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Our Autumn Menu, featuring our new Brit Pots and new core recipes.

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    REACH FOR THE PIE!The incredible story of our limited edition Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie...

    25p from each portion goes to...

    NEw Recipes for AutumnBrit Pots

  • In our own little foodie Olympiad (otherwise known as the annual

    Great Taste Gold Awards run by the Guild Of Fine Food), we notched up

    13 medal winners. Not quite a match for Team GB, but not bad...

    Heres our roll of honour:Coq au Vin

    Moroccan Harissa ChickenMoroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine

    Roasted Confit of DuckGarlic Chicken Curry

    Chicken Korma Lamb DupiazaIndonesian Vegetable CurryApple & Blackberry Crumble

    Apple Strudel Chocolate Truffle Torte

    Chocolate RouladeGlazed Summer Fruit Tart

    My co-founder and very dear friend, Dale, is a man of many talents. In addition to his skills in the kitchen, he is a legendary DJ (the legend reaching as far as his local pub), and as enthusiastic a participant in fancy dress as youre likely to find. So when we needed someone to don a Second World War pilots uniform to promote our epic new Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie, there was only one man to turn to. I think he looks rather dashing in our tribute to Reach For The Sky (right) like a cockney Kenneth More.

    Dressing up aside, Dale has been helping improve the recipes of some of our most popular dishes. I appreciate its always risky to mess with a winning formula, but I promise that each dish really is even better. Dont miss the chance to try many of them at our autumn tasting day on Saturday 22nd September.

    Having become obsessed with gold medals this summer, we couldnt miss the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back repeatedly for the 13 Great Taste Gold Awards weve won (see right). It may not be a patch on Team GB but 13 golds puts us just behind South Korea and, importantly, ahead of the Germans.

    Have a lovely Autumn my favourite season.

    All the best,

    The COOK Kitchen, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HH 01732 759010

    HelloGolds Galore for

    Team COOK

    Coq au Vin

    Confit of Duck

    Apple & Blackberry Crumble

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    Dale and Kenneth More - separated at birth?

    (COOK co-founder)

  • The incredible story of our limited edition Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie

    Bridging the generation gap... A snap survey of the COOK Kitchen office suggests that mention of Douglas Bader and the film Reach For The Sky is likely to be met with blank looks by anyone under the age of 30. So here, for the Twitter generation, is the remarkable story in less than 140 characters: RAF pilot loses legs in crash, becomes hero of Battle of Britain, later shot down, taken prisoner, tries to escape lots, survives.

    Seventy-two years ago, the Battle of Britain was raging in the skies above the COOK Kitchen in Kent. It marked a turning point in the Second World War and prompted Winston Churchills famous words:

    Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.Our limited edition Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie is a small tribute to the few. It is made with tender, slow-cooked top rump steak, meaty portobello mushrooms and Spitfire Ale from our neighbours at the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham, Kent. On top of each pie is a small, Spitfire plane cut from shortcrust pastry - just try and resist the urge to leave it til last, then fly it around your plate making brrrrrrrrr noises, or maybe thats just us... Its a truly remarkable pie and from each portion sold,

    25 pence will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

    Limited Edition Steak and Spitfire Ale Pie

    (1) 4.75 (2) 8.50

  • There was nothing wrong with the old recipes but we felt that we could do even better.

    All of the improved dishes are great for entertaining friends or family this autumn. And weve worked out they cost about the same as buying the ingredients and making them yourself, without any need to sweat over a hot stove for hours. *So while we all like to cook up a storm every so often, if ever you find you dont have the time to cook from scratch, rest assured that youre not spending over the odds for a COOK meal. And we promise it will taste just like you made it yourself.

    If it aint broke, dont fix it. Its as sensible a bit of homespun wisdom as youre likely to find...which weve decided to ignore completely by coming up with new recipes for some of our most popular dishes.

