arianas %riet~~ b1 - eVols at University of Hawaii at ...evols. Bonifacio Day, alegal Phil ippine holiday. This day hon ors Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio. Bonifacio, ... will resume

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Text of arianas %riet~~ b1 - eVols at University of Hawaii at ...evols. Bonifacio Day, alegal Phil ippine...

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    victim's house, Policereportsdidnot also indicate howhemanagedto enter the woman's home dur-ing the weekend incident.

    After taking the money,Romolar allegedly entered the

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    ' thecriminalcom-

    plaint, Romolar broke into theresidence of the victim beforedawn lastSaturdayandtookaway5210 cash, It was not clear howthe suspect gained entry into the

    Workers use a crane to lower a huge concrete marker indicating the names of individuals and businesses whotook part in constructing the walkways and railings at Mount Tapochau.

    similar offense. also faces twoother counts of felony.These areburglary and theft.

    The arraignment and prelimi-nary hearing have been set byAssociateJudge MartyTaylorforWednesday, December I at 9:00

    Bill to establish ConstitutionalConvention filed at the House

    arianas %riet~~Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 1972 b&1 evvs

    nal case against Romolarthroughthe Attorney General's Office'yesterday afternoon alleging thatthe suspect "committed an act ofsexual intercourse,.. which wasaccomplished against the will ofthe victim."

    The complaint was signed byAssistant Attorney General AlanB.Gordon, one of the lawyersforthe plaintiff.

    Romolar, who isonparolefor a

    Lq~Q.~"CQilipamonfearsforown.lifeTHE FRIEND.ofmurdervictimEladioUude, NiloRiverayester-day said he 'fears for his life now'that lie has testified against hisallegedabductors. ' , ' ',(

    Rivera,whowaskidnappedtogethcr withLaude,a fellowUniqueMerchandise and Construction employee on November 5, ]992, .appearedat roomAof the SuperiorCourt to testifyagainstJosephAnthonyBowieandMario Reyes. .

    Bowie and Reyes are curremry on trial for the brutal killing ofLaude,a Filipinocontract worker. TIleyarcfacing robbery, kidnap-ping and murder charges .in connection with the incident whichoccurredon thenightof November, 5 last year. "

    Laude and Rivera were supposedto have been"thrown off' thecliff in,Laul~"4. Beach, according to previous testimonies. Whileonthe road in'Dandan, Riveramanaged toescapeout of the trunkof acarwhere he arid hisfriendwereallegedlylocked inside by Bowie,"Reyes and four, other suspects. Laude,who was badly "beaten"together with Rivera'after they were allegedly. kidnapped alongBeachRoad,alsoattempted toescape.Howeverhewascaughtbyth6:l.suspectsand was"ran over" by anothercar tailing thevehicleusedfor the abduction. . '"In yesterday morning's hearing,Rivera showedsignsof anxiety

    andfear a" he answered thequestionsofgoverriment lawyerCharlesROlbart;' It will be recalled that the kidnap victim had already

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    :22:N .'. .... ' . - . . .. ' . - ','.' " ,,' . ." " .' '...... .' .. -. .. ,.., " .. " ",.', .,'.' ,"',' >..... 0.. Q. 18.6.. .'.' .:" '. " ' ,:. . '. '. ,,'. : -, ....., ,,." . '~'-' . ...... ,. -... , , " .' ." ~-" :Salpan;~MP 96951J.' ,:~

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    records, easements acquisitions,survey, exchangesandother landmatters can be smoothly ad-dressed.

    "Right now, the whole NMIland system is so complicated.There are lots of encroachmentissues that need to be resolved.We could simplify all theseprob-lems by putting them all underone responsible agency," saidHofschneider.

    He said these functions shouldinclude any matter relating tooriginal land ownershipregistra-tion. so that registration of landcan be done more precisely,mostly taken up as functions bysuch agencies as Lands and Sur-vey and the Land Commission.

    He added this is important toensure that records are readilyavailable when a title search isdone by anyone, be they privateor public land owners.

    "There are numerous incidentswherein records have been lost.By centralizing all records, wecan see an improvement in thesystem," said Hofschneider.

    For privacy, convenience, and affordability...reach out through an IT&E phone booth.

    Call today for a location near you.234-8521

    Reach Out

    ~EOverseas, Inc.

    Marianas' Only Locally Owned Long-Distance Telephone Company

    That same section, however,provides that MPLC should bedissolved 12 years after the Con-stitution takes effect and its func-tions shouldbe transferred to theexecutive branch.

    "MPLC should still be in theConstitutionbut wehave tofree itfrom political influences throughaconstitutional amendment,"saidHofschneider.

    ButaccordingtoHofschneider,his committeemay favor the dis-solution of MPLC (but not thetransfer of its functions to theexecutive branch) so that the cor-porationcouldberestructuredintoan autonomous agency that willbe tasked to oversee all land mat-ters such as recording system,ownership registration, titlesearches, toincludeprivate lands.

