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<ul><li><p>Peter Pan Auditions</p><p>Mr. Darling Mrs. Darling John Darling Michael Darling</p><p>Audition Scene The Nursery !(They are all sat at a dinner table. Wendy is at a sewing class therefore there is a vacant seat. They have just said a prayer.) !Mr. Darling amen. !(They begin eating) !Michael When will Wendy be home? !Mrs. Darling She should be back in about half an hour, why? !Michael I want her to tell us that story! !Mr. Darling Which one? !John The one about Peter Pan. !(Mr. and Mrs. Darling look distraught) !John Whats wrong mother and father? !Michael Do you not like that story? !Mrs. Darling She shouldnt be telling you stories like that. !John Why not? !Mr. Darling Because Peter Pan is not who you think he is. !Michael Yes he is! !John Hes a hero! A true example to us all! !</p></li><li><p>Peter Pan Auditions</p><p>Mr. Darling Mrs. Darling John Darling Michael Darling</p><p>Mr. Darling (Sharp and Harshly) Hes a parasite! !Mrs. Darling George! What your father means to say is that Peter Pan is evil. !John What does he do thats so evil? !Mr. Darling At the dead of night, usually when the parents are somehow unable to reach the sleeping place of children, he takes you far, far away. !Mrs. Darling He takes you to a place he calls The Neverland where you could find yourself confronting your worst fears. Then, once youve been there for a few days and hes bored of you, youll end up having to go back home. Perhaps even having to find your own way home. !Michael Anyone can find their way home! !Mr. Darling Some children only just make it homeothers arent so lucky. !John I dont believe you! !Mr. Darling Well then you might as well just leave the window unlocked and invite him in! !Michael I dont want to go to Neverland! !Mrs. Darling Then tell your sister to stop telling you those stories. Its the only way. Ill have a word with Wendy. Maybe she could tell you the Cinderella story instead! !John &amp; Michael Euck! Girls!! !(Mr. and Mrs. Darling Laugh) !Mrs. Darling Now go and have your baths! !</p></li><li><p>Peter Pan Auditions</p><p>Mr. Darling Mrs. Darling John Darling Michael Darling</p><p>-Exit John and Michael !Mr. Darling What are we going to do? What if this Peter Pan actually comes? !Mrs. Darling Please dont talk like that. Ive been finding leaves on their bedroom floor, blue leaves. !Mr. Darling Thats impossible! !Mrs. Darling And the other night, I saw a boy jump out the nursery window! He jumped as soon as he saw me. He was looking over at Wendys bed when the children were at school. I then ran to the ground floor and there were no remains! !Mr. Darling Well it is a three floor drop onto the pavement! !Mrs. Darling No! There was nothing there! It was as if he just flew off! !Mr. Darling Tomorrow, Im going to put bars upon that window and a strong lock. For tonight, well have to just prey nothing happens whilst were at the party.</p></li></ul>