Authentic Italian Gelato

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Authentic Italian Gelato. Delivered at your footsteps. Ice Creams and Buffet. No buffet can be complete without ice creams. There is no substitute for ice creams. Why Third Place??. To exceed customer’s expectations. Customers Expectations?. Vanilla/ chocolate/strawberry Ice cream - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Authentic Italian Gelato

  • Delivered at your footsteps

  • No buffet can be complete without ice creams. There is no substitute for ice creams.

  • To exceed customers expectations

  • Vanilla/ chocolate/strawberry Ice creamKept in a casseroleScoop out ice creams using a scooper dipped in waterQuality is not an issue as every thing is same cold Customer may value one scoop at Rs.10/-

  • Quality ice creams which tastes better, feels better, new flavor and a new experience.Presented and served well. follow HACCP guidelines. Maintain temperature throughout. Ice cream is fresh and not melt.Presented in SS Gastro norm Pan with lid. Customer will value one scoop @ Rs. 50/- SUGAR-FREE Ice cream for Diabetics.

  • Your one stop solution point for Desserts

    We provide exceptional flavored gelato which are fresh and unique. unique systems to maintain temperature of gelato through out buffet time. training to staff to handle gelato to maintain its quality and valuegelato in SS Gastro norm pans that meets HACCP guidelines.

  • Italian Ice creamImported Original Flavors100% Natural and No ChemicalsLow Fat, Low CaloriesZero Transfat & CholesterolFreshly PreparedFlavors like Roche, Snickers, Yogurt, Cheescake & 300 other fabulous flavors

    A product most suited for international public - low fat, low calorie and Natural

  • More Appealing to International Travelers100% Natural Product- No Chemicals UsedFollow HACCP GuidelinesOnly the best can afford, gives you an advantageRare flavors: International flavors: Fruit FlavorsEasy to use- 1 kilo packsNo wastage Keep Slim Inventory

  • Made with natural sweetener, MaltitolCan be made in any flavor Lessen your burden for searching for sugar-free desserts.Possess all characteristics of natural gelato

  • All the investment on the pans and the system will be done by us.Full training is given by us free of charge. Just have to sign in and give your order.

  • All orders should be in multiples of 1 kilo.Minimum Order quantity is 10 kilos.Delivery in GS Pans free of cost, GS pan to be returned2 systems on loan, to be returned upon termination Payments one week credit via cheque or DD only

  • Avoid wastage zero wastage guaranteed.Slim Inventory Stock for as less as Rs. 3100/-No Investment required

  • Yes, What is the harm in trying out. Come and see the product and manufacturing set ups. The quality of product comes from the ingredients and the machinery used with the methodology. Give us a call today @ 9895513160

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