Aquaboxes, pressure systems and pressure switches 150515

Aquaboxes, pressure systems and pressure switches 150515

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    To enable a pressure system to operate, the aquaboxmust be set up correctly. The pre-charge air pressuremust be less than the cut-in pressure of the pump. Fornormal domestic type installation, the pre-chargeshould be approximately 3 psi, less than the cut-inpressure. When working with systems at higherpressures or with the larger horizontal aquaboxes, thisdierence may need to be 5, 10 or even 15 psi. Thepre-charge must always be measured with theaquabox drained of water and should be check everysix months.


    When installing any pump in an automatic pressure system it is essential to t a check valve (non return valve) on the suction. Inaddition it is always advisable to include the following in the system.

    1. Isolation valve on suction. (Only necessary for ooded suction installations).2. Isolation valve on discharge.3. Drain cock on discharge.

    These valves allow maintenance to be done on the pump without the need to drain the whole system. Also during commissioning oradjusting the pressure switches, the valves allow the running of the pump to be controlled at the pump.does increase as the pressure is set higher.

    Empty Charging Discharging


    Whilst there are several dierent pressure switches used on INTERDABequipment their operation is essentially the same. All have a range ormain adjustment and some also have a dierential adjustment. Onswitches with the two adjustments the range is set by the screw with theheavier or longer spring and the dierential by the lighter or shorterspring.

    When setting a pressure switch, the range should always be set rst.Turning the nut or screw clockwise will increase the pressure setting,anti-clockwise will decrease. Altering this setting will not normallychange the dierence between the cut-in and cut-out pressures. Onsome of the higher range switches the dierential The dierential, as thename implies, aects the dierence between the cut-in and cut-outpressures. On some switches this alters the cut-in without aecting thecut-out (eg Telemechanique XMP2) whilst on others it aects the cut-outwithout aecting the cut-in. In either case turning the screw or nutclockwise will increase the dierential whilst anti-clockwise will reduce.

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