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  • 1. Sparkingthe X-Factor
    at Frostburg State University
    Tom Palardy, Maureen Palardy,
    Minnie Ladores, Jamie Morningstar
    February 15, 2011
    ATE Annual Conference

2. 3. x
4. Frostburg, MD
5. Frostburg State University
6. Elements to Nurture the X-Factor
7. Conceptual Framework
Linked Heads, Hearts, and Hands
Building PassionateTeachers
8. Outcomes
Dedicated Professional
Instructional Leader
Continuous Assessor
Educational Advocate
Collaborative Bridge Builder
Reflective Decision Maker
9. Put your on the future
T E A C H !
10. Getting to know our students well
11. 12. Teach In
13. 14. 15. Service Learning
16. 17. 18. 19. Educ 202 students decorated the LaVale Public Library Childrens Cornerfor the Winter Holidays
20. 21. Active Learning
22. Students participate in experiments they can use in their own classroom.
23. This is a storytelling project based on historical fiction.
24. Process Drama
25. Cultural Walk
26. Cultural Walk Scavenger Hunt
Curricular Connections Community resources for possible use in planning and teaching
Math (Geometry, Measurement, Number, Multiplication Facts, etc.)
Science (Engineering ideas, Light and Shadows, Weathering, Decay, Environmental Concerns etc.)
Art (Standard Dance, Music, Graphics and Unusual Hair Design, Store Displays, Pizza, etc,)
Physical Education and Movement - (a sporting event, skateboarding, ways of getting around, etc.)
Social Studies ( History, Political Science, Geography, etc.)
Language Arts (Clever wording on posters, foreign languages, sign language, accents, colloquialisms)
Cultural Values
Self- Expression
Lifes Fight
Study A Students Task
Celebration (Live and Love)
Evidence of Collaboration among Community Members
Time or Space Orientation
27. Cultural walk
Tienda Latina
28. 29. A Range of Opportunities
30. New Orleans Flannel Board Project
31. 32. 33. 34. Storybook Holiday
35. 36. Elf Olympics!
37. Pirate
38. 39. 40. 41. Childrens Literature Festival
42. 43. 44. Friendly Competitions
Curriculum Posters
Flannel board with which they won New Orleans trip
Poetry and Movement Video Contest
Dedicated Professional Award(Dr. Winstanley)
45. Assessment
46. Apprenticeship Game
47. Portfolio
Defining and articulating self as a teacher
48. BeforeAfter
49. 50. Credos
51. My Dream
To serve, to help, to contribute to the future using carefully selected, polished, and refined skills, attitudes, and information, I dream.
To struggle with complex problems and to live with paradoxes, remaining undefeated and determined, I dream.
To see the sky, the moon, the ocean, and the stars in the smallestchild and the poorest parent, I dream.
To help that smallest child and poorest parent discover their ownunique and special universe, I dream.
To grow each day more serene, more open to new perspectives, more willing to abandon personal opinions, I dream.
52. To retire each night totally exhausted yet thoroughly fresh and refreshed, I dream.
To light candles, carry torches, run marathons, and catch tears, I dream.
To go upstream to sources and change flow and current as needed, I dream.
To create joyous, harmonious experiences with children usinginsights from observations and careful study, I dream.
To help children construct their own castles and pursue their own adventures, I dream.
To build self-confidence and passion, I dream.
To be adopted and ever after thoroughly belonging to the children and their future, I dream.
53. I Want To Be
Firefighter And extinguish brush fires and to contain the massive forest fires.
Police Officer And restore order as needed when the few try to push the limits of the system.
ArchitectWho creates a blueprint on a crisp piece of paper, painstakingly pursuing angles and measures, hoping it will turn out to be a magnificent structure in real form some day.
Athlete Who will train for hours and hours, sweat and ache from the self-inflicted physical tortures, just to say, I did it.
MusicianWho simply by adding numbers and letters together in a harmonious way and creates the most stunning pieces of musical work.
54. MechanicWho takes a broken piece of machinery, assesses the problem, and finds a way to minimize sometimes even eliminate the problem.
Physical TherapistTo help mend an injured body, push the physical limitations, even make the impossible, possible again.
StatisticianTo explore, study, and develop a pattern to describe how the world works.
Any-ologistBecause I just want to study thing things, and explore what makes the world work.
Computer ProgrammerAnd take a blank piece of composite material, fill it with data so that some day It will be able to form and think on its own.
55. GardenerTo watch a vulnerable seedling grow into a hardy and fruitful perennial that will continue to grow each year with only a little assistance during the toughest times.
AuditorAnd be one of the most despised members of the community, to find flaws and insist on modifications.
Lawyer To have the most absurd argument, present it to the public, and win.
BakerTo take unassuming bland ingredients, carefully thinking about their combinations when mixed together and emerge from the kitchen with a rich and tasty dessert.
However, I know you sit there and think, Silly girl, youll never be able to do all that in one lifetime! Even so, I say, I can and I will because it very simple you see - I want to be a teacher.
56. Graduation
57. A proud teacher with her first class