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Australian Energy Storage Alliance ... 2015 2016 2017 # installations MWh installed Reported Home Energy Storage System installations: 2015-2017 ... The battery was installed by TransGrid,

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Text of Australian Energy Storage Alliance ... 2015 2016 2017 # installations MWh installed Reported Home...

  • Australian Energy Storage Alliance Opportunities for Energy Storage and

    Hydrogen Economy Solutions in Australia


    Energy Storage Summit Japan October 2018

  • Bloomberg NEF ‘Energy

    Storage Forecast 2017-30’

    lists Australia as “one of 8

    countries expected to lead

    massive boom in global

    energy storage uptake” to


    Bloomberg NEF ‘Energy Storage Forecast 2017-30’

    Via RenewEconomy

    A Leader in Energy Storage Uptake

  • Residential

    C&I and Microgrid Projects

    Utility / Grid Scale

    - National Electricity Market (NEM)

    - South West Interconnected System (SWIS) - Northern Territory Electricity NetworksThe Australian Energy Market

    Commission (AEMC) makes &

    amends the National Electricity

    Rules that underpin the NEM

    Where are the Opportunities?

  • Australians have installed solar PV on 1.9 million rooftops (1 in 5 homes)

    In 2017 est. 21,000 residential batteries installed (190 MWh )

    Cumulative residential installations est. at 28,000 ( 244 MWh )

    OPPORTUNITY: ES combined with Energy Management

    • Virtual Power Plant (VPP’s) innovative software

    • Proposed 40,000 solar + storage VPP in South Australia

    • Demand management via locally generated/stored renewable energy



















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    Reported Home Energy Storage System

    installations: 2015-2017

    kWh installed # Installations

    Residential Solar PV plus Storage Opportunities

  • Mining sites, remote communities, islands

    Urban microgrids for energy security, fringe of grid

    Built environment and heavy industry

    OPPORTUNITY: ES for Local Power, Energy Security

    • Regional microgrids, eg Horizon Power, ONSLOW, WA

    • Remote towns and mining sites for diesel reduction, cost saving, eg Sandfire Resources DeGrussa Mine

    • Resorts or island communities, eg King Island

    • C&I, eg Whyalla Steelworks

    Mackerel Islands Tourist

    Resort in (WA) built 325 kW

    solar system with 640 kWh

    lithium ion storage

    Commercial & Industrial and Microgrid Projects

  • City of Sydney recently unveiled the first industrial-scale

    battery in the Sydney metropolitan area.

    The battery was installed by TransGrid, “behind the meter”,

    and is powered by more than 1,600 solar rooftop panels on the

    Alexandra Canal depot.

    TransGrid CEO, Paul Italiano: “large-scale batteries will play

    a large role in the future of electricity network services”. Lord Mayor Clover Moore and TransGrid CEO Paul

    Italiano at Aexandra Canal Depot

    Commercial in Urban Areas - example

  • Distributed large scale energy storage with wind and solar farms for dispatchable renewable energy (Wind set to almost double, Solar PV to triple by 2020, ~ 18 GW expected)

    • Largest lithium ion battery site, Hornsdale Power Reserve, SA • Solar plus 250 MW pumped hydro site, Kidston, QLD ( D.A) • SolarReserve’s Aurora Solar CSP plant, SA (under construction)

    OPPORTUNITY: ES with Generation or Network Deferral Drivers are:

    Closure of ageing coal fired generation Renewable Energy targets Power Purchase and Offtake agreements for renewable energy, Managing peak demand plus ancillary services /FCAS

    Wind Turbine at Hornsdale, S.A.

    Utility / Grid Scale Opportunities

  • Australia has huge solar and wind resources for water electrolysis

    Hydrogen for Energy Generation & Storage • for powering remote and mining communities

    • for industrial processes

    • for dispatchable generation, long term storage, eg seasonal

    Hydrogen as a Transport Fuel • for equipment, trucks and long distance rail

    Hydrogen for Export • AU exports approximately 3/4 of the energy it produces, as coal and gas

    • potential for hydrogen to be a carrier of renewable energy

    Hydrogen Economy Solutions in Australia

  • ARENA funded Pilot Project – ATCO

    • developing a Clean Energy Innovation Hub (CEIH) in

    Western Australia, to be operational by 2019.

    • the CEIH incorporates the production, storage and use of

    hydrogen, plus commercial application in microgrid systems.

    • the CEIH will integrate ‘green’ hydrogen created by water

    electrolysis – using solar energy

    • hydrogen to be used in microgrid system at the Jandakot


    Hydrogen Economy Solutions – energy generation & storage

  • Strong interest, low uptake to-date of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles

    • The ACT Government has purchased 20 Hyundai’s Nexo vehicles

    as part of renewable fuels test - cars expected in 2019

    • Pilot projects e.g. in SA with Hydrogen buses

    CSIRO Tech for Hydrogen Fuel Future

    • CSIRO new membrane technology that separates ultra-high purity

    hydrogen from ammonia

    • Recent advances mean renewable hydrogen production is expected

    to become competitive with fossil fuel-based production, providing

    an opportunity to decarbonise both the energy and transport sectors

    Opportunity for Partnerships around Innovation

    Fuel Cell Vehicle

    CSIRO Press Release, 8 Aug 2018

    Hydrogen Economy Solutions – transport fuels

  • REPORT: Hydrogen for Australia’s Future 2018, Dr Alan Finkel, Chief Scientist, Australia


    • Australia to become a large scale exporter of ‘renewable’ hydrogen to Asia

    • Develop export hydrogen industry alongside existing trade relationships with LNG

    • Export hydrogen as ammonia (NH3) using existing well-established infrastructure

    Develop Export Hubs e.g. Pilot Plant at Port Lincoln in South Australia (H2U)

    • Many states are planning to capitalise on high penetration of renewable energy, and to have

    ports capable of exporting hydrogen either as liquid or stored as ammonia.

    • Potential huge market for hydrogen exports

    Hydrogen Economy Solutions – for export


  • Website

    Twitter @AESAlliance

    Drivers are phase out of coal fired generation, high cost of power, the uptake of solar

    PV, power purchase agreements, integration of smart systems and issues relating to

    security of supply.

    Emerging markets for production, local use and export of Renewable Hydrogen

    To find out more, see Australian Energy Storage Alliance

    Australia is a diverse market for Energy Storage

    Details supplied in this presentation are not an endorsement of any product or service