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    paris +kuala lumpur

    YEars OF EXpEriENCE28arChitECtsurBaN DEsiGNErs aND laNDsCapE arChitECts


    arChitECtural praCtiCE iN thE WOrlD(2011 WOrlD arChitECturE listiNG)


    thE GrOup

    arChitECturEurBaN DEsiGNpuBliC spaCEs & laNDsCapEtraNspOrt

    thE valuE OF aN iNtErDisCipliNarY


    Broadening our practice to incorporate four inter-connected disciplines has proved powerful creative stimulus for richez_associs: the design of a new urban neighbourhood is fed by the practices architectural ambition as well as by a vision for public spaces; building projects are honed by the urban context they are creating, and public spaces are brought alive through a carefully managed relationship with the architecture that surrounds and defines them.

    areas of activity

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    the newly created practice, with partners thomas richez, Bertrand Dubus and douard Franois, boasted cumulative and growing experience in areas as varied as residential, office, commercial and industrial buildings, and work-place cafeterias, as well as redevelopment and urban planning. the multi-dis-ciplinary theme for the practice begins here.


    this is the period of competitions and the first glances towards projects in asia. the practice won the competition for the French embassy in singapore. in the same year, the practice carried out the refurbishment of the French pavilion for the international expo in taejon in south korea (1993), and was selected to build three towers as part of the Euralille development.


    the practice wins the competition for the tramway in le mans. this project is subsequently followed by other tramway projects, which will lead to worldwide acclaim in this field: reims, Brest, Orleans, Casablanca, tours and lige.


    the group today

    richez_associs, led by thomas richez, Frdric Blerot and vincent Cottet, has nearly 30 years of experience. today, the 70-strong practice works on a variety of projects residential, offices and public amenities, and manages development projects such as those in montpellier, Bgles and paris. We are renowned for our work designing public space, and are an acknowledged leader in tramway design.

    kEY mOmENts

    at the beginning of 2009, paul andreu (roissy and shanghai airports, the Beijing Opera) moved into richez_associs offices, where he is able to draw on teams of staff, in collaboration with thomas richez, to develop major projects: to date, the museum of tai Yuan, the Jinan Opera and the city council headquar-ters in Bordeaux a relationship that is set to continue with future collaborations in France and abroad.

    Concerned with the quality of its work, and consequently with the importance of organisational systems, richez_associs has been working to an isO 9001 standard quality-control system since 2001.

    to enable the design of truly bioclimatic buildings, the practice has established a partnership with engineering consultants Ginko ingnierie, also based in richez_associs offices, whose work is dedicated to the study of energy, sustainable development and m&E consultancy.

    frdric BlerotGraduate of the parisian architecture school of paris-Belleville, Frdric Blerot has been a partner at richez_associs since 2009.With 15 years of professional experience, he manages architectural projects as well as the development of public spaces, urban plan-ning and transport in France and around the world (Belgium, morocco, mexico ).Frdric Blerots most noteworthy projects include the tramways in reims (his home town), lige and Casablanca, the lrt in la runion, the maintenance depots for t Zen in lieusaint and for the bus network in Blois, the streetscape design of Calais city centre and of the massy-Opra neighbourhood to the south of paris, the extension to line 11 of the paris metro, and the redevelopment of the town centre of Notre-Dame-de-Graven-chon in western France, with the construc-tion of a mixed residential and commercial development.

    vincent cotteta qualified landscape architect who studied at the versailles school of landscape design and the Du Breuil horticultural school in paris, vin-cent Cottet began his professional career wor-king with thomas richez on studies for new tramways in le mans, in Brest and then in tours. the experience of working on these important urban design projects provided the basis of on-going reflection on sites of varying scale. vincent Cottet is interested in bringing out the inherent value of a site, believing landscape design to be critical in the response to a brief. partner with richez_associs since 2011, he manages urban design studies and streetscape projects. his particular area of interest is the transformation of landscape by the marriage of circulation and the existing fabric of a site. Of special note are the projects of the light-rail transit in massy-Evry, the redevelopment of the town centre of Choi-sy-le-roi, the security-sensitive public spaces of the Grande-Borne neighbourhood of Grigny (all these around the outskirts of paris), the develop-ment of the soquence neighbourhood around the new stadium on the edge of le havre, and, in the same region of western France, the conversion of an industrial zone in pouville.

