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  • The vision and sense of space in Architecture, Music and literature

    Jana Arabzadeh1

    Abstract People have always been living between many spaces and their beings are related to the being of these spaces. Some times these spaces are human made or the virtual and imaginary spaces that comes from, the dream of men of Utopia and the lost paradise. We give a character to a space and place by living in it, and the reason of creating is passing through these images. If man stops searching for the Utopia, then the source of his believes shall die, and Art is the motive which creates such spaces that are not dreams but the mere realities. Human knowledge of these realities is because of transmission of creative minds through manyplies of his eternity memories. What I have tried to explain within this research is the transmission of mind through million virtual spaces of literature and music, and the appearance of these virtual spaces in realities which are the mere facts that makes real or virtual Architecture. There is a great relation between Architecture and Music, that if the buildings made of great theories and concept, a person stands before it can hear the melody of it (Architectural Music), or by hearing a piece of music, a person could walk through a virtual space with unbelievable beauty (Musical Architecture). The space relation between Architecture and literature is the transmission between million words and phrases and making a sense of knowledge and feeling for the reader whom can feel himself in a specific time, period and place of that piece. Also the main aim of the relation between Music and literature is to reach to a virtual space, because it is a transmission between dream to a dream which are made of human wishes and identicalness. At the end the result of the triple relation of Architecture, Music and literature is reaching to a trinity and making another virtual space such as Azan or Opera.

    IntroductionLonliness and separation from the world are the virtues of human existence and since man cannot stand this lonliness, he has no choice but try to find relations and reaching to a unity(1). Only by working and understanding, a man can have a relation with the world. Man produces things during the process of creation he examins his powers on the flesh of things. Erich From said: " human feels the world, and this kind of mentally and sensitive understanding is because of the power of wisdom and love. The power of wisdom gives the strength to a person to have an influence from out side to the inside and reach to his aim, meanwhile the power of love to remove the wall of separation between himself and the others and understand them(2). Movement creation and searching are the first steps of human in proving his mental believes in Moral theologies, Geometrical shapes, Elegant volumes, Art and .(3) As we see there are phrases that has a definite meaning and it is possible to use these phrases. We reach to million theories, and believes and reaching to all these volume of meanings lead us to another place with different feeling which we can call it "the sense of space"

    1 - M.A. Architecture from Azad University, olum & tahghighat branch / Iran-Tehran / e-mail:


  • 1- What is the space?Human rises on the space and after standing in a space creates another space so his being is related to the being of the space. A real space is the cause of his mentality and dreams which creates the virtual space of mind but what is the space? From human point of view "space" is a place where many happening are in it. It usually has the same senses and feelings as human belief and it is also a different thing from what happens within the ancient stories or archetypes.An element which can be explained by the movement of time and place. Ebne Sina says: "any thing which is not a heavenly sphere is in skies and any anything which is in the time is a solid because as other solids even the sky itself is in the time"Therefore time and place are the tenors of space and vice versa. and any time which we talk about a space it reminds us of an area no matter how big or small it was which we have spend moments in it.Mola Sadra says: "The virtue of movement has not got any continuity and is different with the meaning of time on the other hand the being of each is the same as the other. Time is the mentally appearing of movement and in the out side except the movement nothing will be found and the prosody of time to movement is as the prosody of gender to season."Therefore the two categories of time and place can not be understand without each other and we can call space the sensitive angle of place. (4) (Figure 1)

    1-1 Sense and character of space Space is an unshape existent which it's figurative existence give an identity to it. When human begin to imagine the space will imagine a character which shall be the character of space, therefore space shall exist with or without us.Human have the power to understand space with its different meaning , only by what they feel about it. So their perception of the space shall be limited to their sensible perception of it. But when we have a deepest look to the space and try to define it with the two categories of objective and subjective that kind of sense and dream are the craterous of the virtual spaces which are the result of our believes and the mental utopia with the objective shape so the result of human understanding of the real spaces derives from his personal experiences and also to his psychic and physical conditions within his cognition of his environment. (Figure 2)

    1-2 Virtual space + the being of virtual space in a real spaceHuman mind have been designed in a way that by hearing any single world unconsciously begin to create and design a virtual space for it, even before he wishes to know the literarely and official meaning of it.All the words and phrases in spite of their alphabetical language have a geometric and also physical language that before creating their real space, make the virtual space. When human begin to combine Art with his mind and creativity he begins to grow ideals so he dramatize any single little thing and blows an alive spirit into it, and this tiny new born is the result of human believes and dreams and such a creativity shall be the cause of human growth and exalted. (5)The nature of Eutopia itself is saturated from the same source that virtual spaces have been saturated only today have been called as dreams. They are the lands of human desire that in case it changes into reality and there was not any boundary and limits between it and the land of virtuality, it would have been the manifestation of dreams and desires in the world, but today the real spaces are the reflection of those virtual space with the most ugly and unformal shape, and it is all because of one thing "the beauty of human dreams" which have been destroyed for a long time be cause people no longer can think bright and beautiful. They think and do ugly, so the world has changed into ugliness.


    Figure 1- space and people

    Figure 2- sense of an imaginative space

  • 2- Space in Architecture, literature and musicPerception and sentiment are the highest matters in creating a virtual space. Having a deep look to the art and literature we shall understand that the poet and the artists have been incarnated in a very clever way these unknown spaces in his art piece are his believes of a real space which he desires to reach them. His dreams have been imagined in his, art world, no matter how bitter or how sweet they are, they show the realities which have been conformed on the virtual space in a way that when a person look at it he does not feel any limitation and boundaries between them. According to the all I have explained now I try to consider the spaces of Architecture literature and music. Sometimes these spaces are the same as the real spaces and some times they are the desired image of the real architectural space that creates the virtual space of the artist.

    3- Architecture and MusicNo one has a complete knowledge about the primitive music. The primitive man discovered rhythm by their physical movement and their melody by the changes in the pitch of their voices(6). The primitive men with music is the kind of relation with the whole sounds that they have heard such as the sound of thunder water, birds twittering and even the sound of stones when they meet or the instinctive sound of creatures. During the historical movements singing was the most usual way of creating music. (7)The meaning of Architecture today is that at the same time, which it is measuring and limiting the space it also tries to reach through a large space that people shall move inside and around it, and meanwhile music is a feeling of a mechanical rhythm in the space. When such a feeling awakes a motional motive in human it will have an influence on human sole and on his sensitive hidden space inside him which will prevent him against the noise waves on Human body. The sufies dance which derivers from spiritual believes stage making that its natural secret and essential charactoer relates to the musical motions. (8)Human feelings have been carnated as musical spaces which have magical mould. Now if we remember the spaces of the churches, monasteries, during the first period of classical music, which were the dedicated music of gods, we shall reach to a point that the spaces and the volumes that had been built, are nothing but a scene of a moment that mans eyes are open to see his beloved. Adored one , that has been imagined in the piece of music. So the sence of spirituality and sacredness in such a spaces are because of the tenderness of human virtual feelings within the musical piece; that creates such an extrodinary spaces in reality.If we try to hear music with our sprit and our