Athens & Sparta Comparing Two City-States. Athens Sparta

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Athens & SpartaComparing Two City-States1AthensSparta2PopulationTotal 140,00040,000 men were citizens40,000 slaves

3PopulationTotal 100,000 About 8,000 were adult male citizens

4GovernmentDirect DemocracyThe Assembly open to all citizensMaleOwn land18 years old No political roles for women

5GovernmentOligarchy, but it had elements ofMonarchyDemocracyAristocracyAssemblyMales age 30 and upNo political roles for women

Spartans voted by shouting. Loudest won.6Social StructureFreemen: All male citizens Top - AristocratsMiddle - Small farmers Bottom - Thetes (craftsmen)Metics foreignersWomen Rarely seen outside the homeNo rightsSlaves no rights 7Social StructureSpartiates: Military professionalsLand was farmed by serfsCould vote Perioeci:Free menCould not vote or serve in the armyForeignersHelots: Slaves Women had few rights but more independence

8MilitaryStrong navyTrireme

9MilitaryStrong army

"Either come back with your shield or on it."

10Spartan Scytale

Life Style & ValuesDemocraticParticipation in government as a civic responsibilityCultural superiorityAreteEmpireTrade

Excellence in everything12Life Style & ValuesMilitaristic valuesChildren of citizens were raised to be SpartanInfanticideChildren were taught to respect:ElderlyWomenWarriors

13EducationBoys: Reading, writing, mathematics, music, poetry, sport and gymnastics Went to school from age 5 to 18 Some went to an academy for philosophy, ethics and rhetoricCitizen boys entered a military training camp for two years Girls: Little formal education Spinning, weaving and other domestic arts 14EducationBoys: Taken from parents at age sevenTrained in the art of warfareJoined the military at 20Girls: Educated at age 7 in reading, writing, gymnastics, athletics and survival skills Could participate in sportsTreated more as equals

15Role of WomenKept at home with no participation in sports or politics Wives were considered property of their fathers or husbandsSome women held high posts in the religious life of Athens

16Role of WomenAssigned a husband at age 18Enjoyed a great deal of freedomCould own and control their own propertyIn times of war, could oversee husband's property