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AWS Mobile Hub - Amazon Web · AWS Mobile Hub auto -provisions mobile services AWS Mobile Hub AWS Identity and Access

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  • 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved.

    Daniel Geske, Solutions Architect

    31 May 2017

    AWS Mobile HubBuild, Test, and Monitor Your Mobile Apps

  • What to Expect from the Session

    AWS Mobile Hub Background

    Feature Overview



  • The best mobile apps are built on AWS

  • Mobile growing in all directions

    Published mobile apps continue to grow

    As mobile platforms expand to new domains




    *Source: Vision Mobile










    2011 2012 2013 2014

    Published Apps in App Stores ('000s)*

    iOS App Store Google Play

  • Apps are also getting more complex

    From basic client apps To cloud-connected apps

    Sign-in/SocialPush notifications

    Usage analytics

    Cloud storage

    Crash analytics


    Attributionanalytics Config management

    Custom back ends

  • AWS has what I need

  • AWS has what I need, but where do I start?

    Which services should I use? How do I connect them?

    Identity provider SDKs+



    Login screen & integration code+


  • AWS Mobile Hub

    AWSMobile Hub

  • AWS Mobile Hub auto-provisions mobile services

    AWSMobile Hub

    AWS Identity and Access Management

    Amazon CloudFront



    Amazon API Gateway*

    AWSDevice Farm

    Amazon Lex



    Amazon Pinpoint


  • AWS Mobile Hub

  • Create a project and add features

  • User Sign-in

    Configure how your users sign in: No sign-in, optional, or mandatory

    Configure sign-in providers: Facebook, Google Your own system

    Adds a sign-in screen to your Quickstart app

    Powered by Amazon Cognito Identity

  • NoSQL Database

    Add database capabilities Insert and remove sample data Perform and see the results of NoSQL

    operations on tables

    Powered by Amazon DynamoDB

  • Cloud LogicRun back-end code in the cloud

    Share functions across apps Update on the fly without app


    Call directly from your mobile app You define inputs/outputs

    Write in Java, Javascript, Python, or C#

    You write code, we manage infrastructure

    Powered by AWS Lambda

  • User Data Storage

    Store user files such as photos User-only access or all-user access

    Store user profile data Key-value pairs Syncs across devices where user signed


    Quickstart app Includes usage examples Contains file browser and color selector

    Powered by Amazon S3 and Amazon Cognito Sync

  • Conversational Bots

    Use natural language voice and text understanding

    Choose a sample Book a trip Order flowers Make appointment

    Powered by Amazon Lex

  • User Engagement

    Gather data to understand your app users' behavior

    Create targeted push notification campaigns

    Improve app user engagement

    Powered by Amazon Pinpoint

  • Push Notifications

    Send push notifications to your apps

    iOS or Android 1:1 or topic/subscription based

    Quickstart app demonstrates features

    Enable/disable notifications Auto-registers push tokens with SNS Lets you select topic subscriptions

    Powered by Amazon SNS

  • Hosting and Streaming

    Store application assets in the cloud Example: Resource files or media assets

    Use a CDN for faster delivery (optional)Stream your media

    Quickstart app includes on-device cache logic

    Set max cache size Pin specific files to the cache

    Powered by Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront

  • Connectors

    Connect to your SaaS platform HubSpot, Marketo, Microsoft

    Dynamics, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Zendesk

    Quickstart app includes User to log in to SaaS provider Perform authorization flow Create, read, update, and delete

    objects (accounts, tickets, or contacts, etc.)

    Powered byAmazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

  • Download your starter app & start coding

  • Testing apps with Amazon Device Farm

  • AWS Mobile Hub Demo

  • AWS Mobile Hub is a free serviceYou pay for the services you use (e.g. S3)

  • Key Takeaways

    Dont Re-invent the WheelUse Mobile Hub to see how the SDKs workIncorporate Mobile Hub generated code into your project or add in SDKs

    Take advantage of free and inexpensive solutions with minimum investmentTest your app with Device Farm across many devices

    Invest your company time building differentiating features for your business

  • Try it today, it only takes minutes

    Daniel Geske