Aurobindo Pharma - Pharma stock analysis

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Analysis of the Aurobindo Pharma stock that is listed on BSE/NSE. Includes return ratios and piotroski scores to understand financial stability of the stocks

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  • Aurobindo Pharma

    BSE Code : 524804NSE Code : AUROPHARMASector : PHARMACEUTICALSReport date : Sun Apr 13 10:42:08 EDT 2014

    Industry overview

    Market CapMarket Cap is the price ofall the outstandingcommon shares if we wereto buy it all at the currentprice

    16027.22 Cr

    The benchmark companySun Pharma in thepharmaceuticals sector is8 times the size ofAurobindo Pharma

    Large Caps are a choicefor people who want Lowvolatility/risk with stablereturns and high liquidity


  • Stock AnalysisGrowth AnalysisCompanies that have grown historically are more likely to exibit similar growth in the future. Readthe trends in the 4 year annualized profit growth, book value growth and sales growth shownbelow:

    How good are the returns?RoE is the speed at which the company might grow without sorting to additional fund raising.RoCE is the growth speed, if the company used all the assets, including loans/preference shares.The 2-year and 4-year values give a reasonable assurance about the growth sustenance.




  • Piotroski ScoreSeperate Winners from LosersThe Piotroski scoring system is a nine point system to determine the strength of a firm's financialposition. The score was developed by an accounting professor out of Chicago named JosephPiotroski. If it scores an 8 or 9, then the fundamentals are great for the stock.

    Score: 9/9


    Stock AnalysisGrowth AnalysisHow good are the returns?

    Piotroski ScoreSeperate Winners from Losers