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  • AutoDCR Application Case Study Pune Municipal Corporation


    Client Information :

    Modules Implemented :


    Pune, the Oxford of the East is a historical city in India with a glorious past, an innovative present and a promising future. Since 1950, the Pune Municipal Corporation is administrating the city and serving citizens. Pune Municipal Corporation has taken an initiative for implementing e-Governance. Success of e-governance depends on use of Information Technology in mobilization of Government resources and utilization of these scarce resources with an aim of providing a better service.

    Few more statistics about PMC :

    CAD Scrutiny Engine & Workflow Management


    Project Description

    Issue and Challenges


    PMC decided to bring changed management process that builds awareness, understanding, trust, common purpose and a genuine willingness to change by constantly reinventing itself by delivering its obligations to the citizens with greater accountability and a responsive sensitivity. The proposal file movement flow needed to be designed to reduce time required for approval and easy tracking of proposal.

    : AutoDCR Solution has been implemented for building plan department to have a smooth proposal submission, scrutiny of the drawings, incorporate all the necessary information, track the proposal and finally approval of the proposal.

    : There were several issues and challenges that PMC sought to overcome and decided to go for a Building Plan Approval System for building plan department.

    ?Complex nature of land records and many rules interrelated to each other

    ?Authorities engaged were interpreting the rules as understand them thus allowing a lot of subjectivity of the interpretation

    ?Time consuming process as it involved multiple hand offs?Revenue target achievement for ULBs remained elusive due

    to procedural delays?Mal-practices were unavoidable due to lack of

    standardization?No standard process for determining the efficiency of the staff

    : The automatic scrutiny system named "AutoDCR" is first of its kind being brought in use by Pune Municipal Corporation in entire India. SoftTech implemented AutoDCR which reads the drawings submitted by Architects in CAD format and map them to development control rules to find variance if any. The system has an in-built work flow and document scrutiny system for controlling the time period for approval and send alerts.

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    Organization Building Plan dept., Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)

    Establishment of Pune Municipal Corporation 15th February, 1950

    Population (Year 2011) 31,15,431

    (Provisional)Square Area 243.84 Sq. Km.

    Total Zones 48


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