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Sync Sync Sync Sync Sync Sync Peter Kellner Peter Kellner http://peterkellner.net http://peterkellner.net Azure Meetup January Azure Meetup January 22 22 th th , 2013 , 2013

Azure Sync, Desktop Sync, Mobile Sync Oh My

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http://www.bayazure.org/events/97585082/ Microsoft Office 1/22/2013

Text of Azure Sync, Desktop Sync, Mobile Sync Oh My

Session Title

Sync Sync SyncPeter Kellnerhttp://peterkellner.net

Azure Meetup January 22th, 2013

What We Plan On Talking About

What is Sync?Microsoft Sync Projects Over the yearsMicrosoft Sync FrameWork ( SqlServer)Deeper Dive Into MS Sync FrameworkAzure Mobile Services (no sync)Azure Mobile Services (Gen-X)Open Discussion

What is SyncSimply, Making two things the sames

Worry PointsConsistencyPerformance

Microsoft Sync Products

Live Mesh (no cloud)Live Windows Sync (5GB Cloud,RDP)(Both similar, keep directories in Sync)Live Mesh + Live Windows Sync = Live SyncLive Mesh SyncSkyDrive!!!

Windows Live Sync (Cloud based)Grid

Sync Cloud CompetitorsBoxDropBoxCarboniteMozySugarSyncCrashPlanS3,Azure Storage,etc.

Microsoft Sync FrameworkSyncToy V1, V2Sync Framework V1 V2 V4Beta EndBuild in ProvidersSqlServerAzureFileSystemBuilding Your Own Providers, Simple versus Full

Sync Framework TechnologyBorn in Microsoft LabsProblem it Solves (pre internet)

Sync Framework WorriesConflict ResolutionDeleted Records (tombstones)MetaData (small fast db)Not Time dependentLocksTry Again ScenariosAvoiding Race Conditions

Sync Framework Flow

Sync and Us Building MS AppsSqlServer Change ManagementDoing Our Own thingUsing Sync Framework Built In ProvidersUsing Sync Framework Own Own ProvidersWhats next?Third Party Sync Tools?

Azure Mobile ServicesSimple Todo app With IOSBig Plans, Just Talk for meGuessing What Is AheadStrategy To Build it Properly

MonoTouchMWC and SVCC SqlLite


How MWC / SVCC Mobile App WorksSqlLiteInitial LoadLots of Tables

How to Improve SVCCSync

Improved SyncObservable Collection (No Database)Persist Observable CollectionSync Observable CollectionBenefits of Skipping Database

Summary SlideSync LandscapeMicrosoft Sync Products (API and Cloud)Mobile Sync Services (Microsoft)Device Integration StrategiesMonoTouch and IOS


My Background AND Open Discussion Time

Peter KellnerSilicon Valley Code Camp Guy2007-2013 MVP, ASP.NETDevelopment including publishing 4 MSDN Articles on ASP.NET 2.0Organized Silicon Valley Code Camps 7X! (going on 8)Complete Custom Insurance Co. Management s/w to run $200M business.1986 2001 President Tufden Inc. Built and Delivered: 500 doctor office turnkey computer systems; University Clinic Scheduling System; . Cornell University BS,MS Engineering