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Aviat LINK 7.7.15/TheLinkSummer2015Web.pdf · PDF fileLINK Mount Aviat Academy • Childs, Maryland • Summer 2015. Aviat. The . Congratulations Class of 2015 “The Oblate Sisters

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  • Mount Aviat Academy C h i l d s , M a r y l a n d S u m m e r 2 0 1 5LINKThe Aviat

    Congratulations Class of 2015

    The Oblate Sisters have given us an amazing Blue Ribbon education that has helped us and will continue to help us through the years.

    -Jacqueline Camponelli and Jessica Kraus

    Mount Aviat has nurtured my faith and provided experiences and memories to last a lifetime.-Sophia McAneny-Droz

    Id like to thank the staff for not only teaching us about quadratics, MLA format, or about our faith, but for teaching us about ourselves and who we might want to be. For that I am forever grateful.

    -Lauren Mottel

    I would like to thank my classmates for lots of unforgettable memories and all of my teachers for helping me evolve and mature as an individual. After attending MAA, we could not be more prepared to start this next chapter in our lives.

    -Zehra Mahmud

    Jade Ashley Baltazar, Jacqueline Norris Camponelli, Katelynn Marie Cherneski, Kristi Nicole Cox, Erin Patricia Desmond, Matthew Steven Dymowski,Luca Francesco Facchine, Gabriella Barbara Hartman, Justin Carl Hollenbaugh, Jessica Lauren Kraus, Zehra Batool Mahmud,

    Sophia Margueritte McAneny-Droz, Rachel Lynn Miriello, Lauren Grace Mottel, Emma Elizabeth Okoniewski, Cade Michael Patterson, Bailey Hannora Racine, Connor Patrick Rhoades, Hunter Alexander Rzaca, Ethan Steele Trainer, Olive Afua Twum-Danso, Daniel James Venters

    Around her grassy mount, our Alma Mater seesThe valleys low, the woods beyond, the hill of willow treesThe grottos ivied arch known to the singing breeze.Mount Aviat, Mount Aviat, we sing of you today.

    Youve taught us how to live, in study, work, and play,Receiving from the hands of God the happenings of each day.Now may we form one heart, united may we stay.Mount Aviat, Mount Aviat, we sing of you today.

    With voices filled with joy, we sing of our school days,Of hopes, and dreams, and memories,our Alma Maters praise.Her kind Salesian care hasopened wisdoms ways.Mount Aviat, Mount Aviat,we sing of you today.

  • From the PrinciPals Desk:

    As I reflect on this past school year, I feel a profound gratefulness for Gods blessings on Mount Aviat Academy. It still feels so wonderful to share that Mount Aviat Academy is a 2014 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence! I know our staff and our students will always remember this school year with fondness, too. Their response to receiving this recognition is also

    something Im especially proud ofstaff planned and students supported through their own contributions a morning of service to give back to the community. While academic excellence is important, we are also learning to live Jesus and be who we are and be that well.

    It is not just the achievements that I am grateful for but also the people. Those individuals who make up the Mount Aviat community love and care for our school in truly remarkable ways. Id like to pay special recognition to two longtime volunteers. First, Id like to thank Mr. Harry Hammond, who has served as the Chair on the Board of Trustees and was the vision behind the Aviat Foundation to ensure Mount Aviats future, just to name a few of his accomplishments. Second, Id like to thank Mr. Larry Ertle, who established our Athletic Association and touched hundreds of students lives through his very successful volleyball program. In April, Mr. Hammond received the St. John Bosco Diocesan Award for Outstanding Contributions to Youth in Catholic school and Mr. Ertle received the Companions on the Journey National Award for

    Outstanding Contributions in Youth Ministry. You both will long be remembered at Mount Aviat and we thank you for your years of service. We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their contributions to Mount Aviat.

    Have a safe and happy summer, and we look forward to another wonderful school year in the Fall!

