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Back to School night 2013. Honors Science Ben Mangrum Room 410, 406 (253) 566-5710 ext. 2484. Back to School night. Tonight’s agenda: Class overview (schedule for semesters 1 and 2, grades) Tips for Student Success Online grades, Teacher Website Questions? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back to School night 2013Honors ScienceBen MangrumRoom 410, 566-5710 ext. 2484

Back to School nightTonights agenda:Class overview (schedule for semesters 1 and 2, grades)Tips for Student SuccessOnline grades, Teacher WebsiteQuestions?*If you would like email updates but did not provide an email address on the parent contract sheet, please write your email address down and give to me after we are done.Back to School nightObjectives:Parents will be familiar with course outlineParents will understand how to locate online grades and staff web pagesParents will know how to encourage and or motivate their students with science-related concerns

Back to School nightClass overview:Part I: ChemistryReview of chemistry concepts from last year--Ionic Compounds--Covalent Compounds--Chemical Reactions--Molar Mass ConversionsBack to School nightPart I: ChemistryStoichiometry (lots of calculations)States of Matter, Gas LawsAcids/Bases, Redox Reactions

Back to School nightPart II: Biology(hopefully will start in late November)Biological MoleculesEcology(end of 1st semester?)

Back to School nightPart II: BiologyCellular Structure, FunctionPhotosynthesis, Cell RespirationCell DivisionDNA, RNAGeneticsEvolution

Back to School night*One time constraint is the End-of-Course Biology Exam in early June*If time allows, we may cover some physics concepts that were not covered last year (Rotation, Energy, Momentum, Waves, etc)Back to School nightGrades: Homework10%Labs25%Quizzes15%Tests50%Back to School nightTips for Student SuccessAsk questions!Practice!Keep quizzes and tests to studyStay on top of classworkOnline resources (link from my webpage)Back to School nightOnline GradesVisit UPSD website:www.upsd.wednet.eduFind Student Grades link under Parent/Student Resources tabEnter in username and passwordmailed to you, ask main office if you dont have it.Back to School nightTeacher Website:On CHS webpage, open Staff Pages, and then find my name (Mangrum, Ben)Includes class syllabus, updated daily class agenda, notes from lectures, and links to helpful websites