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    I went to Florida to interview A'shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books.Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of thehuman race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with andshaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses.

    A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    Sarasota, Florida May 2010 | NOTE: no changes have been made.

    Part One | .mp3 | .mov

    Part Two : .mp3 | .mov

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    Part Three : mp3 | .mov

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    I went to Florida to interview A'shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previouswork details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerousET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well asthroughout the many multi-verses. This information is highly complex and detailed. She andtwo other "speakers" as they call themselves are receiving this information via telepathicdownloads. They have been trained by the Guardian Alliances, a group of ETs who protect thesecrets of ascension and the stargates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

    This interview is the first part of several hours I spent with Ashayana Deane and the othersworking with her on briinging the science of Keylonta to the planet. Keylonta is the science of"light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter". The many images on thevideo of charts and "maps" depict these concepts in a visual manner aimed at stimulatingmemory and re-awkening the DNA pathways in the viewer. The .pdf files for download areavailable for purchase at Azurite Press to assist those who are interested in following alongmore closely while watching the video.

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    Because of the complex but vital information presented here I encourage anyone who isinterested to do further research and to visit the website for more information. Classes andDVDs are available there as well: Azuritepress.com

    Kerry Lynn Cassidy

    May 2010

    June 11, 2010

    Change of plans: No re-editing to be done on Ashayana Deane videos after all

    I am reposting the Ashayana Deane videos without re-editing. I received word today thatJames has decided he will not take legal action as long as his letter is posted on my site(already done) along with the videos and on Youtube.

    Quoted from the Letter from James of Wingmakers.com below (excerpt):

    ..."I have no further objection to holding them back as long as Kerry is willing to include myresponse on YouTube and her own site. I simply wanted to be transparent and share myreaction to the inaccuracies. I have said my peace."

    For the complete Letter from James - (scroll down or go to his page linked here)

    I am in the process of re-uploading to Youtube and it's taking a huge long time because thefiles are so large. Hopefully they will be uploaded by the end of the weekend.

    Although this is now resolved, for those of you who doubt the seriousness of this issue here isan excerpt from the email I received from Mark Hempel threatening legal action:

    From: "Mark Hempel"Date: June 9, 2010 9:22:01 AM PDTTo: Subject: Follow-up letter

    Dear Kerry,

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    I have watched the video interview of Anna Hayes.

    I believe the four items I mentioned in my previous email were accurately portrayed by thosewho wrote me about this issue. There were other condescending textures in the bodylanguage, facial expressions and tone of Anna Hayes, but these are admittedly moresubjective, and comparatively irrelevant. What is on tapeand therefore notsubjectivearethe accusations clear, libelous, and malicious. Whether Anna or her "hosts," are responsible isirrelevant so far as our legal counsel is concerned. The fact is that the four items I mentionedin my email dated June 7, 2010 are accurate examples of libel and defamation, and there is nowiggle room on the matter. "I have tape" as they say.

    With regard to WingMakers LLC, I am in charge of all legal and operational details. My role asCOO of WingMakers LLC is to protect the image of the brand in all its forms including theLyricus Teaching Order, WingMakers, EventTemples, and Sovereign Integral websites.

    Anna Hayes is simply wrong on every account related to the WingMakers, and she well knowsit. The karmic trail she weaves when she tells lies of this magnitude is ill-advised.

    I request the following:

    1. A retraction by Anna Hayes relative to her accusations levied against the WingMakers.

    2. Either remove the video/PDFs from your site and YouTube (and any other outlets), or editall mentions of WingMakers.

    Short of this, I will, on behalf of WingMakers LLC seek a legal remedy. If you have some othersuggestions I will listen over the next 48 hours via email. I am not interested in engineeringsome debate between James and Anna Hayes. To do so would only serve Project Camelot andher own cult. Please let me know of your intention in the next 48 hours.

    Kerry, this is a matter we take very seriously, and I want to emphasize this.**** end of excerpt

    Posted below are statements from my blog re: the removal of statements by A'shayana Deaneregarding Wingmakers

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    My Statement followed by a Letter from James of Wingmakers.com / additional email to A.Deane also posted now below... along with a short response from Ashayana Deane


    As many people know I was asked by James of Wingmakers to remove the comments made byA'shayana Deane in her video interview with regard to Wingmakers. This is a highly unusualsituation. In fact, I don't recall it ever happening before to any Camelot video.

    The issue here is complex. As a filmmaker and investigative reporter, it is inevitable thatvarious people I interview are not all going to agree. In fact, many people in this sector don'tlike each other or have huge issues with the writings and viewpoints of every otherresearcher/experiencer. As a filmmaker/journalist I have a choice as to who to interview. Iwelcome bringing forward differing points of view because this widens the playing field andallows people to use their own discernment when considering all sides of the story.

    Unfortunately, the line between attacking someone and voicing a difference of opinion orcriticism is very thin and often wavering. In this case, the information regarding theWingmakers has been excellent. We did a written interview with James a couple years ago andI believe it contains a great deal of wisdom. By the same token, my recent interview withA'shayana Deane is also, in my view, an excellent presentation of her material, from hersources. Both James and A'sha are speaking for their sources who, are off-planet and mayinhabit other galaxies, dimensions or levels in this vast complex of multi-verses. They are bothspeaking from their hearts, believe what they are 'getting' from their sources and are workingto convey their information for the betterment and upliftment of humanity, and they are bothvery passionate light warriors for their cause.

    At the moment, we have warring factions on this planet between ETs, humans who are "us" inthe future, extra-dimensionals, intra-dimensionals, discarnate beings and so on. In the midstof all of this, we at Camelot are endeavoring to bring forward what we consider the best andmost important information we can find, regardless of the source. And this is crucial.

    It is not enough to simply counsel people to KISS (keep it simple stupid)... We need thinkingbeings actively engaged here on planet Earth if we are to survive the coming changes. I

  • 12/16/13 3:50 AMA'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics - Project Camelot

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    encourage everyone to consider opposing points of view regardless of where they come from...simply because in doing so your powers to discern will grow. This is, in my view, the best wayto learn.

    As a filmmaker/investigator of this multi-verse and matrix I firmly believe in pushing theenvelope. I am well aware that our witnesses (as I call them) often see things very differently.This is the point. It is in viewing the vast aspects of creation that we begin to learn what itmeans to be a creator.

    The comments A'sha made in my interview are not complete in that, as she explains, she wasabout to, at the time of this interview, go into a workshop where she felt she would be givenmore extensive information with regard to the Wingmakers. What is not clear, is whether theWingmakers she is referring to are indeed the same Wingmakers as those talked about on theWingmakers.com website or whether