AUDIT Report with regard to the MMV Ostrea

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This file has been upload to prove the faults reported to senior civil servants in Northern Ireland were present in the MMV Ostrea, which some parties are attempting to deny.

Text of AUDIT Report with regard to the MMV Ostrea

AUDIT REPORTThis presentation has been prepared to highlight and display the faults reported with regard to the MMV Ostrea and to assist with any investigation into the procurement of the vessel and the supervision of this public project

The Vessel

Homeward Bound

Being Loaded as Deck Cargo

Onboard the Hawke Bay

Sheerness Arrival

Lifted Quayside

Supervised Lift

Insurance surveyor

Problems Encounteredo o o o o Starboard engine failure after starting. Rough sounding port engine Excessive smoke Excess fuel blowing out via exhaust Resulting in having to be assisted into our berth in the inner basin by the harbour tender.

Scania UK

Seized starter motor which shorted out melting the wires

The Starboard Starter

Cooling Problems

Cracked header tank which was leaking badly


It is clear for all to see that the engines cooling water had not been inspected or changed in a long while. It was dirty and contained no inhibitor. Any engineer conducting an overhaul would have addressed this problem.

Cooling Concerns Recorded

Fuel Delivery Concerns

Leaking injectors caused by loose and defective banjo bolts caused this amount of fuel leakage in each head, within seconds of starting the engines.

Another Leaking Injector

Yet Another Fuel leak

Fire Hazards Live Cables

Yet Another Live Wire

And Yet Another

A live cable that had been cut and just left to hang there.

Missing Fuel Pump Bolt

One of the fuel pump drive bolts is missing

Other Engine Leaks

As can be seen, several of the engine heads were leaking badly and it would appear that instant gasket has been used to reseat the old gasket rather than repalce it with a new one.

More Coolant Leaks

More Leaks

And More



More Unsupported Cables

Unsupported Pipes

Yet More Loose Fittings

Over Spray on EnginesEven over the fuel filters

More Overspray

To hide the leak from the header tank

More Overspray

The Injectors

Heavy carbon & metal deposits on the NEW injectors

Yet Another Injector

Rudder Problems

Additional length has already been added to the rudders to try and improve the vessels steering prior to purchase.

Proof of MCA InvolvementThis document is one of 7 pages of defects, listing 32 faults or instructions that needed attention onboard the vessel, when it was inspected by the MCA. This alone should prove that the delivery crew were telling the truth and the procurement of this vessel needs investigated.

Numerous other photographs are available that show the faults documented in my report, with regard to the MMV Ostrea. I reserve the right to post these photographs on any public domain to counteract claims by members of staff within the Loughs Agency and the Fisheries Department, that my reports to the DARD Committee on the vessels delivery condition and her dangerous faults, are misleading or false. A legal obligation to report such matters is listed under the Merchant Shipping Act. I have already posted several videos relating to the delivery voyage on YOU TUBE, under the heading of MMV Ostrea. Prepared for the information of all interested parties and indeed the public whose income tax was used to purchase this vessel 15th May 2010