Baden-Powell Guild of Great ??, as instructed by Baden-Powell, and as well as supporting scouting and guiding, carried the spirit of scouting into the communities in which we live and

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  • Baden-Powell Guild

    of Great Britain

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    Patron: Hon Wendy Baden Powell (Granddaughter of B-P)

    National Committee

    President: Alec Fraser

    Chairman: David Harbach

    Acting Vice Chairman: Adrian McDowell

    Secretary: Allan Page

    Treasurer: Peter Skilton

    Magazine Editor: Pat Parks

    Branch Secretaries

    Bebington, Wirral Katherine Bailey

    Henfield, W Sussex Derek Gardner

    Malvern, Worcestershire Sue Page

    Stourbridge & District, W Midlands David Harbach

    Tiviot Dale, Cheshire Marian Parker

    Central Branch Allan Page

    Dorking District Fellowship BP Guild Brian Chessman


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    Editorial It is with great sadness that we have lost two more highly respected and hardworking Guildsmen: Ray Bailey from Bebington Branch and Lew Nash from Malvern Branch. Lews life in scouting was featured in the Spring edition and Allan Page writes a tribute to Ray in this issue.

    Malvern Branch enjoyed a lovely day out at the National Memorial Arboretum with the specific aim of seeing the new Scout Memorial. This is a superb sculpture with sleeping scouts around a campfire under the watchful eye of the Scout Master. The Scouts include boys and girls and show the ethnic diversity of the Scouting Movement. The campfire has been designed to wave in a breeze representing flickering flames.

    Pat Parks

    Presidents Message I am delighted to have become your President and I hope I can serve you as well as those that have gone before me.

    I am delighted that I have taken up this post at a time when the Guild, after 39 years, is moving forward. Over the last 10 years we have seen the expansion of the Guild, from being an organisation based just in the UK, into an organisation that is part of the worldwide movement for adult scouts and guides, the International Scout and Guide Fellowship. Our organisation has always, looked wider, as instructed by Baden-Powell, and as well as supporting scouting and guiding, carried the spirit of scouting into the communities in which we live and work in Great Britain. For the last 10 years we have been able to encompass the whole world in our outlook and I am really proud of the way in which our members have engaged in ISGF and other International Projects.

    I would especially like to give thanks to those who taken our organisation forward into the technological age with the digital printing of our magazine and our presence on the World Wide Web.

    Alec Fraser


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    Called to Higher Service. Raymond Charles Bailey

    19th October 1938- 28th April 2016.

    A service of thanksgiving for the life of Ray Bailey was held at the Landican Crematorium Centre Chapel on Monday 23rd May 2016.

    Ray's Scouting in the early years was lead mainly by former servicemen and very much in Baden Powell style and he very much admired this great man.

    Below are a few quotes of Baden Powell's which Ray applied to his Scouting, his work in the Cathedral and throughout his life:

    Try to leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best.

    No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way.

    I first met Ray and his wife Kathie through Bebington Guild some 30 years ago. Over the years Sue and I became great friends with Ray and Kathie and during this time Ray had been Chairman of Bebington Guild and with his branch members successfully organised and hosted 2 National AGM's.

    Ray was an active member organising many events that his branch were involved in.

    Ray was very much involved in voluntary work with Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and on one occasion gave a guided tour of the Cathedral to a party of Guild members while in Bebington at an AGM.

    Ray was a GOOD GUILD FRIEND and will be sadly missed by many who knew him in our organisation.


    Allan Page, National Secretary

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    Malvern Branch News Members organised and ran the Lost Property and Lost Children's office during the action packed Countrytastic held at the 3 Counties Show Ground on Thursday 31 March. The day's event for children gave them the chance to get close up with a whole host of animals. 5 children were reported missing during the day, but we are happy to say these children were found and safely returned to their mums. 7,000 children attended.

    During the day Adam Henson from the BBC series Countryfile signed his books. Guild member Yvonne Jones obtained a signed copy of Adams book. See photo on right.