    "I would move to strongly rec-, ommend that we consolidate all

    land regulatory and recordingagencies under one umbrellaagency. We could expandMPLC's functions to includepri-vate lands," said Hofschneider.

    He said by restructuring oneland agency, land transactions,,


    RP Consulateclosed today

    Saipan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dina Jones (right) watches as workers put on marker at thepost of the Mount Tapochau walkways yesterday.

    MPLCshoulddefinitelybelookedatas areasfor considerationwhenthe thirdNMIConstitutional Con-vention convenes to discuss pos-sible amendments to the Consti-tution.

    "The Constitutional Conven-tion is definitely the most appro-priate venue to address the statusof MPLC.Definitely,I wouldliketo see it remain an autonomousgovernment corporation but thatwould require an amendment inthe Constitution," saidHofschneider, who is chairmanof aspecialHousecommitteethatstudied and reviewed MPLC'sstatus, functions and operations.

    "We live in fairly small com-munity. Our people have the ten-dency to succumb to political in-fluence and pressure,mostly dueto economic reasons.This is whyI feel MPLC should remain anautonomous agency," he added.

    Undersection4 of Article 11ofthe Constitution,MPLCis taskedwith the management and dispo-sition of all public lands in theCommonwealth with the excep-tion of submerged lands.

    THE PHILIPPINE Consulatewould like to inform the gen-eral public that the Consulate

    . office will be closed today,November 30, in observanceof Bonifacio Day, a legal Phil-ippine holiday. This day hon-ors Philippine hero AndresBonifacio.

    Bonifacio, born on Novcrn-ber30,1863,wasfounderandorganizer of the "Katipunan",a revolutionary organizationestablished to fight against theSpanish colonizers. He wasknown as the "Father of theRevolution".

    The Philippine Consulatewill resume office on Wedncs-day, December 1.

    But this may have hardly mat-tered because after his first sixyears, he is subject for reappoint-ment either by thegovernor againfor the next six years, or by theSenate president if the appoint-ment is temporary.

    The temporary nature of theappointmentmayhavebeenhigh-lighted by thefact thatTan's termended with just over one monthbefore anewadministrationtakesoffice.

    His displacement was said tohave been caused by the "lack ofenthusiasm" on the part of theappointing official and on his(Tan's) part.

    tion into an umbrella agency thatwould handle all land regulatoryand management functions, bothfor public and private lands.

    In an interview, Hofschneidersaid land issues and the status of

    her hotel room and stolejewelriesworth thousands of dollars. Thetourist,whosenamewasnot givensaidshelostherdiamondringworth$5,000 and anotherring valued at$500.

    Also last week, Hyatt RegencySaipan's guestlosta tennisracquet,whichmaycostfromS40 toS2(X),at the hotel's beach side.

    Meanwhile a Navy Hill residenthas reported to the police that aburglar has broken into his resi-dence andstole$1,2000cash.TIleincidentoccurred last Friday.

    Also over the weekend, a SanJose market was burglarized byyet unknown individual or groupof individuals.

    The ownerof the NewmanMar-ket who was not identified, toldDPS lastSaturdaythat IOcascsofbudweiser beer and another 10cases of Miller draft beer weremissing.Themissingitemswhichalso includescigarettes,weredis-covered last Saturday and wasreported at around 6:34 in theevening.

    According topolicereports, theburglarorgroupofburglarsgainedentry to thestorebydestroying itsfront door. Estimatedvalueof theitems was not known.

    Heinz S. Hofschneider

    By Rafael H. Arroyo

    Solon wants MPLC to handle all land matters~

    ~ ...~ l:L& \

    continued from page 1monwealth government to auditthe receipt, possession and dis-bursement of public funds byagencies of the government plusother duties as required by law.

    Under the law, the governorappoints the public auditor for aterm of six years with the adviceand consent of each house of theLegislature. He isallowedtoservefor a maximum of two full six-year terms.

    The public auditor can only beremoved for cause and by theaffirmative vote of two-thirds ofthe membersof each house of theLegislature.

    REELECTED RepresentativeHeinz S. Hofschneideryesterdaycalled for the restructuringof theMarianas Public Land Corpora-


    HafaAdai guestlatest theft victim

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 19?L~f\IIARJANAS VARIETY NEWS AND VltWS-3--------'--------------------------'--=-=-:_-~---'---

    A HAFA Adai Hotel guest hasbecome the latest victim in a se-ries of theft cases on Saipan in-volving Japanese tourists.

    Over the weekend, a Japanesetourist reported topolice that halfof his Y60,OOO was stolen by anunknown individual or group ofpersons. The complainant, iden-tified by police as YokiKatsutoshi, said he lost Y30,OOOor about $132 dollars while at theHafa Adai Hotel last Friday.

    Katsutoshi, 25, however couldnot say in what particularplace inthe hotel where the money wasstolen. He only said that he hadY60,000inhis walletand discov-ered later t