    * We shopped like you would for a dinner party at home: we didnt buy items we had in the kitchen cupboard and bought the smallest available amounts of items we needed. We used prices from in August 2012. The kitchen cupboard belonged to James, our brand director, and turned out to contain all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. The time is based on total time, including preparation, taken to make the dishes in our development kitchen. To find the recipes for any of these dishes, go to

    COOK: $18.50

    Or you cook:

    17.29 +3 hours

    NEW Salmon &

    Asparagus Bake

    Free timewith every


  • NEW Beef Bourguignon COOK:


    Or you cook: 16.62 + 5 hours

    NEW Huntsmans Chicken

    COOK: $17.95

    Or you cook:

    27.68 + 2.5 hours

    COOK: $17.95

    Or you cook: 16.91 + 5 hours

    NEW Braised Beef in a Brandy Sauce

    Beef Bourguignon(1) 4.99 / (2) 8.99 / (4) 17.95 Made with top rump steak, smoked bacon, chestnut mushrooms and caramelised shallots with plenty of Merlot wine.

    Braised Beef in a Brandy Sauce (1) 4.99 /(2) 8.99 / (4) 17.95 With Roasted Chestnut Mushrooms

    Huntsmans Chicken(2) 8.99 / (4) 17.95Whole chicken breasts filled with a shallot and mushroom duxelle, wrapped in sweet cured bacon. Served with a red wine and marsala reduction.

    Salmon and Asparagus Bake(1) 4.85 / (2) 9.25 / (4) 18.50Pieces of Scottish salmon with asparagus in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with crushed baby potatoes and sprinkled with chives.

    New Recipes

    New recipes available from mid September

  • Thai Pot 3.49 onlywith chicken, crunchy vegetables and rice Italian Pot 3.49 onlywith pesto chicken, aubergines & cannellini beans Vietnamese Pot 3.49 onlywith chicken, soya beans and egg noodles Moroccan Pot 2.99 v only with aubergines, chickpeas & couscous Jambalaya Pot 3.49 only with smoked paprika chicken, chorizo and wild rice

    FISH & CHIPS with Crushed Peas and COOK Ketchup 3.99

    Messing with a British institution is a dangerous game. Putting Fish & Chips into a microwavable pot is a bit like giving Dame Maggie Smith a

    Mohican. But here it is: meaty cod; chips that are actually breaded potato cubes; our version of mushy peas; and COOKs own tomato ketchup. Close your eyes and you

    could be at the seaside on a damp day in August. All thats missing is a seagull with an evil glint in its eye and designs on your lunch. (And beside, Dame Maggie would look a dream with any hairstyle).

    R E M A R K A B LY B R I T I S H M E A L S

    If youre all British-ed out dont forget our One Pots, nutritionally well-balanced recipes fromaround the globe, perfect for lunch.








  • Thai Pot 3.49 onlywith chicken, crunchy vegetables and rice Italian Pot 3.49 onlywith pesto chicken, aubergines & cannellini beans Vietnamese Pot 3.49 onlywith chicken, soya beans and egg noodles Moroccan Pot 2.99 v only with aubergines, chickpeas & couscous Jambalaya Pot 3.49 only with smoked paprika chicken, chorizo and wild rice

    Oriental Pot 2.99 v onlywith water chestnuts, soy sauce & egg noodles Caribbean Pot 3.49 only with jerk chicken, sweet potato & brown rice

    Indian Pot 3.49 onlywith curried chicken, daal & wild riceMexican Pot 3.49 only with fajita chicken, red kidney beans & brown riceMediterranean Pot 2.99 v onlywith red peppers, lentils and cannellini beans

    KEDGEREE with Smoked Haddock, Rice, Egg and Peas 3.99 only (left)Back before we became a nation of curry addicts, Kedgeree was the Victorians Indian-inspired dish of choice think of it as Chicken Tikka

    Masala with a stiff upper lip (and smoked fish instead of chicken). The Victorians loved it for breakfast but it hits the spot at any time of day.

    CHICKEN KIEV with Potatoes and Peas 3.79 (right) When Lyndsay, one of our development chefs, announced she was going

    to create Chicken Kiev in a pot, she was met with some extreme eyebrow raising and murmurs of disbelief. Yet here it is: the taste of 1970s Britain in a pot (courtesy of a small detour via the Ukraine). It may look nothing

    like a common garden Kiev, but its a little bit of chef-y brilliance. Well done Lyndsay. Eyebrows are now restored to their normal setting.



    3.79COOkEd By




    3.79COOkEd By


    SPELT RISOTTO with Squash, Mushrooms and Lord of The Hundreds Cheese 3.79 v only (left)

    Spelt is a brilliant little grain: high in protein, easy to digest, and full of lots of really good stuff. Its got a subtle, nutty taste and, while it may

    bear a passing resemblance to soggy sugar puffs, it is a great British subs