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  • Indias leading comprehensive online platform for entrepreneursAwards Program27th April, 2013Awesome Startup WorkplacesAwards - 2013
  • About the Initiative The 1st ever employer of choice awards programfor startups Based on employee opinions captured through aconfidential online survey Open to startups from across sectors Eligibility criteria: Startups established in 2006 or later At least 15 full time employees as on 31st March, 2013
  • ProcessSelf nomination by companiesOnline pledge of fair-play byCEO/ FounderSurvey link sent to companies toshare with employeesEmployees respond toconfidential surveyTabulation of results
  • Questionnaire & MethodologyAutonomy & FlexibilityCollaborationCo-workersCultureFairness and EmpathyInformation SharingInnovationLeadershipNature of WorkPay & RecognitionVision-Mission Alignment11 Parameters with 2statements for each:To what extent doyou agree with thestatement as itapplies to yourcurrent companyHow important isthis for you as astartup employeeAnalyzed on 2dimensionsSatisfactionImportanceI understand why my company exists and am fully aware of our business goalsI understand how my work contributes to achieving these goalsWeightage of eachparameterdetermined byanalysing allresponses acrosscompaniesWeighted averageof satisfactionscores calculatedfor each company
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesAurus Network is a cloud based platform for delivering liveand on-demand, rich media based online/distanceeducation/training programs.Founded in: 2010Location(s): Bangalore
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesBlazeClan Technologies delivers scalable, reliable and cost-effective Cloud solutions to enterprises, helping them tobuild and deliver concepts to market fasterFounded in: 2010Location(s): Pune
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesCloudByte is a software-defined storage company thatoffers guaranteed quality of service (QoS) to everyapplication from a shared storage platform.Founded in: 2011Location(s): Bangalore, CampBell (CA, USA)
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesDeep Red Ink provides consulting & business solutions forusing the power of relationships to create powerfulbusiness resultsFounded in: 2010Location(s): Hyderabad
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesDexetra Software Solutions focussed on building mobilefirst products at the intersection of cloud and machineintelligenceFounded in: 2010Location(s): Bangalore
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesDogSpot is an online destination for all pet lovers. Its asocial network with integrated ecommerce platform.Founded in: 2011Location(s): Gurgaon
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesDruva Software is a product company committed topioneering path breaking technologies in the areas ofContinuous end point Data Protection & Disaster RecoveryFounded in: 2010Location(s): Pune, London (UK), Mountain View (CA, USA)
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesHelpshift is a customer service helpdesk that is redefininghow companies handle customer service on mobile.Founded in: 2011Location(s): Pune, San Francisco (CA, USA)
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesInterviewstreet has an enterprise product to helpcompanies screen programmers using coding challenges.Their B2c product, hackerrank is an online community ofhackers in different domains of Computer ScienceFounded in: 2011Location(s): Bangalore, Mountain View (CA, USA)
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup is Indias leading travel planning & searchwebsiteFounded in: 2007Location(s): Gurgaon
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesMoolya offers the worlds first exploratory testing andcontext driven testing servicesFounded in: 2010Location(s): Bangalore
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesPayU India is Indias fastest growing online paymentscompany, serving more than 4,000 online businessesFounded in: 2011Location(s): Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesPlivo Communications is a Cloud Telephony Platform whichenables Enterprises and Developers to build powerful Voiceand SMS applications across the globe.Founded in: 2010Location(s): Bangalore, San Francisco (CA, USA)
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesRedQuanta is South-East Asias leading and fastestgrowing, Mystery Audit Service ProviderFounded in: 2009Location(s): Mumbai
  • Results Top 15 AwesomeStartup WorkplacesRolocule Games is a game development and researchstudio that creates easy to play - console quality games andtechnologies.Founded in: 2010Location(s): Pune
  • And the Awesomest of theAwesome areWinner1st Runner Up2nd Runner Up