Arkansas Children's Hospital Centennial Celebration

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Arkansas Children's Hospital celebrates 100 years.

Text of Arkansas Children's Hospital Centennial Celebration

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    A NEWArkansas Childrens Hospital


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    June 13, 2012

    Dear Friend,

    Since 1912, Arkansas Childrens Hospital has been changing childrens lives. For every day of those 100 years, it has been our privilege to offer Care, Love and Hope. Every Arkansan, no matter how young or old, has in some way been touched by Arkansas Childrens Hospital. That special person who needed care at ACH could be your child, your niece or nephew, your neighbor, or someone from your school or church. Our focus is their care, getting these children back to doing what they should be doing: being kids, not patients. This year in leading up to our official Centennial birthday celebration in March to present, weve shared with you much history about Arkansas Childrens Hospital, some of which youll discover in the pages in your hands. Now Id like to invite you to take a step into our childrens future, beginning with the opening of our new South Wing, the largest construction project in the history of ACH.

    The South Wing will create an additional 54 inpatient beds to serve you and your family. In July, well welcome you to an expanded Heart Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), new Hematology-Oncology and Infant Toddler units and a new Emergency Department and Trauma Center. New clinics in the building include hematology-oncology, dental, neurology, audiology/speech pathology and ear, nose and throat. All the spaces in the South Wing, including the rooftop garden, atrium and healing garden, are designed to improve the overall health and well-being of our patients and their families.

    We hope youll find this special Arkansas Times publication informative, inspirational and motivational. While youre reading, please help Childrens help children for the next 100 years and consider a gift to ACH.


    Jonathan R. Bates, MDPresident & Chief Executive Officer

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    Protecting the High Quality of Our Drinking Water For Generations to Come!

    Refreshing water is essential to sustaining the healthy

    lives of our families, and especially our precious

    children. It is necessary for the everyday activities of

    bathing and drinking, cooling and heating, and even

    playing. In addition, water is indispensable to the

    quality of the economic vibrancy of our metropolitan


    Central Arkansas Water has delivered high quality

    drinking water for more than a century to the cities

    and communities in our metropolitan area at an

    affordable price. Our goal has always been the

    continual enhancement of water quality, protection

    of public health, and regulatory compliance. Learn

    more about what you can do to help protect our

    water quality, visit us online at under

    Watershed Management.

    Scan this QR code to learn more about what we can do for your business.

    CAW Childrens Hospital Ad.indd 2 6/1/12 11:58:59 AM

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    8 Arkansas Childrens Hospital: Where Miracles Happen Every Day10 Chase Hill12 South Wing: Putting Children and Families First23 ACH South Wing: Floor by Floor26 The Bale Family: Generations of Generosity 28 A Familys Journey29 Angel One Flies Lifesaving Missions30 100 Years: ACHs History of Care, Love and Hope32 Ruth Olive Beall34 ACH Timeline35 Dr. Betty Lowe36 ACH Teaches Medical Staff, Families and Children37 Stella Boyle Smith38 Telemedicine Closes Gap for Distant Patients, Students39 PULSE Center Educates Through Simulation40 ACHRI Provides Research to Save, Improve Childrens Lives41 Samantha Johnson42 ACH Works To Prevent Injuries and Illness in Children43 Fighting Childhood Obesity44 Philanthropy: Until No Child Needs Us, We Need You45 How You Can Help46 The Beckoning Future of Arkansas Childrens Hospital

    published by

    Edited by Michael Haddigan, Downstream CommunicationsPhotos: Kelley Cooper, Arkansas Childrens Hospital; and ACH archives

    On the cover: Sarah Smith, 11, is one of thousands of patients who will benefit from the new South Wing at Arkansas Childrens Hospital.



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    Did we mention thats any ATM in the country? Thats right. With Centennial Bank, you can use any ATM, free. And dont forget about our free instant-issue debit card. Get it today. Use it today. Its that easy. Just a few more ways we offer banking that comes to you.

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    Arkansas Childrens HospitalWHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY

    Emma Cornwell came into this world in 2008 with a rare heart defect. Open heart surgery and other treatment at Arkansas Childrens Hospital (ACH) gave her a new life. Emmas certainly a miracle, said her mother, Stacy.

    Today, Emma dances with abandon and takes gymnastics.

    We are so thankful and blessed by everything ACH has done for Emma, said her father, Brian.

    Chase Hill was diagnosed at age 4 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a

    potentially fatal cancer of the white blood cells. After treatment at ACH, his cancer went into remission, and he continues to receive care as an outpatient.

    My son is a very healthy and high-spirited child, and we owe this to God and ACH for all they have done for Chase, says Vontifany Smith.

    No childs case is typical at Arkansas Childrens Hospital. But the expert, com-passionate, family-centered care each child receives is a constant.

    All ACH caregivers and non-medical staff are devoted to the same thing, said Jonathan Bates, MD, the hospitals presi-

    dent and chief executive officer.Its just about more healthy children,

    he said. Always has been, and always will be.


    Since the hospital began as a childrens home 100 years ago, ACH has grown in both size and sophistication. Children with conditions barely understood at the start of the hospitals first century are now rou-tinely and successfully treated.

    The hospitals new South Wing is the latest in a long series of continuous

    The new ACH South Wing brings more space and better privacy for sick and injured children and their families.

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    improvements benefiting sick and injured children and their families. The South Wing expansion promises to carry the private, nonprofit hospitals tradition of excellence well into its next century.

    Arkansas Childrens Hospital is now an internationally recognized medical leader dedicated to improving, sustaining and restoring childrens health and develop-ment.

    Caregivers and staff at Arkansass only pediatric hospital provide high quality, cost-effective, fully accessible services for the states most precious resource our children without regard to race, religion or ability to pay, from birth to age 21.

    Donors and volunteers across Arkansas and beyond share that dedication to ser-vice and to children. Their generosity has given ACH the power to shape a bright future of caring for children and saving precious lives.

    It takes dollars to drive dreams, ambi-tions and important programs, says John Bel, president of the Arkansas Childrens Hospital Foundation. We want to make Arkansas one of the healthiest places to be a child in the entire country.


    A history of the hospitals last 100 years is written across the existing ACH campus, which spans 29 city blocks and houses 316 beds, all built around the site of the first hospital building.

    Weve built on the installment plan, joked David Berry, ACH senior vice presi-dent and chief operating officer. Weve continued to add and grow and continue to add on to the original buildings in all directions.

    Dr. Bates said the pace of ACHs growth is determined by the needs of children. And those needs continually grow.

    We see more than 300,000 patient vis-its a year at our campus. And there are quite a few more that wed like to see, he said.

    ACH concentrates not just on the vol-ume of care but also on its quality. Guided by the principles of family-centered care, the staff works to appreciate the needs and concerns of the entire family and encour-ages families to play a role in their childs healing and recovery.

    Were trying to get families to engage with us as part of the team and to help us understand what their childs needs are, what the familys expectations are, and

    how we can do better in meeting those expectations, Berry said.

    Arkansas Childrens Hospital provides excellent pediatric care, clinical services, teaching and research and prevention pro-grams. ACH also operates many specialty clinics and outpatient centers. Specialties include cardiac care, childhood cancer, pediatric orthopedics and neonatology, among many ot