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<p>Ibraahiim Ahmed BTEC L3 Computer Game Unit: 78Artistic Styles:Cell Shading:Cell Shading is giving an object or character to look like a comic book or hand drawing book. This can be used to give flat colour to have an impression on character or an object. The cell shading can use lighting to have effect on dynamic atmosphere of the mood. Also shading to give it drawing theme to it. For example Naruto Ninja Storm 4, and new Dragonball Xenoverse. </p> <p> Dragonball Xenoverse Naruto Ninja Storm 4</p> <p>Abstraction:Abstraction is the opposite of photorealism, as it does not look realistic. Abstraction can be used to stand out. Some of the object may have resembles to other objects. It usually using game that colourful. This can be used in PG 6 games like SUBRAY. As it can look friendly. The abstraction use a colourful colours to set feeling calm and exploration. Or on other times it can be used to make game grim and brutal, like Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy hand. Super Meat Boy a uses sharp and hard objects, as it gives a brutal mood to the player. SUBRAYSuper MeatBoy</p> <p>Exaggeration:Exaggeration is mostly used in RPG (Role Playing Game). This can give a fantasy mood in the game. The exaggeration is used by games that is influenced by Comics, Cartoons and animes. For example Batman Arkham Knight, the main character has over exaggerated muscles. Also Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and again the main character has a ridiculously large sword. Batman Arkham City Final Fantasy 7 RemakeGame:Art Style (and give a reason):PixelsGenresPicture:</p> <p>WarframeWarframe is an exaggeration.1920x1080 60fpsSci-Fi, Fantasy, CO-OP, Action</p> <p>DestinyDestiny is an exaggeration and a photo Realistic.1920x1080 60fpsSci-Fi, Fantasy, CO-OP, Action</p> <p>Ghost Recon: Wild LandsGhost Recon is a photo Realistic1920x1080 60fpsTactical Shooter, Stealth, CO-OP, Action</p> <p>Assassins Creed 3Assassins creed 3 is photo Realistic1280x720 30fpsFictional History, CO-OP, Action</p> <p>Until DawnUntil Dawn is Photo 1920x1080 60fpsHorror, Mystery, Action</p> <p>Batman Arkham KnightBatman Arkham Knight is exaggeration1920x1080 60fpsAction, Close combat, Stealth, CO-OP, Fictional.</p> <p> Batman Arkham Knight Final Fantasy 7 Remake</p> <p>Photorealism:Photorealism is term used to make game to make realistic as much. The </p>