    Yours in Christ,

    Sister John Elizabeth Callaghan, OSFS

    Mount Aviat Academy

    399 Childs Road, Childs, MD 21916410.398.2206 (main)877.398.8063 (fax)

    BOARD OF TRUSTEESEric Palm, Chairman

    Harry E. Hammond, Vice ChairmanCarl Danberg, Chair of Long Range Planning Committee

    Brenda Hendron, Chair of Endowment CommitteeMartin McDonough, Chair of Finance Committee

    Marie Classen, Education CommitteeAnthony Farina, Communications

    Bridget Landis, SecretaryDerrick Lowe, Buildings and GroundsMark Manniso, Finance Committee

    Mary Ellen Powers, Education CommitteeSr. John Elizabeth Callaghan, OSFS, Principal

    Sr. Anne Elizabeth, OSFS, President of the Board

    ADMINISTRATIONSr. John Elizabeth Callaghan, OSFS, Principal

    The Aviat LinkCharlene Nichols, Editor

    Designed by Gamine Graphics

    Thank you to our staff and parents for volunteering your time and talents to photograph school events.

    MISSIONThe Mission of Mount Aviat Academy is threefold:

    to provide instruction in the message of Christ, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, within the context of the gentle and caring spirit of

    St. Francis de Sales;

    to offer an educational environment that promotes high academic standards;

    to instill the principles of scholarship, citizenship and service in the minds and hearts of the students.

    Educating students to be no more and no less

    than their best.

    2 Mount Aviat Academy The Aviat Link ~ SUMMER 2015 3

    8th graDe scholarsCongratulations to our 8th Grade Graduates who earned scholarships or special recognition from Catholic high schools:

    Padua academy: Gabriella Hartman, Zehra Mahmud, and Lauren Mottelsaint marks high school: Jade Baltazar, Gabriella Hartman, Zehra Mahmud, and

    Lauren Mottel salesianum school: Ethan Trainer Ursuline academy: Sophia McAneny-Droz, Ursuline Legacy Award

  • 2 Mount Aviat Academy The Aviat Link ~ SUMMER 2015 3

    Mount Aviat Academy took a journey 150 years into the future through the National Engineers Week Future City Competition. Students explored the engineering process, city planning, and project timelines as they designed a city of the future capable of feeding itself through innovative agricultural processes. The project involved several competition elements including a virtual city, city narrative and research essay, city model and team presentation. Beginning in September the team of fourteen 6th, 7th and 8th graders, along with Engineering Mentor Mr. Jeff Landis and moderator Mrs. Hanby, learned that the engineering process is all about planning and teamwork. Students were challenged by this years topic: Feeding Future Cities.

    The Team gathered after school and researched, imagined, designed and modeled a way to grow a protein and a vegetable within the city limits that would feed a city of more than 75,000 residents. They developed aquaculture for indoor and outdoor shrimp farming and vertical farms for quinoa. They calculated and graphed the amount of protein needed per person, developed an elaborate filtration and irrigation system and modified the quinoa plants to adapt them to a vertical farm. The research essay then had to effectively communicate all this information in less than 1000 words. Who knew engineers had to be able to write?

    More than 100 hours were spent in the SimCity program designing a virtual city. Students planned a city by

    zones, provided all basic services, made trade-offs between industry and environment, educated and entertained the Sims while balancing the budget and keeping the taxes low. The city had to grow, thrive and renew itself. Points were lost if traffic was gridlocked, safety was compromised, services were outsourced, the mayor was impeached or the Sims were angry with their city conditions. Talk about pressure!

    A model of Aquacopia, as our city was named, was constructed from recycled materials. The budget for the model and presentation materials was $100. The model had moving parts, was built to scale, incorporated important elements of the theme and showed proper use of zoning and city planning. It took all hands on deck to get the model ready on time and under budget!

    The competition day was exciting, tense and the best day ever according to our students at the Philadelphia Regional competition. Students responded to questions from groups of judges and were amazing at thinking on their feet. Three students gave our formal marketing presentation before a panel of nine judges. The whole team had a great time transporting the model, which was not designed to be transported, through the halls for the presentation. Engineering on the fly and duct tape saved the day! In the end they finished well above the average and took home two special awards. The team is looking forward to next year when they will take on the challenge of managing solid waste in the future.

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  • 4 Mount Aviat Academy The Aviat Link ~ SUMMER 2015 5

    maa laUnches First girls on the rUn Program in cecil coUnty

    Mount Aviat had the opportunity to start a Girls on the Run (GOTR) program during this past Spring. Not only was this a first for MAA, but this was the first GOTR team in Cecil and Harford Counties. GOTR is a physical, activity-based positive youth development program that inspires third through eighth grade girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running. Each lesson is structured in the following way: Circle time, stretch and strengthening exercises, warm-up, workout and processing and wrap-up. Each lesson ends with an energy award (ask a GOTR to show you BANANAS!). The vision of GOTR is a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to bo

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