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Automation Testing Presentation. Phil Hunter. Contents. Introduction What is test automation and why is it useful? Choosing the right automation tool Using an automation tool to automate the task Summary Questions?. Introduction. Introduction. Automation Task - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automation Testing Presentation

Automation Testing PresentationPhil HunterPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation1ContentsIntroductionWhat is test automation and why is it useful?Choosing the right automation toolUsing an automation tool to automate the taskSummaryQuestions?

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation2IntroductionPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation3 IntroductionAutomation TaskAdvise how best to automate test the Incident Form

Goal of the presentationShow how I chose the correct automation toolShow how I would use that tool to test the Incident Form

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation4What is Test Automation?Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation5What is Test Automation?Test automation is using software to control the execution of tests and comparing the actual outcomes against expected outcomes- Automated Defect Prevention (Huizinga +Kolawa)

2 main types:Code-driven Testing (Unit, Performance, Load)GUI Testing (Functional)Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation6What is Test AutomationWhere does automation come in?Manual TestingTest requirements gathering and analysisTest PlanTest DesignTest Implementation and ExecutionDefects reporting and trackingTest ClosurePhil Hunter - Automation Presentation7Why is it useful? Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation8Why is it useful? Even with the best manual testing processes bugs can still creep in and often reappear

Automated software testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of testing the softwarePhil Hunter - Automation Presentation9Why is it Useful?Saves time and moneyReduces time in repeating tests manually (Regression Testing)Automated tests can repeatedly at no additional costTime saved translates into money savedImproves accuracyTesters can make mistakes (tired, monotonous)Automated tests perform same steps precisely each time and never forget to record detailed results

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation10Why is it Useful?Increases test coverageIncreases depth and scopeCan look inside application (see memory contents, data tables, file contents, internal program states) and see if they behave as expectedCan execute thousands different complex test cases during every test runTesters freed from repetitive manual testing so they have more time to create new automated tests to add to existing automated testsPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation11Why is it Useful?Does what manual testing cannotCan simulate tens to thousands of virtual users interacting with the network, software or applicationHelps developers and testersDevelopers can catch problems before sending application to testers (automated unit testing)Saves developers time and increases confidenceImproves team moraleRemoves repetitive tasks and frees up time for more challenging and rewarding projects and tasks

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation12Choosing the Right Automation ToolPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation13Choosing the Right Automation ToolList of automated toolsHP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)HP Quick Test Professional (QTP)Visual Studio Test ProfessionalSeleniumWatirWatijRational Functional TesterTestCompletePhil Hunter - Automation Presentation14

Choosing the Right Automation ToolSelenium, Watir, WatijWeb based testing tools

Visual Studio Test ProfessionalHas record/playback featureUsed for applications development in Visual Studio/ .NETHard to edit the automation once completedVS Premium + Ultimate more effective but more costly

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation15

Choosing the Right Automation ToolHP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Rational Functional TesterMainly limited to functional testingBetter tools available for priceOther tools more highly recommendedPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation16

Choosing the Right Automation ToolHP Quick Test Professional vs TestCompleteShowdownPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation17

Choosing the Right Automation ToolQTP (Advantages)50% market shareMainly Functional automationRecord/Playback featureSupports testing of mobile, web based and desktop applications, Windows, web services and databasesDescriptive programming a big bonus (not justified in cost)Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation18Choosing the Right Automation ToolQTP (Disadvantages)Only uses VBScriptHigh costPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation19Choosing the Right Automation ToolTestComplete (Advantages)Affordable and significantly cheaper per license than QTPFlexible switching between applications (e.g. from web to .NET to Java) in single script sessionReliableSupports Data Driven TestingAllows Object MappingOrganise tests into multi-level treesStrong User communityEasy to learn

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation20Choosing the Right Automation ToolSupports 5 scripting languages (VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C++Script, C#Script)Supports different testing methods (Unit, Functional, Regression, Keyword, Web testing, distributed, load, coverage, data-driven, manual)Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editionsTestComplete (Disadvantages)Didnt integrate with HP TestDirector or Quality Center though there is a new beta version released that does integrate

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation21Choosing the Right Automation ToolHP Quick Test Professional vs TestCompleteShowdownPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation22

Choosing the Right Automation ToolWinner- TestCompletePhil Hunter - Automation Presentation23

Using Automation Tool to Automate the TaskPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation24Using Automation Tool to Automate the TaskTask - How to automate test the incident form

Use existing Test Cases to create automation testsUse the GUI Record/Playback featureKnown as Keyword TestingKeyword Tests can be edited using Keyword Test EditorVisualisor Panel shows screenshots in Keyword Test Editor which can be clicked on and editedKeyword tests arranged into test cases and test cases into test suitesPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation25Using Automation Tool to Automate the TaskKeyword TestLog records everything that happened in the testAny new functionality can be added to already existing automated tests by creating and adding more keyword tests using keyword test editorCheckpoints are used in keyword tests for verifying data (expected/actual outcomes)Checkpoints use data-driven testing (uses external data sources to input range of data values; useful for increasing test coverage)Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation26Using Automation Tool to Automate the TaskOperations are actions performed during Keyowrd TestsOrganised into categories (logging, test, checkpoint) and each of them has a number of associated operations (e.g. property checkpoint, log message, compare files, data driven loop etc) Wizards help with operations (e.g. checkpoint wizard helps with property checkpoint, table checkpoint, web service checkpoint etc)Object referencesPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation27Using Automation Tool to Automate the Task

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation28SummaryPhil Hunter - Automation Presentation29SummaryIntroductionWhat is test automation and why is it useful?Choosing the right automation toolUsing automation tool to automate the task

Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation30Questions? Phil Hunter - Automation Presentation31