    thomas richezCo-founder, partner-CEO of richez_associs, and director of ZD_r in kuala lumpur, thomas richez was president of aFEX (French organi-sation for architects working abroad) from 2002 to 2008. architect, engineer and urban planner from French engineering school Ecole Nationale des ponts et Chausses (ENpC), and graduate of the Ecole polytechnique, thomas richez developed a holistic approach to his profes-sion from the very beginnings of the practice in 1985, fully exploiting the three disciplines. the practices architectural activity was developed in France and in asia, with projects such as the towers for the Euralille development and the French embassy in singapore. Work desi-gning new urban plans and public spaces has included the Grisettes development in mont-pellier, the Charolais-rotonde project in paris, and the new city of putrajaya in malaysia. an expertise in transport systems has been built on projects such as the tramway lines in le mans and Orleans, as well as transport interchanges including la Baule and lens.he is currently working on several metro station projects within the urban development project Grand paris.

    the practice grows as projects multiply: the headquarters of the Caisses dEpargne (12,000 sq m in paris), design for the new city of putrajaya (malay-sia), and as consultant architect for an area of urban development, vaugirard, in southern paris.


    it was also in 1997 that the practice established itself in asia, in kuala lumpur, with the setting up of Zaini dan_richez.led by Zaini Zainul, in just a few years the company became one of the renowned architectural practices in malaysia. the practice worked most notably on the urban plan of the new federal administrative city of putrajaya, with an additional role as architect for its city hall, and marked out a niche for itself in hotel design (architecture and interior design).


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    a sElECtiON OF prOJECts iN FraNCE aND arOuND thE WOrlD

    > with Paul Andreu architecte paris

    > with Paul Andreu architecte paris

    > urban development, les Grisettes, montpellier, France Winner of EcoQuartier 2011, Nature en ville

    > Brest and Casablanca tramways second prize, Worldwide light rail project of the year, 2012 , light rail awards hosted by the British light rail transit association, in association with the magazine tramways & urban transit > the first line of t Zen, the bus rapid transit line in ile-de-France Prix de lintgration environnementale sNBpE national award 2011

    > t Zen maintenance depot, lieusaint selected by amC in their 100 best buildings of the year 2011

    > place de la rpublique, metz Prix Lumire 2011 , association franaise de lclairage


    MaLaySIaputrajaya city hall (p.25)

    Frangipani restaurant, kuala lumpur (p.45)shangri-la hotel, putrajaya (p.51)le meridien kuala lumpur (p.51)

    the new city of putrajaya (p.57)

    MoRoccoCasablanca tramway (p.81)

    EcuadoRCuenca first tramline

    MExIcomexico City tramway

    bELgIuMlige tramwayBrussels tramway

    La REunIonEcoCit (p.65)

    chInaJinan opera with paul andreu (p.31)

    SIngaPoREFrench embassy (p.13)

    boRdEauxcity council headquarters (p.17)

    SaInT-dEnISoffices on the canal saint-Denis (p.21)

    nanTERRE / La dfEnSEJardins de larche housing (p.37)

    MonTPELLIERles Grisettes development (p.61)

    aMIEnSa pedestrians city (p.71)

    gREaTER PaRIS13 metro stations (p.89)2 stations for metro line 15 (p.91)

    LILLE3 towers, Euralille (p.9)

    SnaRTt Zen maintenance depot (p.41)

    METZa public space at the heart of the city (p.75)

    oRLEanSOrleans tramway, line B (p.81)

  • Designing buildings is the staple craft of the architect.

    richez_associs thoughtfully design housing, office and public buildings imaginative buildings with a strong personal identity, yet carefully crafted to meet the requirements of their use, their function; buildings that contribute to the site in which they are placed.

    Collaboration as soon as concept design phase with our partner consultants Ginko ingnierie, specialists in sustainable development and environmental engineering, enables us to consistently design buildings whose architecture draws on bioclimatic performance to ensure maximum efficiency.



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    3 tOWErs,



    building permission 1991 - construction 1993-1994location Quartier Eurali