August 2015 Newsletter fun day- fun day, cub day (piper) cub day, social day, 30th august 2015 maaa

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Text of August 2015 Newsletter fun day- fun day, cub day (piper) cub day, social day, 30th august 2015 maaa

  • LISMORE  MODEL  FLYING  CLUB       NEWS     August  2015   IMPORTANT  DATES   Fling  Comp  +  BBQ  +  E-­‐Glider  comp   16th  August  2015   At  the  field  starting  at  9.30am     FUN  DAY  incl.  CUB  DAY     30th  August  2015   At  the  field  starting  at  10am.     eGlider  /  Fling    SAME  DAY     16th  August  2015     At  the  field  starting  at  10am.

      The lifeblood on all model aero clubs: New Members It   is   so   important   that   all  members  of  LMFC  encourage   and  welcome  new  faces  at  our  field.  Doesn’t  matter  what   level   of   competance   or   aeroplane   types,   everyone   is   welcome.     Here  are  some  new  faces  you  may  not  have  had  a  chance   to  welcome  but  its  so  good  to  see  you  guys  at  the  field.     How   cool   is   Alan’s,   “Adagio”     electric   launch,   semi   scale   sailplane.  Alan  reckoned  it  was  a   little   underpowered   but   it   sure   seemed   to  climb  out   really  good   and   showed   great   promise   as   a   thermal   model.   Great   to   see   Jasmine   getting   involved   too.   Hope   to   see   much   more   of   you   two  at  LMFC.     Summer  will  be  here  before  we  know  it  and  the  Adagio   should  come  into  its  own  in  the  summer  thermals.    

    Another   Cub   and   another   new  face.     Meet   Warren,   a   very   accomplished   aeromodeller   attested   to   by   the   well   controlled   and   extended   inverted   flight   I   witnessed   with   the   Parkzone   Sports   Cub.     A   close   look   at   his   great   model   demonstrates   just  

    how   far   the   RTF   models   have   progressed.   Great   looks   and   fantastic   performance.       On   that   same  day,  The   Morgan   airforce   was   on  display.  Great  flyers   and  always  well  flown.     Keep  it  up  John.  

      Interstate Glider Challenge         A  mixed  bag  of   weather  for  this  years   grudge  match  against   the  Queenslanders.       That  dot  above  the   cloud  is  Nigel’s   sailplane  enjoying  the   superb  conditions  on   Saturday.  A  walking   representative  for  the  Cancer  Council  of  Oz.  Nigel  has   always  been  a  leader  in  that  most  important  fight  to   ‘Cover  Up”  against  the  suns  rays.  The  message  is  getting   through  to  a  lot  of  us  these  days.  

     By   contrast,   Sunday   morning   started   with   a   gloomy   out   look   of   frequent   showers,   to   interrupt   our   flying  pleasure.     Pushing   on   undaunted,   we  

    managed   some   surprisingly   good   flight   times   in   the   awkward  conditions.     A   huge   thanks   always   goes   to   Peter   Johnson,   our   glider   friendly   landowner,   who   so   graciously   allows   us   to   use   his   excellent   property   for   LMFC’s   two   annual   sailplane   events.       Here’s   Scott   and   Russ   enjoying   the   Saturday   sunshine   and   near   perfect   soaring   conditions.   Scott   and   a   few   other  members  at  LMFC,  would  be  a  force  to  reckon  with   if  we  just  got  a  lot  more  gliding  practice  in.     The   interstate   Challenge   was   well   flown   with   five   NSWers  and  five  QLDers  filling  the  top  ten  positions.  Not   bad  when  you   consider   that   the  northern  boys  only   fly  

  • gliders.  At  the  end  of  the  point  tally  QLD  again  defeated   us  by  a  smallish  margin…..Next  year  its  ours!    

    Special   thanks   goes   to   Nigel   and   Scott   for   organising   this   event.   Also,   thank   you   to   the   selfless   help   of   LMFC   guys   who   give   their   time   willingly   to   feed   the   troops   at   these   events.  Without  you,  we  

    would  be  completely  lost.     LMFC   Glider   Guiders   should   have   SEPTEMBER   26th   and   27Th   firmly   in   their   calendars   for   our   annual   Gilder A Fair competition.   Texan makeover! By John Roche Quite   a   few   years   ago   I   purchased   a   Great   Planes   60”   Texan   plus   and   OS   55   AX   Max   from   Toyworld   in   Lismore.  

    It   was   to   be   my   first   glow-­‐ powered   plane,   and   so   I   chose   OS   for   its   reputation   as  trouble-­‐free.     OS   are   good,   but   they   have   one   model   that   can   occasionally   be   trouble,  and  yes,   it  

    is  the  55AX  Max.   I  went  to  some  expense  to  buy  a  Bisson  Pitts  muffler  for   it,   to   achieve   a   better   look   by   getting   just   the   exhaust   pipe  showing.    I  probably  should  have  used  the  original   muffler   as   I   had   difficulty   getting   the   engine   to   run   consistently.     The   muffler   may   have   added   back-­‐ pressure  issues  to  the  running  of  the  OS  engine.    Several   friends  helped  with  tuning,  but  to  no  avail.       Eventually   I   flew   the   plane   less   and   less   as   I   was   disappointed   with   it   stalling   at   very   inappropriate   moments.    Having  started  flying  on  electric,  I  found  glow   to   be  more  messy   and   less   friendly   to   working   on   the   kitchen   table.    Having   one   last   try   in   the   air,   I   suffered   yet   another   dead-­‐stick   landing   causing   some   more   damage.       I  realised  that  selling  the  plane  with  engine  was  going  to   be  extremely  difficult,  so  I  decided  to  sell  the  engine  and   convert  to  electric.    It  only  took  about  a  week  to  sell  the   OS   55   AX   on   RC   Trader,   with   the   original   muffler.   I’m   sure   the   new   owner   will   have   better   skill   at   tuning  than  me.       It   was   to   be   fairly   straight   forward   conversion.   I   expected  the  plane  

    to  be  tail  heavy  so  I  opted  for  a  heavy  motor,  a  Turnigy   G46  with  a  5S  2700mAh  25C  LiPo  with  a  12x6  prop.    My   tastes   had   changed   over   the   years,   and   the   variety   of   colours  on  the  original  seemed  a  bit  gaudy  now.     I   had   been   reading   that   Rustoleoum   spray   paints  were   pretty   good   on   shrink   coverings,   and   the   new  Masters   now  stock  it.    The  result  is  a  near-­‐perfect  matching  silver   paint.   What  is  the  verdict?    Well  the  Rustoleoum  spray  paint  is   good,   but   do   really   clean   off   the   old   glow  oils   first   and   then  rough  it  up  with  paint-­‐shop  scourer  pads.    Cutting  a   battery   hatch   was   not   that   hard.     The   G46   was   a   bit   disappointing,  especially  for  the  price,  but  I  did  need  the   weight  up  front.    I  do  like  the  feel  of  a  bigger  plane  in  the   air,  and  it  flies  really  well.    Now  I  can  concentrate  on  just   flying,  experimenting  with  flapperons  or  spoilerons,  and   fine