Automation Framework using Selenium Webdriver with .AF Automation Framework is the combination of

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    Narayanan Palani

  • AF

    Automation Framework is the combination of tools and their integration to benefit the test automation of particular application under test (AUT).

    Cost and time are two primary factors while considering tools for the framework design.

    Since Selenium Web Driver and tools like TestNG, Ant are freeware and stable releases from open source community, this attracts build an expert automation system that handles the software for multiple test releases

  • This particular automation framework design

    needs additional expertise in understanding

    test automation and how the maintenance

    work can be minimized by developing an

    intelligent system around the automation tools


  • Automation Framework Using Selenium Web



    Download Eclipse from


    Java programming is a famous and important

    programming language in testing industry and

    testers with Java knowledge are paid high in

    the job markets!

    Please download java from following link:


  • How to understand whether the Java is installed in the computer or not?

    Once the exe file has been downloaded from the website, double click on the exe file and run the installation of the JAVA program in the computer. Once it is completed, kindly check the C:/ Drive's Program Files folder. This folder should have 'JAVA' folder with JDK and JRE sub folders. Once these folders are displayed in the computer, it means that the Java installation is completed but the configuration has to be done to make sure that the JAVA files are identified by the computer.

  • Why JAVA_HOME and PATH has been updated in Environment Variable:

    Whenever the java programs compiled and executed in computer, required JAVA files has to be referred during compilation and execution. So the computer need to know where the JAVA files located and what is the respective PATH of bin folder. So the file location is provided through JAVA_HOME and bin folder location is provided through PATH set up. Once it is completed, it is a good practice to restart computer and check the version of JAVA through Command Prompt. Simply running the command JAVA -VERSION will provide the java version in command prompt which proves that the JAVA installation has been completed successfully.

    Alternative way to set up JAVA_HOME and PATH is through Command Prompt. This can be done by launching Command Prompt as follows.

    Step1: Press Windows+R (to open RUN)

    Step2: Type CMD,Press Enter

    Step3: In Command Prompt, Type' SET JAVA_HOME = c:/Program Files/Java'

    Step4: Type 'SET PATH = %PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin'