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Artists Paint Stories. Kindergarten Art Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artists Paint StoriesKindergarten Art Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School

1George Catlin, Currier and Ives[1813 - 1888] & [1824 - 1895]Catlin was born in a Pennsylvania frontier town in 1796. He was very famous. These three early native Americans were drawn by Catlin. Then the printmaking firm owned by Currier and Ives made many reproductions of the picture.Life of Hunter: A Tight FixWhat has just happened in this snowy forest? What is happening now? What do you think will happen next?Do you think the hunter can strike the bear with his little dagger and prevent further injury or death?Do you see the other hunter over by the tree taking aim with his rifle?

Edward Hicks[1780 - 1849]was an American artist who lived in Pennsylvania over 150 years ago. He never attended art school, teaching himself how to paint. Therefore he is called a primitive or nave artist. He was also a Quaker preacher.Peaceable KingdomHow many different animals are there?Do you think the artist ever saw a real leopard or lion? [He only had seen the animals on the Pennsylvania farm where he lived]There are even some children with the wild animals. No one seems to be afraid. The title refers to a description of the Kingdom of God, which is told about in the Bible.

Richard Woodville[1825 - 1855]was born in Baltimore of wealthy parents who sent him to medical school. He married a doctors daughter when he was 20, and his parents allowed him to pursue an artistic career. He was one of our first genre artists.Waiting for the StageCan you supply the beginning and end?When do you think the stagecoach will arrive? Who might be on it?What will the men do when it arrives?Where does the light come from in the room?

George Bingham[1811 - 1879]taught himself to draw by copying engraving out of books and by sketching constantly. He tried the dyes his mother used for fibers as well as axle grease and reddish dust from old brick mixed with oil. His art helps us better understand our heritage.Fur Traders on MissouriHere we see two men and their bear cub floating lazily down in the river.How do you think they came about getting a bear cub for a pet?What adventures could these men tell you about?Where do you think they are going with their furs?What will they trade them for?

Unknown American[1854 1875]Quilting PartyDid you ever hear the song, Aunt Dinahs Quilting Party? This painting took place over 100 years ago in western Virginia. Do you think these people are having fun?Do you see the dog chasing the cat?What do you think the people are talking about?Do you see people sing, dance and share a meal together; One young couple is holding hands under the table; And a young man offers sweet to a girl? Could these be clues telling us that there will soon be more brides with quilts to finish in time for their weddings?

Veronese[1528 - 1588]This artist was called Veronese because he came from Verona, some distance west of Venice in Italy. He is called a Mannerist painter and often emphasized the beauty of marble, gold, textiles and other elegant materials.The Finding of MosesThis picture was painted over 400 years ago, but it tells about a Bible story that happened over 3,000 years earlier. It was a tiny baby boy floating in a basket in the river.Can you see a very finely dressed woman? We can tell by her clothing that she must be very important and very rich. Her attendants are a page, a dwarf, and some ladies-in-waiting. Their clothes arent quite so fancy as hers.