Art in Ancient Greece Study of Paintings, Sculptures, and Mosaics.

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Art in Ancient Greece

Art in Ancient GreeceStudy of Paintings, Sculptures, and MosaicsPaintingsThink BreakWhat do you know about painting from home or art class?Why might the Ancient Greeks have painted?Panel Painting

What do you think that this painting shows us? 3Panel PaintingsPainted on wooden boards using wax and temporaUsually depicted scenes and people (still-life)Artists valued realistic paintings Usually displayed in public placesWith an elbow partner share -- Why do you think that the Greeks made these panel paintings? Sculptures

What are some things that you notice about these sculptures? How might the Greeks have used these? 5SculpturesPeople often sculpted vases, bowls, or other useful itemsSculptures were also made of important peopleMany times the sculptures were painted.


How do you think the Greeks made mosaics? 7MosaicsMosaics were made of tiny stones or glassThey often depicted animals or other sacred thingsMosaics were often found inside buildings as decorations as floor tiles or wall tilesWhere Can We See These Today??Can you think of where we see paintings, sculptures, and mosaics today?Paintings- Realistic portraits (paintings of people)Sculptures- Statues Mosaics- Tile work in your houseProject Time!Choose your art project (Painting, Mosaic, or Sculpture)Your project should be Greek inspired! Remember why the Greeks made their art, and who or what their subjects were.When you finish your project, write a paragraph about your art.Why did the Greeks make this artwork?What type is it?Who or what is your subject?Why did you pick this project?Use good descriptive words!


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