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    TEACHING PHYSICS BY TELEFILMThe critical shortage of science teachers in the nations schools and the grow-

    ing need for persons trained in science have prompted the testing of a uniquemethod for teaching high school physics by telefilm, under a $104,000 grant ac-cepted by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.The Fund for the Advancement of Education established by the Ford Founda-

    awarded the grant to the University and its Extension Division to conduct a"pilot study" in about 70 Wisconsin communities of part of a complete filmcourse in high school physics. It is produced on 16-mm. color telefilm by Ency-clopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.The course consists of 170 films, but the University will test only 81 of them.

    However, 81 films are expected to provide a valid test of the entire survey.A telefilm is a motion picture filmed at the same time a television show is being

    performed. It is different from a kinescope, which is a facsimile of a televisionshow.The films, which cover about two semesters work, will be tested throughout the

    next school year, starting in September.

    ANTIBIOTICS FOUND TO BE BEST CANCER-SEEKING DRUGSThree antibiotics have been found to seek out cancers better than any other

    known drugs.The antibiotics themselves will not cure cancer, but the big hope is that they

    can be used as carriers for the drugs that will.Here is how they would work:A known anti-cancer drug with the power to kill cancerous tissue would be

    combined with the antibiotic and the combination would be injected into thebody.The antibiotic would act like a freight train, carrying the drug right to the spot

    where it would do the most good, and keeping it there long enough to kill thecancer.

    SECOND LARGEST TELESCOPE WILL SCAN SKY SOONThe great 120-inch telescope here at the University of Californias Lick Ob-

    servatory, ten years in the making, may join the 200-inch Palomar sky-searcherbefore the end of this year.The mirror is now undergoing its final, delicate stages of polishing and figuring,

    which may be completed within a month.Then, after the mirror is aluminized, auxiliary control equipment installed and

    tests made, the worlds second biggest ^eye" will be ready to photograph stellarobjects more than a billion light years in space.

    NEW STEEL WILL PERMIT FLIGHT AT 2,700 MILES PER HOURAirplanes and missiles will be able to travel up to 2,700 miles per hour without

    suffering heat and friction damage to structural materials thanks to a new steel.Major structural problems of flight at four times the speed of sound can be

    overcome by the use of new lightweight, ultra-high strength stainless steel devel-oped by Armco Steel Corporation, Middletown, Ohio. The inexpensive steelPH 15-7 Mo, can withstand air friction heat of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    AURORAS OCCUR IN ARCTIC AND ANTARCTIC AT SAME TIMEAuroras, the dancing color patterns that sometimes light up the night sky,

    occur in the Arctic and Antarctic simultaneously.