Automated Hepatitis-C Nodule Detection

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Automated Hepatitis-C Nodule Detection. MOHAMMAD HARIS BAIG. The Problem. - Identification of Hepatitis C Nodules from a sequence of such Images of Slices of Lungs. Approach. - Denoising of Images for increasing Accuracy Lung Detection from Denoised Images - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Automated Hepatitis-CNodule DetectionMOHAMMAD HARIS BAIGThe Problem- Identification of Hepatitis C Nodules from a sequence of such Images of Slices of Lungs

Approach- Denoising of Images for increasing AccuracyLung Detection from Denoised ImagesEnhancing Features Inside the LungsIteratively Segmenting More Detailed Features3D Display of FeaturesOverviewImage NormalizationDenoisingSegmentationFeature EnhancementIterative SegmentationAutomatic Lung Detection3D Reconstruction

Image NormalizationThe Problem:

Image NormalizationSolutions

Histogram EqualizationHistogram MatchingXDenoising - 1Median FilteringOriginal Image

Denoising - 2Mean FilteringOriginal Image

Denoising - 3Original Image

Fourier Transform

Low Pass Filter

Final ImageDenoising - 4Non Orthogonal Wavelet Based Noise ReductionOriginal Image


Original Image

K Means Based ClusteringSegmentation - 1

Original ImageTrachea

Segmentation - 2

Original ImageLungs

Segmentation - 3

Original ImageBones

Segmentation - 4

Original ImageMuscles?

Segmentation - 5

Original ImageMuscles?

Automatic Lung Detection

Rows Contain Means for different Bins from K MeansCols Contain all the Bins for a SliceResults after SegmentationSorted By Mean across each sliceLungs = Min (Mean)RIBS = Max(Mean)Feature Enhancement - 1

Adaptive Histogram EqualizationOriginal ImageFeature Enhancement - 2

Saturation Based EnhancementOriginal Image

Feature Enhancement - 3

CombinationSaturation Based & Adaptive Histogram EqualizationOriginal Image

Iterative Segmentation

Original ImageBinary Mask Extracted LungsAnd then Re-apply K Means ClusteringIterative Segmentation - 1

Extracted Lungs

BackgroundIterative Segmentation - 2

Extracted Lungs

Inner Lung Major StructuresIterative Segmentation - 3

Extracted Lungs

Lung Boundary StructuresIterative Segmentation - 4

Extracted Lungs

Lung Internal Bacground3D Reconstruction

3D Reconstructions are done by Stacking Contours of Segmented Regions3D Reconstruction- RIBS

3D Reconstruction- LUNGS

Final Output