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  • Baroque Architecture Essay Assignment 3: Baroque Architecture

    Discuss the cultural context and works of architecture and sculpture in Baroque Rome, focusing on Saint Peters Cathedral and the work of Bernini. Be sure to include description of Baroque Rome and architectural concepts which were present at this time and the work of Bernini. How did Berninis work - both sculptural and architectural - embody qualities of the Baroque era?

    In discussing the cultural, social and creative climate in Rome you may wish to mention several of Berninis contemporaries or important figures in this era, such as Borromini, Carravagio, and Pope Sixtus V.

    Projects to discuss include the Baldachin over the tomb of Saint Peter by Bernini and the welcoming arms that form the elliptical colonnade in the Piazza San Pietro, as well as Berninis proposal for two towers for the church. If you wish to write a lengthy paper for extra points, you may also include discussion of previous architects of the Renaissance and the contributions they made to the building. These architects and artists include Bramante, Michelangelo, Rahael, and Giacomo della Porta as well as others.

    Note: An excellent area to discuss is how Baroque architecture differed from Renaissance architecture. You may wish to compare one or two Renaissance works in the Basilica with one or two Baroque works. Papers longer than 12 pages double spaced will be given extra credit, one point per extra page of writing.

    Bibliography and Sources

    You must use the following books. Be sure to cite all text and facts according to page number, and any quotes or phrases not your own should be in quotation marks. Your reading and class notes must be attached to the final paper showing whre you obtained our research.

    Basilica - The Splendors and the Scandal: Building St. Peters, R. A. Scotti

    The Genius in the Design: Bernini, Borromini, and the Rivalry That Transformed Rome, Jake Morrissey

    Any handouts in class on Bernini, Baroque Cultural context, etc such as:

    Bernini, Howard Hibbard The City in History, Louis Mumford

    Rome, Robert Hughes