    Explorer Scouts gave a talk to pensioners at their Sunday afternoon tea laid on by members of the Guild on Sunday 3rd April.

    Anna on the left gave a talk about her trip to the World Jamboree in Japan.


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    Helping Scouting June 22nd. Branch Chairman Sue Page presented a cheque from the Guild for 220.00 to Adrian Ward, District Explorer Scout Unit to purchase a camping fridge for use at District Camping events by the Tigger Explorer unit.

    Malvern Branch actively supports the Malvern Scouting District.

    Branch members also provided refreshments for the district AGM which was held on the same day.

    National Memorial Arboretum Members of Malvern paid a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 10th July to see the new Scout memorial. The weather was sunny and warm.

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    Trefoil Guild UK During a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum I came across the Trefoil Commemorative Stone.

    The Trefoil Guild was formed in 1943 and is part of the Guide Association.

    During the Second World War Guides helped with the war. Funds were raised by the Guide Association to provide air ambulances, motor ambulances, mobile canteens and a life boat.

    The Trefoil Hut in Iceland was furnished and equipped for the Merchant Navy.

    Four Guide International Service Teams were funded and trained by the Guides and Brownies of the Commonwealth to bring relief to the civilian population of occupied countries as soon as hostilities ceased.

    This commemorative stone was commissioned with funds raised by Trefoil Guild Members, some of whom served in the GIS.

    National Secretary

    Guild Replaces Scout Plaque

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    Welcome New Members

    Julie Eyles: Streetly, Sutton Coldfield

    Robert Nicol: Livingston, West Lothian

    On my travels

    During my frequent visits to Shrewsbury along the A49 I pass through Dorrington and can't but notice the name of the village butchers shop.

    Picture taken by Allan.

    Not for the faint hearted

    Cycle Training.

    Guild member Dave Parker from the High Peak District seen here receiving cycle training for the Penny Farthing cycle. The problem was that Dave had a problem trying to reach and sit on the seat.

    "Keep trying Dave"

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    A Day on Brownsea Island Brownsea Island is probably known to most people, even those not closely associated with Scouting, as the location of Robert Baden-Powells first Scout camp in 1907. Today, the island in Poole Harbour is owned by the National Trust. Small areas are leased to other organisations: one example being the John Lewis Partnership that has holiday accommodation in a castle on the island (above) for staff members. The northern part of the island is managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust and is not open to the public.

    In June this year we took the 10-minute ferry trip from Sandbanks across to Brownsea. Even on this short boat trip it is easy to appreciate why some of the impressive, Sandbanks shore-line properties fetch the highest prices in UK outside of London. On landing, tourists are directed through the National Trust tills non-members pay 6.30 and are encouraged to follow a number of clearly marked routes around some or all of the island. Greeting visitors at the start of your walk is a bust of Lord Baden-Powell (left). Following the longest route around the perimeter of the island would result

    in a walk of approximately 3 miles but there are plenty of resting places and also shorter routes to follow. Other than short paths down to the shore-line, the island is pretty flat and well suited to walking.

    We opted to head for the far end of the island from the landing stage. This included a stop at the Brownsea Island Trading Post located near to the site of Baden-Powells first experimental camp for 20 boys. A modern Scout Stone commemorates the occasion. The National Trust continue the theme of encouraging outdoor activity with many child-friendly activities, including den-building, throughout the year and there

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    are Scout and Guide camps held on the island throughout the summer and autumn.

    As well as the Scouting connections, the island is also known as a wildlife habitat. It is one of the few places in England where red squirrels can be found. We were particularly lucky to see a couple scampering around us when sitting in the sun outside the Trading Post but later in our visit, we must have had around a dozen racing past our feet, dashing up the trees and even obligingly posing for photographs. Presumably, they have no natural predators on the island and are

    clearly accustomed to human contact. Also, in abundance on the island and again well accustomed to humans,


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