwateringall year round, except in freezing conditionsIn summer, plants often need watering twice a day, and leaf scorching may occur even if plants are well-wateredContainers should be raised off the ground so that their roots dont get waterloggedInstall an irrigation system where cost effective, ensuring excess runoff flows to a drainpipe outletHand-watering is more accurate, but time consumingFeed plants regularly. Controlled-releasefertiliserused in the compost is the easiest solution