Assessments in Online Learning Teaching and Learning

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  • Assessments in Online LearningTeaching and Learning

  • Online LearningOnline education is a teaching and learning approach that utilizes internet technologies to communicate and collaborate in an educational context (Blackboard 2000).

  • Pedagogical Advantages Improving and enhancing communicationEncourages student centered teaching approachesCollaborativeLess intimidatingOpen accessibility to course materialsProvides just in time methods for assessmentReduces and enhances faculty workload(Blackboard, 2000)(Lee and Allen, 2006)

  • Application for AssessmentMoodle & Live textcourse management system to help educators create effective online learning communities (Blackboard, 2000). Foundations of U.S. Education Edublogsan authentic assessment systemStudent Teaching Abroad

  • BenefitsStudent centeredRelevant ObjectiveLeads to direction and change for the learnerProvides information for the student as it relates to progress and future behaviorLee and Allen (2006)

  • Joys and OpportunitiesJoysEnhance organizational abilities with my assessment methodsImmediate feedback to studentsFeedback to the student as it relates to progress and future behaviorEmpowered students to be responsive to academic status in the course, more participationStudents showing initiative to meet with Professor regarding current performanceDevelopment OpportunitiesLearning how to use moodleone on one session beyond whole group workshopMinimal technology glitchesBalancing time to respond to students regarding immediate feedback

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